Chapter 2: Drilling Laney

“Hey, Laney.”

Laney turned abruptly away from her friend Lisa at the velvety-smooth sound of his voice. She looked up at him, almost melting as his beautiful green eyes penetrated hers. “H-hey Blake,” she managed to say, straightening herself a bit in excitement as he smiled and leaned in.

This is it. This is it. This is it. He’s going to kiss me and profess his love to me in front of the whole school!

“I like your earrings,” he remarked, gently dangling one with his index finger.

“Oh, thanks! I made them myself” I said, blushing. She couldn’t help but feel flustered as his 6’5 figure leaned away again. The cool smile still had not left his lips, and the thought of those lips exploring some interesting places made her hot and bothered.

“That’s cool. Listen I wanted to ask you if you’d b-

“BLAKE!!!” He was suddenly interrupted by the shouting of his fellow varsity basketball team members, Aaron and Lucas, who rudely grabbed his arm beckoning him to come to see something.

Blake tried to make them cool off but they persisted and he eventually gave up, giving me an apologetic glance. “I’ll catch up with you later Lane!” and I watched, deflated, as they took off down the hall.

I turned back to Lisa who incredulously raised her eyebrows. “What just happened?” she asked, pulling me along with her.

“Million dollar question of the day,” I replied, sourly.

“Oh, lighten up. Honestly, it sounds like he was about to ask you to the senior prom.”

My eyes lit up at her words and I froze. “Do you think so?!”

Lisa popped a bubble and rolled her eyes at me. “Of course. What else could that have possibly been about? He was totally flirting with you! And I bet you creamed your panties too, you sicko.”

“Did not!” I protested though the sexual frustration penting up inside me was unmistakable.

“Uh-huh, whatever. Anyway, I’m betting that’s what he was going to ask you, and everyone knows what happens after senior prom.”

“You think Blake wants to have sex with me?”

Lisa just smirked and gave an exaggerated smirk. “You’ll probably find that out soon enough Laney.”




I arrived home after school, humming cheerfully to myself as I envisioned Blake and I pressed up close to one another as a slow, sultry song serenaded us in the background. I let my mind wander to some other things we might do that night, and let’s just say my imagination sure was filthy. Gosh, the way he leaned down so close to me earlier today…Close enough for our lips to brush. It was more than romantic- it was erotic. Just thinking about him made me horny. I’d had a crush on Blake since we were freshman, and now- as a senior, this was my final chance to be with him.

I heard some drilling noises coming from the basement, momentarily snapping out of my fantasies. Oh yeah, the repairman was supposed to be here today. I got the envelope with his payment out of the kitchen drawer, my parents left, and put it on the table for him. Now…I had some affairs to tend to.

Once in my room, I tossed my school stuff to the corner and jumped onto my bed, reaching down on the side of my bed frame to retrieve my dildo. I was a big fan of sex toys and frequently pleasured myself with them- especially when I was thinking about Blake. This particular dildo was one of my favorites- a big, thick, realistic cock that I liked to ride until I’d given myself multiple orgasms.

I stripped down to my underwear and laid back, spreading open my legs. I was so horny, my pussy was dripping wet. The relief of the cock in me was much needed, but I feared it wouldn’t be enough to satiate me…What I craved for truly was a man to get me off.




I removed my goggles, rubbing my eyes with the back of my hand. I’d finally fixed all the issues the short circuit had caused in these people’s home, but wouldn’t know for sure until I checked the power panel upstairs in the attic. Can’t wait to get the hell out of here I thought to myself, picking up my tools. I’d been busying myself with work more than usual since my girlfriend and I split. The worst part about the breakup was the sudden decline in sex. I’m a grown man and need sex like I need air. Without it- I’m just a walking hard-on…quite literally. I’ve been walking around with a big, stiff boner in my trousers all day. No amount of jerking off could fix it either. Only a tight, wet pussy would do the trick…

I lugged all my stuff upstairs and dropped it off in the kitchen. Dusting myself off I started climbing the steps, pausing at the top when I caught the sound of…what is that sound?

I moved closer towards a door that was cracked open and curiously peeked in. To my lucky surprise, I had a direct view of a young woman lying on her back, with her panties at her ankles. In her hand was a big ole sex toy and she was fucking herself with it, moaning softly and murmuring something else I couldn’t quite catch. Her long red hair was wild around her and her eyes remained shut.

I knew it was dirty of me to be watching her, but damn was she sexy. Without realizing it, my hand went down to massage my twitching cock, which stood erect and rock solid. It was an almost painful feeling and before I could stop myself, a groan escaped my lips.

She must have definitely heard because her eyes flew open and she propped herself up on her elbow. “Who’s there?” she asked. She peered through the crack in the door just before I could move away and demanded that I show myself.

Slowly, I opened her door with a sheepish look on my face, averting my eyes away from her succulent body. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to um..spy on you.”

She scoffed. “You already saw me, you may as well keep looking.”

Slowly I turned my eyes back to her, where they feasted on her soft curves and glistening pussy lips. I realized she was curiously eyeing the tent in my trousers. Perhaps a bit more than ‘curiosity.’ I figured I’d show her what she wanted to see.

I stepped into the room, shutting the door behind me. “See something you like?” she asked in a seductive tone. Her bare body was facing me and a naughty finger drew small circles around her cunt, letting me know just where she wanted it.

I was on her faster than I knew it, with my shirt still on and my work jeans pushed down around my ankles. Gripping the bedding on either side of her and plunging into her teen pussy was like diving into a cold pool on a scorching hot day. I felt like a freed beast, pummeling through open fields as I pounded the girl’s juicy, ripe twat with a feverish intensity. She gleefully screamed out and moaned beneath me, encouraging me to give it to her harder and harder.

I couldn’t help the filth that came from my mouth as I furiously jerked my hips to fill her deeply. “You’re one dirty little cockslut aren’t you? Horny for a big cock in your schoolgirl pussy, huh? What, are your teachers not doing their jobs to make you whores cum hard after school? Is that why you had a big fucktoy up your snatch, baby? Is it?” I demanded, slamming into her cunt even harder when she didn’t answer. I was tempted to bend her over and take her sweet little ass right here on her pink bed.

“Yes! Yes, mister, that’s why” she moaned, reaching down to rub her swollen bud that looked ready to burst any second now.

I slapped her hand away and lubricated my fingers before stuffing three in her twat and using my thumb to stimulate her clit. She was a beautiful, wet mess under me, jerking her body and screaming out profanities. I told her to be a good cockslut and cum for the repairman who’d be here every day after school to fuck her tight teen pussy from now on even if her parents were right next door.

When her sweet honey finally gushed from her, I bent down to roughly lap my tongue at her twat, greedily sucking and licking- which made her gush more and more. Through her spasming movements of orgasm, her legs threatened to shut but I forced them open and made her feel every movement of my tongue against her. My face was sticky and creamy with her honey, but she didn’t seem to mind as I laid on top of her and crashed my lips against hers…

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