Chapter 2: Messing with My Sister, You're Dead!

The underground auction of Stresall was the most chaotic, disorderly, and sun-deprived place!

Today it was crowded with people. Among them, many local celebrities, merchants, and members of prestigious families could be found, creating an unprecedented lively scene.

The atmosphere was fervent, with everyone sitting there, their eyes shining with excitement. After all, the item to be auctioned off today was none other than the former heiress of the Holland family, Sylvia!

The auction host ascended the platform, holding a microphone and smiling, "Ladies and gentlemen, the bidding will commence shortly. Please remain calm and quiet for now."

After a brief pause, he continued, "Before the auction begins, let me share a touching story with all of you. There was a girl whose family owed 300 million, unable to repay the debt... In order to relieve the burden on her family, she decided to sell her labor to repay this debt. What we are auctioning off today is the lifelong labor of this girl."

"As long as you can afford the price, she can become your personal subordinate, serving you for life, doing laundry, cooking, etc.."



"We are all moved to tears—"

Even though the onlookers already knew the inside story, they now pretended to be very moved, in sync with the host's theatrics.

A scornful laugh sounded, as Kai Hill sneered, "Stop beating around the bush, isn't she that wretched woman from the Holland family?"

"This wretch owes our top four richest families 300 million. Now, this is all just a repayment of debt."

Kai Hill, a scion of the top four richest families, the Hill family, had once pursued Sylvia.

The host merely smiled and continued, "Now, the protagonist today is about to make her appearance."

Soon, in everyone's sight, a cage appeared. Inside it was a young girl, handcuffed, with disheveled clothes, revealing a large expanse of fair skin... She had numerous hideous scars on her body!

Even so, they could not conceal her stunning beauty and delicate demeanor!

Sylvia looked at the gazes as greedy as those of wolves, with a feeling of fear...

If she fell into the hands of these people, she would be better off dead!

The host chuckled and said, "Now, let the bidding begin."

"Starting at one dollar, the highest bidder wins, please start your bidding."

The entire room burst into laughter.

Looking at Sylvia, who was in a tattered state inside the cage, the eyes of the onlookers were filled with mockery.

The former high and mighty heiress of the Holland family was now worth only one dollar!

One dollar!

What a naked humiliation!!

"Two dollars!"

"Three dollars!"

"I bid ten dollars—"

The bidding voices continued incessantly, but Sylvia was trembling with indignation, resentment and despair...

At that moment, Kai stood up and shouted, "I bid fifty million!"

A hush fell over the entire room.

Kai gestured to those around him and said, "I once foolishly pursued this wretched woman, only to be snubbed by her..."


"I will strip her naked and, after toying with her, I'll make her a sex slave for everyone!"

The host smiled calmly and said, "Master Kai, you buy her so she's naturally at your disposal."

This grand show had naturally been prepared by the top four richest families to humiliate Sylvia; naturally, he would not refuse Kai's proposal.

Kai's actions were a hundred times more ruthless than outright killing Sylvia!


Kai laughed wildly and walked toward Sylvia, "Then I will show everyone how great my skills are."

"Strip her!"

"Strip her!"


The crowd went mad, and everyone's eyes were filled with perverse excitement.

Kai entered the iron cage.

With a rip, he tore off her clothes from her arm to expose her fair arms.

The onlookers became even more excited, their eyes brimming with lust.

Sylvia could do nothing but close her eyes, tears streaming down her face, feeling helpless and hopeless, her heart filled with despair...

How she wished that at this moment, her brother could descend like a supreme hero and rescue her from this torment!

Unfortunately, she could only imagine it...

Sylvia glared at Kai, "Get lost! Kai, you scoundrel... Get lost! I will not let you succeed. If you dare to touch me, my brother will come back and kill you!"

Kai grabbed her hair, sneering, "Your useless brother died on the battlefield long ago. Even if he hadn't, would I, from the top four richest families, fear him?"

"Sylvia, you will die today, and I will also have you!"

Despair filled Sylvia's pretty face as she closed her eyes once again.

Tears poured down like rain.

Mom, Dad, I'm coming to see you!

My brother! I'm sorry, see you in the next life...

She wanted to bite her tongue fiercely and die rather than suffer humiliation...

But! Just at that moment!

A thunderous roar sounded as someone kicked open the gates of the auction house! Countless beams of light poured in from the outside, illuminating a tall and imposing figure...

A thunderous roar pierced through their ears.

"Who dares to touch my sister!"

Quentin strode with confidence, his gaze icy, walking in against the light into the auction house.

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