Chapter 2: Uncultured daughter

Pamela became still, she wanted to hear where her mother's sentence would end but it got interrupted again.

Why would her father always interrupt her mother? She had lost count of how many times her mother always began that same sentence but her father would always interrupt her.

And again, he did it. He always gets to interrupt her whenever she wants to hear the full sentence. For the love of it, she wants to know what it is that she always wants to expose.

Soon, she heard her parents talking in hushed voices before the sound of their footsteps faded away.

Freya returned to the sitting room with a smile "I'm sorry to keep you waiting, my daughter had a mild headache and took a pill. She wouldn't be able to come downstairs. She apologises and I also apologise on her behalf. She is more than eager to be married to the young master tomorrow" Freya lied.

Leah and Ellis Hayden exchanged glances. It was more visible to detect lies in Freya's words than to stare back at oneself in the mirror.

The couple nodded. They were still contemplating on what is the best response to give when Emma spoke.

"I hope you are not lying mummy. You are such a cheap liar and would go any length to cover up for my sister's mischievous act."

Emma sat on the couch with one of her legs placed on the transparent centre table, chewing gum and blowing it loud without cautiousness.

Freya felt like poking her daughter on the head. She smiled evilly and replied "I'm not lying baby. Your sister is indeed taking a rest."

Freddie looked away. What kind of a daughter is Emma? How can she say such words to her mother in the presence of guests?

"Whatever, either you are lying or she insisted on not getting married to the young master. I don't really care about you stupid ladies" Emma concluded and placed an earbud in her ears, singing along to the lyrics.

Leah and Ellis were lost. They glanced at Emma briefly and looked away. The atmosphere turned awkward and none said anything for a while.

"Humm.. I will tell her you are not offended by her at all. And also, I will be grateful if tomorrow, the bridal trail arrives early to hasten her readiness to ..." Freya talked randomly.

"Yeah.. sure" Leah stammered.

She held Ellis hand to hide her nervousness. She is meeting Grayson's family for the first time and the impression she now had, is not a pleasant one.

They had gotten this family to accept Louis Hayden as their son in-law through Freya's brother, working as a butler in the Hayden's Mansion.

He had overheard their discussion and suggested that marriage would save the Louis business and keep the partners optimistic that he would regain consciousness again.

Hence they told him to get a woman from a reputable family to be Louis' wife. But this Grayson's family he chose doesn't look reputable at all.

Ellis held his wife's shivering hand and gave it a soft squeeze, reassuring her that everything will be fine.

The couple stood up to go but paused to ask a last question: "Is your daughter really interested in getting married to my son in his present state?"Leah asked.

"Yeah.. yes, yes she was super excited about it" Freya replied too quickly before Leah ever finished asking the question.

Leah glanced at her husband and sighed softly. She didn't know these people are just so unbearable.

"Did you tell her Louis is not in a state where he could give her a conjugal right?"Ellis asked.

"Yes, she knows that young master Louis Hayden is not in good health…"Freddie was saying when Freya interrupted him.

"She already knows that Mr Louis Hayden is in a coma and might never come out of it for the rest of his life. And she agreed to go ahead with the union…"Freya was going to elaborate when Freddie interrupted her, his voice slightly raised than usual.

How can Freya say such words before Louis' parents? Leah already looked pale at Freya's words.

No parents would be pleased to hear such words as the ones spoken by Freya. How can she say he might never come out of a coma for the rest of his life? Was she cursing him to waste away like that?

He looked towards the unhappy couple and clasped his hands together, "She already knew what she should and I believe that the young master will be fine again, soon" Freddie explained respectfully.

Leah nodded through teary eyes and walked out briskly. It's obvious she was going to sob. Ellis grumbled some words which the Grayson's assumed meant a goodbye.

Ellis walked quickly and caught up with his wife, circling his arm around her waist,he walked her back to the car.

"Did you hear what that woman said about our son? She thinks Louis is never coming out of coma…"Leah trailed off. Her voice seemed to choke and she sniffled, trying to get her airway clear.

"Louis will be fine. I didn't expect that woman to be so horrible and with her words" Ellis calmed his wife.

He made her place her head on his torso, patting her back gently. This would not have been the case if Louis hadn't been involved in an accident.

"What kind of a woman are you, Freya? Do you have to showcase your inhuman attitude before everyone you come in contact with?" Freddie was cautioning his wife when she interrupted him sharply.

"Oh please" she yelled and eyed him."You should instead talk to that daughter of yours to get herself prepared for the wedding tomorrow morning. She might have refused to come out and say hello to Louis' parents, but tomorrow, she can't refuse nor back away from the union. If she dares to go against any of my instructions again, I might have to tie her feet and hands and bundle her like a stack of papers to her wedding.." Freya declared.

Her complexion was flushed with redness and she was trying her best to control her tempers, otherwise, she would have done the worst with Pamela.

Freddie felt like strangling his wife. He glared at her before turning round and going off to his study.

Freya saw her husband's retreating back view and hissed between gritted teeth. She has been a wife and never exposes the secret and in exchange, Freddie must let her raise Pamela the way she wishes.

"I am going off to see my fiance,mum" Emma announced and without waiting for her mother's response, she walked out.

Just before Leah and Ellis Hayden arrived at their Mansion, Leah asked "Do you think getting our son married to the eldest daughter of the Grayson's family is the right thing to do?"

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