01 She's Back

Ava Della Sanchez

I heard as the pilot announced our plane is about to land in the city of New York airport. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. At last, I'm going to see my childhood best friend whom I've grown to love so much. I've been away for almost ten years but not even for one day did I forget him. I wonder how handsome he might have become, of course, he will be damn handsome now. I do see him on television but not in real life since then... I could probably remember when we were small how girls used to send him letters and I would always get jealous each time they did but still he never for once looked at any of them it's just me and him.

A lot of thought suddenly clouded my mind, did he forget about me?

What if he now has a girlfriend? Gosh I sighed not wanting to think of the probability of that happening, for now, I just want to be happy for returning and I want every thought to remain positive for now. I smiled as our plane finally landed.

We started coming down with our bags, I walk out of the plane while my guards carried my luggage, walking down the stairs of the airplane, the cool breeze of New York City hit my skin differently, I finally came down, and tuck my hands into my jacket, I closed my eyes and inhaled the fresh air

"Home sweet home, Nickolaus Michelson I'm back," I said inwardly and opened my eyes.

"Mam our ride is here '' One of my guards said to me and I nodded as he gestured towards the car, I slid into the backseat and he closed the door, and sped off. The ride back home was a long one as our house is built in one of the richest estates in New York. The Sanchez family is known to be richly blessed. If only dad agreed to let me stay here just maybe by now I would have been his girlfriend. I sighed for the umpteenth time. It's been a long time. I was thirteen then while he was sixteen. Now I'm twenty-three, so many years have passed and many things have changed as well. Will he still be the Nickolas that I used to know? What if he has changed so much?

"Nothing is impossible" My conscience assured me and I nodded.

"Yes, let's stay positive." I smiled.

The gate was opened as my driver drove in, looking at our house from the inside. A lot of things have changed that I know, so many things have been renovated, the mansion is now twice the formal one and the color has been repainted from light blue to white. My guard rush and open the door for me

"Thank you'' I muttered as I step down from the car with smiles plastered on my face, I saw my mom open her arms wide for me and I ran towards her. I might not be the little girl she used to know, but she's still my mother and I can't stop myself from getting excited.

I ran into her arms and she welcomed me into her warm embrace, I stayed in her arms inhaling her motherly scent as she rubbed her cheeks on my hair and caressed my hair too. I could see my father smiling at us. I break the hug and smile.

"Mother you look so beautiful, you're never aging, what's dad giving to you?" I smirked and she blushed heavily while dad looked away, gosh my parents won't stop amazing me, I could remember how my dad loves my mom so much, and up till now, you can still see that love.

"Princess Come give Daddy a hug" My Dad whine and I giggle as I walked towards him.

"Daddy" I pouted as I embrace him, he caress my hair for some time before breaking the hug.

"How was life in Germany?" Dad asked.

"Awesome" I smiled and we all laughed as we entered the house.

Mum walked us straight to the dining room, looking at the interior design of our house. I can only say that dad has done a good job by upgrading them. I shouldn't have expected less, my dad is a man of a high standard, my brother Kelvin is more like him.

We all sat down in the dining room as the maid ran around to serve us food. I inhaled the fresh aroma of mashed potatoes and my mouth watered. That's my best food and I couldn't wait to taste it.

"Princess, I will prepare it for you. I know it's your favorite," Mum said and I felt like crying even after so many years. She still remembers my favorite. Gosh, she's just the best. I smile as my heart races.

I dug into my plate and moaned out loudly as the sweet taste of marsh potatoes hit my mouth, I closed my eyes and chewed in ecstasy, I licked my upper lips in sheer sweetness.

"How is it?" Mum asks when I open my eyes, my mouth is still full so I did a circle with my thumb and friendship finger, showing her she's the best. She giggled and looked at father happily and he kissed her lips.

The rest of the lunch went smoothly and right now we are in the sitting room watching some program and suddenly Nickolas popped up in the scream, I giggled in and my parents faced me, they ate very much aware of my feelings for him.

"Mom, how is Nicklaus?" I ask, facing her, of course, that's what I've always called him.

"He's fine but he has a little problem," Mum said and I stood up sharply but she told me to sit down which I did grumpily.

"Look honey, this is one of the main reasons we ask you to come back," Mom said looking at me.

"Listen, you know we are friends with Michelson?" She asked and I nodded. Of course, I know my mom and Dad are best friends with Nickolaus's parents.

"Dear you are betrothed to Nickolaus," She said looking at me, my eyes widened as my heart did a joyful dance.

"But how?" I ask looking at Dad too

"Princess we saw how much the both of you loves each other and we had to the needful" Dad reasoned, I nodded not like they did something bad,

"Did Nickolas know?" I ask.

"Yes but let me finish," Mom said and I nodded allowing her to continue.

"Nicholaus had a problem recently and his company is about to crash, he came to us for help but we gave him an ultimatum."

"Which is?" I ask already getting the hint

"To get married to you and get the help he needed," Mom said.

"But are his parents aware of this?" I ask.

"Yes honey they initiated this."

"What of Nickolaus?" I ask with my heart racing.

"You need to see him," Mom smiled at me.

I felt on top of the world, my dream is at the edge of coming true, my dream man, my Nick.

"Thanks, mom, thanks Dad," I said pecking them on both cheeks as I take my car keys

"Where to…?" Mom ask.

"To Michelson Group of Companies" I wink and dash out happily.

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