Chapter 1: Tavern Wench

"Stop ogling and pick up your speed, Elsa! The crowd of drunken men is growing by the second, and the beers won't drink themselves," Patsy scolded with a gentle pinch on my arm. I giggled, peeking out once more at the raucous men. Knights, sailors, swordsmen, nobles, and others. It truly was hard to tell anymore- everyone was starting to look and sound the same.

I loaded another round of beers onto my circular serving platter and hoisted it onto my shoulder, carefully going through the revolving gates back into the hall.

It was a special night indeed, and I was enjoying every second of my time here despite the quite spirited guests in attendance. You see, tonight was the annual Feast of Lions, hosted by none other than King Robert Astorus the Third. The country's most honorable residents gathered for three days at the royal palace and enjoyed lavish carnivals, duels, plays, feasts, and spirits. Alcohol flowed freely all hours of the day, as did orgasms thanks to the gladly welcomed whores from the city's most exclusive brothels.

Elsa, a simple tavern girl, was invited along with the other ladies she worked with, to serve guests during the three-day festival. She happily obliged thanks to the generous pay and opportunity to peek into the lives of the rich and famous of The Eyrie.

"There you are, my lords. Dark brewed ales, and there's more where that came from" she said, bending over to place the drinks in front of three semi-wasted men. The one closest to her muttered, "there sure is" and had a hearty slap at her generous behind. Elsa blushed and straightened.

"What's the matter, love? With that ass and those tits, you oughta be in a warm bed with a cock in each hole instead of back in the kitchen. Guarantee you'd earn yourself enough gold to last you a couple of lifetimes."

The men chuckled and winked brazenly at the young maiden. She simply blushed once again and hurried back to the kitchen.

Patsy saw the bemused look on her face as she entered and shook her head. "What now? Did a handsome young knight compliment you out there? Did he say your eyes reminded him of the Sea of Dothras on a warm summer day?"

Elsa giggled. "Not quite, no."

"Good. Because those men out there are only looking for one thing and one thing only," Patsy scolded with a jeering snort.

Or perhaps they're looking for three things? Elsa said to herself, immediately turning red at the naughty thought.

"We're running low on honeyed wine up here. If you wouldn't mind girl, run down to the cellar and bring back a crate full," another serving girl, Sarabeth, asked.

Elsa took delight in a respite from the kitchen. It was exceedingly fun being in there with all the gossip and story swapping, but she was just waiting for the next opportunity to do some exploring and this was certainly her chance.

Pinching her cheeks to rouge them ever so slightly, Elsa slinked out behind the kitchen and walked with no haste across the courtyard. Men of all ages turned to look at her and several made shameless propositions that alone made her feel some wetness down there. She may have been a simple tavern girl with no titles or riches to her name, but she was quite beautiful.

Freshly 18, the girl had grown into a buxom figure that was only enhanced from her serving uniform of a silky white, low-cut top and a hip-hugging black skirt over a pair of fishnet stockings. Her wheat-colored hair was long, smooth, and plaited perfectly down her back. The heat from the kitchen and constant movement throughout the day had left her stone smooth cheeks red as a blushing maid.

Elsa miraculously evaded the boisterous crowd outside on the spacious patio towards the rear of the palace, where the sea of the cellar sat distinctly. To access the cellar, Elsa had to quietly enter the backcourt of the palace, go through the staff chambers, and then proceed to descend down the rather unsightly and creaky ladder.

She hopped up the staircase and paused to turn and look at the expansive countryside of Eyrie beneath the magnificent rolling hills that spread out from beneath the palace like an immaculate sheet of green.

Elsa seemed to lose track of time as she soaked in the breathtaking views. It was like staring into the depths of a masterly created painting. She was so absorbed at the moment, she hardly heard the click of a door behind her and the approaching footsteps.

"Magnificent isn't it?"

She turned now, so abruptly that a soft gasp escaped her lips. Her eyes fixed on the man before and suddenly grew wide with astonishment. Why it was none other than the King himself! He stood before her in deceivingly simple hunter garments but was instantly recognizable for his brutishly handsome looks and royal jewels.

Elsa bowed immediately, as properly as she could muster, greeting him by his full title. He chuckled and walked closer to her. "Rise girl, I asked you a question."

Elsa blushed crimson and stood up straight. "Yes, It is a truly magnificent view, my king. It is splendid and wonderful and pretty."

King Robert looked away from me to gaze out at the oasis before us. "One fit for the eyes of a king. I often come here because it is the one place I can find a peaceful respite from the madness," he said in a sentimental tone. She noted that he seemed as though he'd had a few drinks recently.

Elsa interpreted the king's words to be him politely seeking solitude and instantly felt foolish.

"Yes, well I was only on my way to the cellar. I sincerely offer my apologies for intruding and politely excuse myself, your grace." Suddenly the king's eyes were back on her.

"Hold on there. Have your services today not been requested by the kingdom? Are you not a proud citizen of The Eyrie?"

"Yes, my king, I am! Absolutely!"

A smile crept onto his lips and he approached the stunned and deeply blushing girl. "Proud citizens of this great land have died for their kingdom, sworn away everything, and put their loved ones in danger if need be. What is it you have done for your kingdom, Lady-

"Elsa," I finished for him, though I was beginning to feel somewhat lightheaded. The mighty king was speaking to me! And quite candidly I might add. The whole situation was surreal, but I simply couldn't take my eyes away from him.

King Robert seemed aware of the effect he was having on the young maid and closed the gap of distance between them. In a low, gravelly voice he said to Elsa, "Then as a devoted citizen to your country, I command you to fall to your knees."

Without question, Elsa knelt and watched as the king carefully unfastened his trousers and let them fall, releasing a large, bulbous cock that stiffly dangled before her eyes. It was easily the largest cock that Elsa had seen, and she had had her fair share of cocks throughout the years mostly due to being an easily aroused tavern wench.

Elsa was quite aware of what to do with her lips and tongue and knelt there sucking and slurping at King Robert's sword like a veteran whore. The king was clearly surprised and moaned loudly as he clutched her hair and bucked his hips uncontrollably. His large balls gently slapped against her chin, and the juices of his arousal dribbled from her lips.

Elsa was immensely pleased to be serving her King and grew more and more daring with each strangled moan that escaped his mouth.

She felt his big, warm cock slip away from her throat and suddenly the King was on her. "I want to save every drop of seed for when I bathe your womb with it," he told her, bringing the young maiden atop him. Elsa properly mounted King Robert as he ripped at the fabric of her blouse, baring her large and pendulous breasts. He held the soft flesh in his hands, barely able to contain her tits as she sunk down on his cock, feeling every inch stretch her tight cunt.

"Ride your King" he commanded from beneath her, lifting her skirts and slapping her ass until it was red and raw as she fervently rode his cock. Loud, animal noises of passion filled the tranquil courtyard right along with the utterly filthy words of the King.

He roughly slammed his hips up to meet her sweet pussy, making a royal mess of the maiden's cunt. Milky juices flowed from her nether regions as the King did unspeakable things to her, eventually taking her in every position and even having her virgin ass.

Hours must have passed by and the honeyed wine in the cellar was long forgotten. King Robert had made a right civil servant out of Elsa, and by the looks of it, was ready to appoint her to his own personal bedroom wench- A position Elsa gladly looked forward to serving...

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