Chapter 3 Deal!

Hannah had managed to convince her skeptical parents, who ultimately had to give in to her unwavering determination and offer their unconditional support in canceling her marriage to Charles.

Returning to her room, she lay on the bed she had yearned for. It had never held any significance to her before, and she could never have imagined that a simple change of bed would bring such tragedy into her life.

As she looked around, she pulled out the mysterious super card she had received from Oscar. She couldn't help but wonder, "Who is this man? Was it the right decision to collaborate with him?"

In her previous life, she had supported Charles in overcoming various obstacles to expand his family's influence. The only insurmountable obstacle was Oscar, a man who was looked down upon by everyone but surprisingly tenacious.

He had called her the night before her wedding. Was it a prank or something else? It was hard for her to fathom.

Nevertheless, to completely ruin the Sawyer family, she needed a partner.

After contemplating for a while, she picked up her phone and dialed the number of Kensbury City's largest luxury mall.

"Hello, Miss Cooper. How can I assist you?" the customer service representative asked respectfully.

"Can I use the card by providing you with the card number?"

"Is your card our mall's co-branded card?" the representative inquired.

"I'm not sure."

"Could you please provide me with your card number? I will check it for you."

Hannah shared the card number with the representative.

Upon verifying the number, the representative's demeanor seemed to grow even more deferential. "Miss Cooper, the card you possess is our mall's super VIP card. You can purchase anything from our mall without any budget limitations. We can offer video purchasing services for any goods you desire, and we will deliver them to your house."

Hannah glanced at the card in her hand, marveling at its authority.

She had heard stories of wealthy young men creating super cards that appeared high-class, but she had never come across a card without any spending restrictions, especially for a super mall specializing in luxury items. With this card, she could shop until the owner of the card went bankrupt!

Without further thought, she declared, "There's no need for video purchasing. Please process my orders according to my list and deliver the goods to my address, which is..."

After providing a lengthy list of orders, she ended the call and decided to get some rest.

She felt the need to sleep and adjust her emotions. After all, she needed time to adapt to the overwhelming fact that she had been reborn.


Mount Northfield was a haven free from the hustle and bustle of the city. Nestled there was an exclusive and luxurious private super club with strict membership rules. It was not a place one could enter solely with wealth.

Oscar was a regular customer at this club.

Sitting in a suite overlooking a cliff, he absentmindedly smoked a cigarette. His friends played billiards behind him, while a group of women served them, engaging in decadent activities.

"Oscar, your phone is ringing," Theodore Wold, the man sitting beside him, reminded him.

Oscar turned around and glanced at his phone.

"Which girl did you get rid of this time?" Theodore remarked, noticing a long list of expense records.

He was concerned that Oscar had lost a significant amount of money this time.

Oscar picked up his phone and casually checked the messages, which were all purchase notifications.

"You've been overly generous with women," Theodore commented, feeling a twinge of pain just from hearing the constant message alerts. "The strange thing is, you haven't even kissed a woman..."

"I have to be generous to my future wife," Oscar suddenly stated.

Theodore was taken aback for a moment. "What did you say?"

"I said I'm getting married," Oscar said, extinguishing his cigarette and flashing a charming smile.

He looked incredibly charismatic, leaving Theodore mesmerized. After regaining his senses a second later, he exclaimed, "Wait! What did you just say?"

Oscar picked up his discarded blazer and replied, "Prepare a wedding gift."

With that, he departed.

As he reached the entrance, a woman attempting to flirt stopped in front of him. "Oscar..."

Oscar glanced at her and snapped, "Get lost!"

The woman was startled.

Weren't the rumors saying he was receptive to women?

She looked at Oscar in disbelief and quickly walked away under his cold gaze.

She had a feeling that he could easily be her downfall.

Rumors, it seemed, were not to be trusted.

It was her first time accompanying these wealthy boys to a party at the club. She had hoped to seize the opportunity to get close to Oscar. However, a man who was both handsome and came from a wealthy family was not so easily swayed.


Hannah was abruptly awakened by a series of phone rings, pulling her out of her dream.

Getting up on the wrong side of the bed, she groggily looked at the unfamiliar number displayed on the screen.

With her exceptional memory, she could deduce that it was Oscar without having saved his number. Suppressing her anger, she greeted, "Hi."

"If I remember correctly, I only intended to cover your medical expenses," he replied, sounding rude and displeased, yet still possessing a listenable voice.

Only then did Hannah recall that the reason she had spent so much of his money was to prompt him to contact her.

She chuckled and replied, "I remember telling you I'm considering that money as my dowry."

"So, because of that, you feel carefree enough to spend thirty million of my money at once?"

"..." She didn't recall spending that much money; she was merely buying random things.

"I won't waste your money for naught," she assured him.

"And what does that mean?"

"If you help me bring down the Sawyer family, I'll help you get out of trouble," she stated seriously.

Oscar fell silent for a few seconds, his expression shifting slightly.

How did she know what he was planning?

Hannah could read his thoughts and immediately continued, "I know you better than you think."

"So am I the one being taken advantage of?" he coldly questioned.

"No, you should be glad I've chosen to help you instead of..." Hannah paused, "...Charles."

In her previous life, Oscar had opposed Charles, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't defeat him. Charles proved to be a formidable opponent for Oscar as well.

They were locked in a bitter rivalry.

She didn't know who emerged victorious until she died.

It could have been Charles, given his despicable nature. That jerk had cunningly utilized the Cooper Group's wealth to successfully inherit a noble title after her death.

Hannah did her best to maintain control and momentarily forget the cruel torture she had endured at Charles' hands. It was her way of self-preservation and a testament to her upbringing in a respectable family.

"I thought you two loved each other and were always affectionate. I'm surprised that you want to collaborate with me," Oscar retorted skeptically.

"Come to my wedding, and you'll see just how sincere I am," Hannah replied, understanding that further words would be futile.

They were both adults, and sometimes actions spoke louder than words.

"Sure," Oscar agreed immediately.

Perhaps she knew more than he thought, or perhaps cooperating with her would bring him benefits rather than disadvantages.

Hannah was taken aback by his straightforwardness.

However, she wasn't one to wear her heart on her sleeve. Even in the face of the agonizing torment she endured at Charles' hands until her death, she maintained her composure and dignity. It was her way of self-protection, a testament to her upbringing.

"Deal," she replied firmly.

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