Yearning For the Badboy Mafia's Love

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Authoress Berry Julie


Calista Raymonds stood and watch her parents begging this cold looking man who just looks like he didn't care. Learning that the man before her is the popular Chase Draven Gotti, the second son of John Gotti, a well known Mafia family in Russia, Calista knew she stands no chance in escaping from him. Her parents are helpless, and the only way she can prevent her family from getting hurt is accepting whatever it is Chase wants. It's been just some months living with this Mafia, but Calista sees herself falling helplessly in love with him. But Chase wasn't ready to return the love.. not yet, maybe because he sees her as nothing but his slave. But Calista yearns for his love which she couldn't get...... Not until the moment she fights for it. Things get more heated while Calista realizes everything, she had grown up to believe, are all lies. She has been living in lies!


Chapter 1


"Don't you think Martin is a little much hotter than his twin?"

"I don't know, not like I even care," I said and take out some cash, then pay the pumpkin man.

Emma walks to me, holding my arms tight.

"I still wish you can consider Martin, like, I know I'm your best friend but I wish he had ask me out. Are you even with your right sense when you turn him down? He is every lady's dream!" Emma kept on talking and talking.

I stopped walking and turn to look at Emma, she immediately went mute and pouts.

"What? I'm just jealous!" She whined.

"Quit acting 16, Should I call him and tell him you like him?"

Emma looked at me and sighed, then shakes her head sideways like a baby who just got yelled at.

"Good, So? the movie is almost starting, let's go and see it".

The movie already started when Emma and me walk in, so we had to walk quietly and we were not able to get to the front seat roll. The Movie was to last for an hour.

Emma and me walked out of the Movie house giggling and laughing at our jokes.

Emma and me have been friends for years, and the good thing is, that we live next to each other. Emma recently lost her father, so it's just her mother and her little sister, and me. My family and hers have the perfect timing and I am mostly seen with Emma.

After seeing the movies, we bought some Ice creams and start heading home, we decide to trek instead of taking a cab. It's just a twelve minutes walk.

" Did Mary show up at work today?" I ask Emma as she licks her ice cream and hummed.

"No why?" Emma replies.

"Nothing... You know, she's kind of owning me, and am out of cash " I sigh and put my hands in my pocket.

"She hasn't shown up at work for a couple of days now, I think when next she does, she'd come with her " I quit" letter, yunno?" Emma said grinning.

"She'd better pay me off before quitting. Am planning to stop working at the club though. Goodness, am so tired, but my mother will kick my butts if she even hears me say that" I sigh.

I work at one of the popular clubhouses in Russia and am surprised at how long I have lasted in the club.

Maybe because my manager is my father's best friend so he has to endure. I am actually the clumsiest and hardly last for long at a job, but it's been two months and I'm still working at the clubhouse.

"You better not have the thought. There's no more place for you to work here in Russia." Emma said laughing.

"Not Like I care, I mean, why do we have to work? hmm? All this bitches that come to the club and have us attend to them, are they any better than us?" I hissed.

"They are not the same as us. They have monies bow to their feet and we have to serve them for us to get our own money. every rich family started from somewhere, come on! we are almost home and it's getting dark already. "

"I just wish I don't have to go to work tomorrow and just sit at home celebrating my birthday. Gosh! it's not easy to be twenty, yunno?." I giggled.

"I'm excited for you. I'd come over tomorrow morning to be the first to wish you" Emma smiles.

"Nah! My mother will always beat you on that"

"I bet"

Minutes later, I opened the front door of our apartment after waving at Emma and then walked in. My father is sitting on the double couch reading a magazine and Mum is in the kitchen making dinner.

"Good evening daddy" I greeted and walk over to peck his cheeks.

"Welcome angel. How was work?"

"Urgh! I hate it" I told him and walk over to the kitchen. I sat on the counter and took some fried plantain from mom's bowl.

"You should have at least wash your hands, Angel." Mum cautions.

"I only took three. besides, am not hungry, just that I can't resist the smell of your delicacy" I said and mom smiled. She walks over to me and hugs me.

"I hope Omar was nice to you at work today? "

"Even if he's nice Mummy you know I hate to work so I don't think I'd ever appreciated him being nice. besides if he isn't nice to me, he'd better be looking out for another worker "

My mother laughs and goes back to dishing out the family food.

"Am so surprised and happy about how long you've lasted at the club. I have something special for your birthday tomorrow". She announces.

" Awww! I know you'll always have a thing for me. I can't wait"

"I know, your dad had a long day. help me serve him dinner"

"Sure". I carried the already dished-out food and placed it on a tray, then carried it and walk over to where dad is sitting. I dropped it on the trouble and told him dinner is ready.

" I'll get you your favorite drink from the fridge" I smiled.

"Thank you, angel".

I walked to the fridge to get the drink while Mum dishes out my food and hers.


Dinner was over and I cleared the table room, it was always night so I kissed my parents goodnight and walk to my room. I locked the door and led back on the bed.. staring at the ceiling, I couldn't hid the excitement and smiles on my face.

I'm going to be clocking 20 tomorrow and I don't know why, but I felt that turning 20 will be so special for me.

I can't wait to see the gift my mother have for me. Smiling like someone in love, the only thoughts on my mind is the special day tomorrow will be, but I felt it with mix feelings like something bad will happen or have happen, I wave the thoughts away, tomorrow is for me and I don't have to think negatively.