Chapter 2 Nevaeh Burns

Staring outside the window where there was a fountain glowing under the sunlight in the garden, Aurora felt a bit dazzled.

With hands in pockets of his white gown, Sion stood up straight.

Undoubtedly, his appearance looked too perfect to be challenged. His facial features looked aloof with fair skin and a clear-cut jawline. The indifference revealed in his eyes seemed to indicate his carefree character.

He stood up straight casually while staring at her from above.

"Who brought you here?" his questioning voice sounded chilling and husky, for which Aurora couldn't help shivering.

With her lips pressed, she repressed the grievance in her heart. Then she raised her head to take a look at him. But soon, she averted her gaze, silent.

Sion stared at the top of her head, displeased, "Don't you know you aren't suitable for a check like that?"

While speaking, he frowned to show how displeased he appeared.

"I know. But I am 23 years old…" biting her lips, she avoided his cold eye contact to reply timidly.

He had been used to talking to her like that as if she were a fool knowing nothing.

At the thought of that, Aurora was rendered a bit aggrieved. She suddenly refuted, "It's…it's your mom who supposed that there might be something wrong with my fertility."

Maisy always considered her too young to serve as a satisfying wife for Sion. After they got married, she despised Aurora for not having a baby for three years.

After she failed to dissuade Maisy, she compromised to follow her to the hospital for a check.

Upon hearing that, Sion realized what happened.

He looked a bit sulky while pinching his brows to relax. Then he huffed coldly, "I will tell her we have been sleeping in different rooms."

His voice appeared so cold that it seemed he deemed it something common.

Aurora shook her head. The sense of grievance was growing stronger and stronger. She somehow blurted out, "Why can't we have a baby?"

The air suddenly fell into silence.

Sion turned around to cast a glance at her with surprise.

Golden sunlight shed upon every inch of her face. Her almond eyes revealed nothing but innocence, pureness and charm.

She still looked the same just as he met her for the first time ten years ago.

Though she still appeared like a little girl, she dared to propose to have a baby with him.

Sion started frowning his eyes turning unpredictable.

Aurora's courage soon waned in a second.

His impassive response must be indicating his reluctance, she reckoned.

After all, there was nothing to maintain their marriage but responsibility only.

A marriage based on no love could never lead to a baby.

Aurora felt like speaking, "I…"

"Dr Carroll," A sweet female voice suddenly cut in.

Aurora looked ahead. Soon, she felt like getting choked while blinking nervously.

The gossip among those nurses just now appeared to be true.

Nevaeh Burns was back.

The lady, also wearing a white gown with two pens fixed on the pocket on her chest, walked over. Her tall figure enabled her to show her appearance of refinement and elegance.

On top of her neck, there fixed her amicable face.

Seeing Nevaeh coming over, Sion seemed a bit more tender, "What brings you here?"

Aurora noticed the change in his attitude. A bit of pain came across her mind. But soon, it faded away.

He had been a lot more different when talking to Nevaeh.

"I am looking for you!" Nevaeh approached with a smile. The breeze slightly flipped her hair, "I wanna know where we will go after we get off work. Haven't you promised to welcome me with a nice treat?"

Both in white gowns, they looked like a perfect match when standing together just like in the old days.

Sighing, Aurora held back the sense of upset and averted her gaze from them.

Nevaeh also noticed Aurora was here. She exclaimed surprisedly, "Aurora? It's been a long time! What brings you here? Would you like to join us for dinner tonight with Sion?"

Aurora was rendered speechless. Nevaeh's tone sounded so intimate with Sion that she was more like a stranger to him.

Of course, she was fully aware that they used to be truly affectionate with each other back in the old days.

Though Nevaeh walked away at that time, it still looked quite common for both of them to patch things up.

But now, there was someone embarrassedly happening to intervene between them—it was exactly Aurora herself who married Sion.

Aurora smiled decently to reply, "No, thanks. I got an appointment tonight. And welcome back."

After that, she averted her eyes from Sion's face in case she would capture something displeasing.

Sion turned a bit livid while staring at her coldly.

Nevaeh seemed to hear something regretful, "Okay…"

Then she nudged Sion, "Hey, after a few years of departure, I haven't expected Aurora to become so beautiful. I still remember back in the old days, Professor Robertson always took her to medical school while delivering lectures to us. She kinda admired you back then, huh?"

Speaking of her father, Aurora drowned in bitterness.

If it weren't because of her father, she wouldn't have met Sion, let alone married him after that.

Aurora still remembered it was raining on the day of her father's death. While Sion was exactly the ‘backup' her father appointed to her before he passed away.

Sion had been paying the greatest respect to his teacher, Professor Robertson. Thus, he spared no endeavour to take care of Aurora for the last three years except for one thing—he never loved her.

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