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Where I Belong


Ava Mendez..Smart, sweet and one of the most loyal girls you will ever meet. After just having graduated from medical school becoming a qualified doctor Ava was looking for a job.Living at home with her mom 23 year old Ava was bored. All her life Ava was always buried in a book, her school work always came first and now with her having made her dream come true she was moving onto bigger things. Ava always felt something was missing in her life, had been since she was 7 years old. Her father. Frances 'Franko' Mendez president of the infamous Devils Due motorcycle club (mother chapter). Franko is a powerful and dangerous man who ruled over all Devils Due worldwide. He is highly respected but mostly feared by other MCs.Follow Ava through her journey of being thrust into a world where she doesn't belong. Ava was in search for her father but what she didn't expect to find in a club full of criminals was love.


His Promise: The Mafia’s Babies (Book 1&2)

64.0K·C. Tamika

Getting pregnant after a one-night stand with her boss and suddenly leaving her job as stripper was the last thing Serena had hoped for. To make matters worse, he is the heir to the mafia. When Christian forces Serena to go through with a fake engagement, she tries her hardest to fit in the family and the luxurious life. Christian is fighting as hard as he can to keep his family safe, but everything takes a turn when the hidden truth about Serena and her birth parents comes out. Will Christian be able to protect Serena? Will they end up catching feelings for one another?


You Hit My Heart

574.0K·Kylie Stanford

She was a sharpshooter who shoot within the accuracy of 0.01mm. She should be a daughter of a General, but she got replaced by a scheming girl. He was a devoted president of a top tycoon, but he had a flash marriage and a flash divorce with her because he misidentified his life-saver. He had never thought that one day she would point at his heart with the cold muzzle. "I will get you buried with my child!" She then pulled the trigger ......


Betrothed To The Mafia Lord

200.0K·Josephine Ivy

"Don’t make me repeat myself twice, part those legs for me, Bunny." His deep voice which always sends my brain reeling due to how silky it sounds, washed over me slowly as he murmured quietly against my throat. ——— Forced to marry the ruthless mafia lord whom everyone was afraid of, at the age of 18, Sofia had no other choice but to follow her father’s wishes like a dutiful daughter was supposed to. Luca Ricci needed a wife, because he wasn’t getting any younger at the age of 33. He wanted to protect her, since the moment he locked eyes with hers on their wedding day and saw the amount of fright brewing in it. He wanted to mark her as his, with his handprints on her ass and his cum dripping off her face, to own her completely, to wrap his hand around her throat and do so many sinful things to her body. But he was the mafia lord, and danger just seems to be lurking around him, wherever he goes, and in whatever he does. He must protect his wife at all costs.


My Revenge Life,Fatty to Sexy

954.0K·Violet Marsh

Three years ago, she was silly. She lost her kidney and disfigured her face for her ex-boyfriend, which also almost lost her life! Three years later, she regained her beauty and came back gorgeously. She had to punish the bad guys!


Surprised Wife With Twins

1.0M·Olive Bailey

Seven years ago in a charity dinner, she inadvertently became his antidote, pregnant with the twins. Seven years later, the two kids hacked his computer and got his attention. "Give birth to my kids secretly? And say not my girl?"


After divorce, Ex-wife Revealed Identities

256.0K·Lia Poole

After divorce, he found his wife was a talented girl. "My wife studies well?" "My wife can draw with her left hand and play the piano with her right hand?" "My wife is a CEO?" Everyone said that he was stupid and lost a talented wife. Until one day, he said to her, "You are having my baby. Don't leave me!"


Revenge On Love Rats After Rebirth

963.0K·Olivia Marsh

Before rebirth, she was betrayed by the love rats. They harmed her mother, defiled her name, and plotted her wealth...... When she opened her eyes again, she was no longer the weak and deceitful girl. She had to revenge on the love rats!!


Good bye, You Never Love Me

227.0K·Helena White

Married to him all those years, she suffered coldness and endless humiliation, and eventually died in the operation to keep his first love alive... A few years later, she returned as a famous painter, vowing to get back everything that belonged to her, and also to make the people who wronged her pay the price. The funny thing was that the man who hated her so much stalked her when he saw her again. Later, he used all sorts of means to win his ex-wife back. One day, the man was so angry that he blocked her in the corner - "You are my wife!" The woman smiled flirtatiously, "We are over."


My father and grandfather sleep with me


Everyone has a story, I have a story, you have a story, but our stories will never be the same no matter what we live. This is a story that I lived from my childhood until I was a teenager. My father and grandfather spent their entire lives eating my pussy. Don't worry, I'll tell you everything.


A Piece of Your Heart


Julia Simmons was a woman who worked hard for her family’s future. In order to take care of her ailing parents and younger brother, she gave up college and began working multiple jobs to make ends meet. It was the day when she first met Nathaniel Adams that her life changed forever. Nathaniel Adams was the mysterious, hidden CEO of a famous gaming company with office branches around the world and overwhelming international success. He had never shown his face in public, however. But even with his wealth and achievements, Nathan became increasingly depressed and longed for affection. He met Julia by chance in a bar where she often sang. Captivated by her voice, Nathan became interested in her and chose to hide his identity for a while. When he started getting to know Julia, he quickly discovered that she was smart, independent, and hardworking, which only increased his admiration for her. When he learned of her financial instability, he offered her a deal: he would buy her time, and in return, she would accompany him as a friend. However, spending so much time together, even though it was a monetary transaction, would often lead to the development of feelings. It was then that Julia realized that her decision not to give Nathan her heart wasn’t as easy as she had thought it would be.


The Substitute Bride Triplets And The Impotent Billionaire


(Bonus Chapters Added!) Stabbed in the back by the people she called her family, Tinsley William's life ended up in shreds. Her sister called her names and tainted her reputation. She was all over the news as a husband snatcher and desperate jealous bitch which resulted in her having a one night stand with a well known Billionaire at the club she went to drink out her sorrows before leaving the country. Fast forward, seven years later, now a successful anonymous Millionaire author and a mother of three, Tinsley regained her fame and decided to move back to the place she called home. Little did she know that her sudden appearance would stir up a crisis in the life of her family and everyone around her, including the Triplets father, but her three little genius kids were one step ahead of her.


Mated To The Beastly Alpha


WARNING: This book contains violence, explicit words, and sex. Some words that might not be liked by others. Reader's discretion is advised. Liam Hallows was a beast that everyone feared, ruthless, and filled with anger. He was born to torment his oppressors and hates the word mate or love. His ideal type is a one-night stand, fvcks and never to be heard of again. What happens when Liam had a one-night stand with a girl who he accidentally imprinted on, a mistake he dreads his entire life? Nicole Mallory, the perfect luna who was loved and adored by all except her mate. She was forced to watch her mate have s3x with different omegas as a punishment for being given to him as a source to pay her parent's debts. Too much pain and agony had her drinking in the bar and ending up in bed with a total stranger who wanted her but he was the same, exactly like his mate. Would Liam be able to win the heart of the girl he imprinted on or would she be able to tame the beast that is ready to devour her?


The Bad Boy's Princess

1.0K·Red Inkling

"You are mine, Princess. For the next two months, I own this body and you will not give it out to any other man. I own every fucking inch of this body." * Mireille had been a good girl all her life, sheltered by her protective brother until he goes on a three months travel. Mireille has to stay with his best friend whom she last saw in highschool. Mireille thinks she would finally be free from her brother's protectiveness but she turns out to be wrong as her brother's best friend is a worse version of her brother... Protective and possessive. Mireille wants to hate him but it seems to be impossible to hate a man as hot as Dante Romano. Hot, sexy and a billionaire mafia boss, Dante wants to make Mireille nothing more than his best friend's sister but it seems impossible with the heat that runs through their bodies with their every contact. She is his innocent princess and she is supposed to remain so but when lust pulls her close, she becomes his woman, his possession, the Bad Boy's Princess. But there are many more secrets lurking around, secrets insistent on pulling Mireille out of her innocent lifestyle. WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENTS AHEAD.


Honey, Love Me One More Time

1.0K·Anna Shannel_Lin

Estelle’s life was once a fairy tale, filled with love and promise. However, tragedy struck on the day of their wedding. Estelle’s father and Cristofer’s parents were involved in a car accident that took their lives instantly. The loss was devastating for Cristofer, causing him to sink into deep sorrow and anger towards Estelle. One tragedy comes after another, and she finds herself battling cancer, heartbreak, and deceit. In a world where all seems lost, Estelle must dig deep to find the strength to fight for what she loves most. **** Cristofer’s magnetic yet cold voice wrenched her mind back to reality, “Sign the divorce paper now!” Estelle laid down her legs, sat up, and asked, “Did you drink?” “It’s none of your business.” “Drinking is bad for your stomach.” “I need to drink so that I won’t feel disgusted when having sex with you.” “You couldn’t wait to divorce me?” Her voice sounded weak. She turned her back on him as the smoke nearly smothered her, and she started coughing again. “You know that, don’t you?” Cristofer deliberately breathed out a stream of smoke in her direction and felt inexplicably pleased to see her coughing and trembling.


Cinderella And Her Beautiful Octuplets


Stabbed in the Back by her so-called mother-in-law, husband, and Bestfriend. Hannah Rodriguez was fired from her place of work and at the same time, she received a call from her lawyer that her husband had filed for a divorce. Heartbroken she ran to her best friend’s house to cry out her despair but she unexpectedly saw her husband having sex with her best friend. She felt her heart torn into pieces, she decided to go home to cry on her pillow only for her to meet a more heartbreaking scene, her mother-in-law had thrown her things out of the house. She felt more than heartbroken, having nowhere else to go she was left on the street where she was kidnapped and raped. She unexpectedly woke up on the street with her clothes torn and marks on her body. Shamed and humiliated, she packed her stuff and left the country. Fast forward, five years later. Hannah is back with a set of Beautiful octuplets, ready to make the people that hurt her in the past pay for what they did to her but what happened when a mysterious man came from nowhere claiming he was the father of the octuplets? What happens when she finds out the man has a striking resemblance with her octuplets?


Married to the Mafia Boss


He is cold as ice. Vicious as poison. Handsome like a greek god. I loathe him but I can’t deny the fact about the toe-curling feeling he gives me. We have been enemies since birth. Now I am forced to marry him. He is the ruthless don of the Italian mafia of New York. I am the Russian mafia princess. I once wanted to murder him. Now I am supposed to share his bed. I abhor how good he looks, how perfectly his suits fit his incredible built. I hate even more what sharing a house with him does to me. His endless teasing, how he gets close, only a breath away… His sweet promises, taken away a second later with brutally cold arrogance. Sometimes I wonder how I should love him and he gives me thousands of reasons to hate him... Until our crime families clash once more and we both know what’s at stake. Will the cold-hearted mafia don come for his kidnapped bride? Or will he leave me to starve until I beg him to save me?


The Mafia Don's Captive Bride

270·Uriel Kings

I was taken captive , and forced to marry the monster of my nightmares. He erased my name when he forced his ring on my reluctant finger. He destroyed my life when he made me kneel at his feet . Garvril kirilenko is a killer who married me against my will. A man who won't take no for an answer . He made it clear from the moment his rough hands tore me wedding dress. I can either submit myself to him as his wife , or I can chose a fate worse than death . Our marriage was built on lie. And revealing the truth won't sent me free... Because doing so means paying the ultimate price . He'll conquer my body. And I'll play the part of his obedient wife. But I'll never give him my heart . With a single stare he took me. In his bed of depravity, he broke me . My body was his . To do whatever he wanted , wherever he wanted and whenever he wanted. On the alter he promised me be would love me and protect me . In private he made me do unspeakable things. I've tried to defy him . I've tried to run from him. But again and again, He brought me back . Again and again he made me submit to his touch. To beg him for more. I'm supposed to hate him . But I can't get enough of him. Night after night I surrender my body to his dark cravings. My suffering became his pleasure , my pain his joy. He claimed my body a d shattered my heart . But nothing could prepare me for what came next His baby growing in my belly. Our marriage maybe fake but our baby is real. And now... he's my only hope for survival.


The Divorcee Who Shines

881·Cali Mosley

After three years of hiding their marriage, she tried her best to please him but was still kicked out in the end! With a bitter smile, she calmly took the alimony and left. From then on, she became a stunning beauty in the translation industry! Soon after, Brendon Stuart discovered that his ex-wife not only had a successful career but also attracted countless suitors - business elites and heirs from prestigious families. Suddenly everyone in town seemed to be connected to her - inviting her out for meals and outings together. She even got pregnant with another man's child at lightning speed! Brendon angrily demanded, "Whose child is it?" Ranita Bowman sneered, "It's none of your business!" Four years later, she bumped into him while holding an adorable baby boy. It was then that Brendon realized how wrong he had been...


The Billionaire’s Secretary

32·La Mariachi

Can a self-made billionaire with a no-strings-attached philosophy finally settle down? Shawn has it all: money, power, and a reputation as the country's biggest playboy. But when he finds himself in a one-night stand with his secretary, Cheryl, he's forced to confront his beliefs. Cheryl has been working for Shawn for years, harboring a crush on him, but he's never taken notice of her due to his strict no-dating policy. As they navigate their unexpected situation, Shawn must choose between upholding his philosophy or taking responsibility for his actions. Will he be able to drop his playboy lifestyle and make things right with Cheryl? Find out in this steamy romance novel about what happens when two opposites are forced together by circumstance.