Chapter 4 Lesson for the Hypocrites

After finishing the call, Hannah couldn't fall asleep. She stretched and got out of bed, heading downstairs. As soon as she reached the lobby downstairs, she saw Roger Cooper, her uncle, and his family visiting. This family was always up to no good.

It was all because her grandfather had left most of the Cooper family's fortune to her father before he passed away. Roger held a grudge and frequently caused trouble. He even conspired with Charles in secret to seize the Cooper family's assets, ultimately accelerating the downfall of the Cooper family.

Hannah carefully observed the people in the living room and noticed that Roger had brought his illegitimate daughter along today. If Hannah remembered correctly, Roger's intention today was to get her illegitimate daughter a job at the Cooper Group. Hannah’s father was currently in charge of the Cooper Group, so it required his approval, especially since Roger wanted to give his daughter a good position.

In Hannah’s previous life, her father had indeed given in to Roger's face and agreed to let his daughter join the Cooper Group. However, Roger’s daughter was ambitious and caused chaos within company. There was no way Hannah would let them succeed after going back to being 22 years old.

Hannah walked over.

"Hannah, have some tea," Mary Cooper, Roger’s illegitimate daughter, offered a cup of tea respectfully.

Hannah reached out her hand. Just as she was about to take it, Mary's hand slipped, and the scalding hot tea was about to spill all over Hannah's hand. Luckily, Hannah knew her tricks too well. In her previous life, Mary always pretended to be innocent and pure, but behind Hannah’s back, Mary had schemed against her and even became Charles' lover. Hannah never let hypocrites like her get away.

Mary was trying to pull away, but Hannah grabbed her hand. The spilled tea landed on Mary's hand instead. Hannah did it so swiftly that no one could see.

"Ah!" Mary screamed out.

Immediately after, the sound of the teacup shattering on the floor followed.

"What happened?" Roger became anxious.

"I know Hannah didn't do it on purpose." Mary hurriedly explained. Tears filled her beautiful face at the moment, making her appear particularly vulnerable. No wonder, despite being an illegitimate daughter, she still received Roger's love.

But in the next second...


Hannah slapped Mary's face with all her might. Stunned, Mary looked at her in disbelief. In Mary's mind, she knew Hannah was a kind-hearted woman who seemed foolish, gentle in character, just like the Snow White in fairy tales, never resorting to violence. Besides, Hannah couldn't bear to see anyone in tears. “As soon as I cry, everyone would soften.” Mary thought to herself.

But now, Hannah had actually slapped her.

"Do you know that this tea set was Grandfather's favorite? His heirloom has been shattered because of you. How can you compensate for it?" Hannah spoke up.

Mary cooper flushed, and she cried harder while pitifully saying, "No, it’s Hannah who just didn't catch it in time. Hannah..."

"I didn't catch the teacup? Or did you let go before I could catch it?" Hannah interrupted her, "What's this? You've learned to lie now?"

"What? It's you..." Mary retorted shaking her head.

"Are you going to deny it? I understand, you didn’t grow up with the Coopers, you can't handle the simplest task like passing tea without breaking the cup."

Upon hearing Hannah's sarcasm about his daughter, Roger was furious but unsure of who was right or wrong just now. In addition, Mary's illegitimate status was looked down upon in high society, leaving him at a loss for words to refute. He had to suppress his anger.

"Jane," Hannah turned to Jane Cooper, Roger's daughter, "your sister is not as much as you are."

Jane actually did not get along well with Hannah too. She was the true heir of the Cooper family, but because her grandfather left the estate to Hannah's family, Hannah became the princess of the Cooper family, and Jane became the one nobody paid attention to, which she resented.

But she felt quite satisfied when Hannah mocked Mary. If it weren't for her father spoiling that despicable woman Mary, she would have beaten her to death.

"I don't know if she was raised by those uncultured people, she can do nothing but pretend to be pitiful. I advised my dad not to take her to Uncle Miguel's house, so as not to embarrass ourselves. And now, she broke Grandpa's teacup, it's unforgivable!" Jane said with hate.

"Enough!" Roger looked displeased and shouted at Jane, "You better keep quiet!"

Jane rolled her eyes, feeling unhappy.

"Alright," Miguel stood up from the sofa, "Although it was left by Dad, he wouldn't want the family to be unhappy over a teacup. I'll have the servants clean it up."

"That's right," Michelle quickly mediated the dispute, "Mary's hand has turned scalded. It's better to take her to the hospital and have a doctor look at it."

Since Michelle didn't mention Mary’s swollen face slapped by Hannah, Hannah couldn't help but smile. Her mother did have ulterior motives.

"Sorry to bother you, we'll take Mary home right now." Esther Adams, Roger's wife, said.

She didn't genuinely want to help Mary join the Cooper Group. Even if Roger allowed Mary to return their home, she would never treat her sincerely. That was nothing more than her show put on in front of Roger. As Esther spoke, she pulled Roger along, who looked very unpleasant. Today was supposed to be about discussing Mary joining the company, but now that Mary had been mocked, he couldn't bring himself to say it. He angrily shook off Esther's hand and left. When Mary left, she glanced angrily at Hannah. She never expected Hannah to have become a different person. She had planned to scald Hannah, whom she had always envied. But she never expected to not only receive a slap from Hannah but also have Hannah use it as a way to prevent her from entering the Cooper Group.

Why was she subjected to such ridicule while having “Cooper” as her surname?

She wanted the Coopers to look at her in a new light; moreover, she wanted all of them to suffer.

Hannah watched their departing figures and sneered. She knew exactly what Mary was thinking in secret. She was just waiting for Mary to dig her own grave.

"Hannah," Miguel called her, "why were you so domineering today?"

In the past, they always indulged this family in order to keep the peace. But Miguel never expected their usually gentle daughter to suddenly become so strong-willed. He felt oddly satisfied in his heart. Hannah snapped out of her thoughts and smiled sweetly, "I just happen to understand a principle of life”

"It’s your grandfather's heirloom? You really have a vivid imagination." Miguel reproached her but looked at his daughter with doting eyes.

Hannah stuck out her tongue.

When dealing with hypocrites, there's no need to have moral boundaries.

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