02 Shocking scene

Ava Della Sanchez

I rushed outside and quickly entered my dad's Limousine which is the key to the car that I took, I don't know why but I suddenly feel excited, I don't know if it's because I'm going to see Nickolaus after so many years, my heart is filled with happiness, I never knew he was my betrothed that means it's me and him forever. Gosh, I feel so on top of the world. I feel like I'm the happiest woman on earth, it feels so good to know. I know I might not be the best, at least I have my flaws but I promise to be the best wife ever.

Back in the states, boys used to flock around me, but I only have eyes for my Nickolas, that's why I never bother to look at other men. I type the name of his company on my phone. I don't know the way, so I'm using my phone's GPS location to track it. I waited and after some time, it started moving. I smile as I ignited the ignition of the car, looking out through the window.

"Nickolaus here I come" I muttered and smiled as I drove off, I continued to look around the city as I tried to master my way knowing I don't have to use my phone GPS all the time, I already know I will be coming here all the time. I continue driving as I whine down the glasses enjoying the cool breeze. "Fresh air of New York City'' I muttered, inhaling deeply as I concentrated back on the road and kept driving.

I smiled when I saw a young couple holding hands as they walked on the road. A thought suddenly hit me, " What if Nickolaus is against this marriage?"

"He should have tried to contact me," I said to myself, but then…..I don't want to start my day with negativity, "We have to be positive" I said to myself tapping my chest.

The GPS is now blinking fast showing that we are already close to the company. I held my breath as I kept on driving with only one prayer, and that is

''Nickolaus please love me" I know it sounds crazy but I don't know what will happen if I find out he's in love with someone else I might lose it. I kept praying not knowing what else to do like it's the only thing left on my lips.

I love him even as a best friend, I love him even as we grow up and now….I found out he's my betrothed. I love him more, this shows that heaven is with me. That's a sign and even if he has someone that he loves

"I'm sorry Nickolaus but you're mine," I said to myself, well I have never been so clingy and possessive of someone before, but this is not ordinary someone, because he's my childhood friend, my betrothed, and my heartthrob and I don't care being clingy and possessive cause he's worth it.

I already made myself this promise and whenever I do something like this I don't go back on them, I know I will fight the world itself even if it has to…for me to be with Nickolaus. That's just how deep and loving my love for him is…..

I stop my car as the location stops in front of a huge company which has the inscription "NICKOLAUS GROUP OF COMPANY" I smile, how much success my best friend has made over the years, I wonder what caused the problem he's facing now. I sigh as I drive into the company. I pack my car at the Que and walk out elegantly. I can feel people's stares at me but I cared less, that's how it has always been for some time now. I smile, liking how I draw attention.

Don't misquote me, I'm not too pompous, but I like it when I draw people's attention, it has always been a habit since childhood.

I catwalk towards the receptionist.

"Excuse me dear good day" I greeted with a nice smile on my face.

"Afternoon welcome to Nickolas group of company please how can we help you?" She asks with the same smile and damn! she's beautiful, I walk closer to her table and brought my mouth close to her ears and then I whisper.

"You're beautiful"

"You too," She replied blushing. I smile at her reddish face, she sure does not know about that.

I cleared my throat and she looked through her PC, "Are you looking for someone?" She asked and turned her attention back to me. I cleared my throat and look around the whole place to see everyone so busy.

"Is your boss so strict? Why is everyone so focused like this?" I ask. She looked around as if to see if anyone was coming and when she didn't see anyone. She beckoned me to come close which I did, she leaned a little bit closer to my ear and whispered.

''The CEO is a grumpy and handsome devil, with his bitch witchy girlfriend" She said, I made to join her in laughing but when the word she whispered reminisced in my head, I know there is a problem. I laugh a little and ask.

"Where's the CEO's office?" I ask covering up the burn that already started in my heart, my inside was on fire like it has been lightened with petrol.

"At the last floor" She pointed .

"Thanks a lot" I smile.

"You're welcome" She giggled, while I walked off. At this rate I know I might lose it any moment from now, my most dreaded nightmare has finally happened. Turns out he already got a girlfriend, but he knows he's betrothed to me, maybe that's the reason why he hasn't contacted me. But we're friends, he should have talked to me.

As I enter the elevator I feel like I might pass out any time, I can't fight the tears that have blurred my sight, my burning chest which tightens every second, my crushed hope. Everything…… crushed but no….the receptionist says she's a bitch and that means she's not good for my Nick. Not like anybody is perfect but at least not that kind of person. The elevator opened and I came out. I looked right and left and saw a huge door to my right. Knowing it will be his office, I wipe off my tears and walk towards it.

I stood in front of the door and took a deep breath, my palms suddenly became sweaty as my breath quickened, but I stood as I calmed myself down. I fan myself and when I'm sure I'm ready. I knocked on the door but got no response. I knocked again and when I held the doorknob I found out it was open and without wasting time, I pulled the doorknob and entered, only to meet the most shocking scene of my life.

Right before me, a girl sat on his lap with his hands around her waist as they kissed deeply.

"Nickolaus Michaelsen….!!!!!!" I screamed.

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