Home alone with father's friend 2

"You can," she answered. She was a little embarrassed to see him after making a scene, but he looked like he understood.

"I know you don't want me here this week," he started, "but I really do appreciate it. It gets lonely living alone, and maybe we can ignore why I'm actually here and just try to have fun together." she shrugged in response. "Well, I just want to tell you that if you really want to go to your friend's, go ahead. It is Friday, after all. Just be back here by midnight -- I don't want to get into too much trouble with your parents."

She looked up at him. He smiled, and she knew he was just trying to be the "good cop" after her parents had made her so mad. She also knew that midnight was an hour later of a curfew than the one her parents would have set, and she knew that he knew that too. He was trying to get on her good side. At the moment, she didn't really care, so she smiled sweetly. "Thanks, Mr. Harrison," she said, mustering up the sweetest voice she could.

He grinned. "Well, I'm about to drive your parents to the airport. Why don't you come down and say goodbye?"

With the same phoney, plastic, sweet smile plastered on her pretty face, she followed him downstairs. Her parents were standing in the doorway.

She said goodbye to them and watched as her dad and Mr. Harrison loaded their suitcases in his car. She sat on the front steps and waved nicely as they pulled out of the driveway and drove away. She waited until they had undoubtedly left their subdivision before she stood up and walked into the house.

It was still early, and she knew it would be a couple of hours before Mr. Harrison got back. So she took her time getting ready to go to Stella's, sending her a text herssage and letting her know that she wanted to go out.

Both of them had fake ID's, and she fully intended on using hers that night. She took a shower and dressed in her favourite bar outfit. She usually had to wait until she got to Stella's house to put it on, but since her parents weren't home, she could wear it until she went over. It consisted of a black mini-skirt that flared out a bit at the bottom and a low cut pink halter top. She glanced in the mirror as she dressed, turning around and looking over her shoulder. She loved the way her ass looked in this skirt. She think her ass is probably her best feature, and she always dress to try and show it off. It's not too big, but round and firm. She turned back around, looking at herself from the front. Her breasts weren't too bad, but they were a little small for her liking. The reason she loved this shirt was because she didn't need a bra, and it made her tits look a lot bigger than they actually were. It also had an empire waist that hid the fact that she had a bit of a tummy. She had been working hard to flatten her stomach, but it just wasn't happening.

She added a pair of knee-high black boots to her outfit and put her hair up, showing off the curve of her neck and her tanned back before putting on far more makeup than she usually did. By the time she finished, it was almost dinner time, and she called Stella to see when she was going to pick her up so they could go for dinner before going to the club.

She showed up a half hour later, her brother having driven her over to pick them up. she grabbed her purse and ran out of the house, giving her a hug as she got out of the car. "I can't believe they got you a babysitter!" was the first thing Stella said.

Jennifer rolled her eyes. "I know," she replied. "Whatever, it's not like he's my father. Let's go!"

Stella got into the car next to her and she could see her brother looking at her in the rear view mirror. Stella's brother had always had a crush on her, but he was a bit of a nerd. He was in his third year of college, and she was pretty sure the closest he had ever gotten to breasts was looking down her shirt. She ignored him and grinned at Stella.

Her bar clothes were far better than hers, mainly because her parents didn't care what she wore out, nor that she had a fake ID. She was wearing a tight black dress that clung to her tight body nicely. Stella had wonderful breast, the kind that every girl wishes they had until gravity kicks in. They must have been D's at least, and on Stella's slim frame, they looked huge. She always complained that she looked like she was going to tip forward because she had no ass, and she always teased that if someone put the two of them together, they would have the perfect package .

With Stella's huge tits, Jennifer's round ass, her long red hair, and her bright eyes, they would have been the perfect girl. She would feel kind of bad for the person who would be left with Jennifer's stomach and Stella's ass, though.

Jennifer didn't feel exceptionally awkward checking Stella out. They had been best friends since they were kids, and she had done a lot more than just look at her a number of times. The first time they had used their fake ID's, two guys who were probably in their late twenties told them they would pay thier tabs if they would make out for them. Something they would have done it for free. Another time, a guy told them that they could go with him to the VIP room if she would suck on Stella's breasts. That was a lot of fun. That day, without hesitation, she rolled down the top of Stella's tight little dress and taking her breasts out of the lacy, strapless bra before licking and sucking on the top of her breast, moving her lips teasingly down to her large pink nipples and flicking her tongue against them. They guy nearly soaked himself while watching them. Stella and Jennifer didn't care about being shy around each other. They both found the other attractive and loved to try things together. She was the first person Jennifer ever came with, the first person who licked her pussy, the first pussy she ever licked.

That didn't stop them from dating guys, of course. Stella got laid almost every weekend. She loved sex, and Jennifer loved hearing about her adventures with her sex buddies.

Jennifer liked it too, but she wasn't as into having random sex. She had lost her virginity with her first serious boyfriend and slept with two guys since him, both of which she slept with numerous times. Stella slept with numerous guys numerous times. Jennifer could not keep track of all the guys Stella had slept with.

Stella's brother dropped them off at a restaurant not far from the club we wanted to go to. Even though she had seen her earlier at school, they talked the whole time

"So what's your babysitter like?" Stella asked after the waiter had brought them their meals.

"Mr. Harrison?" she said. "He's nice. Except for the fact that he's not supposed to be babysitting me. He tried that whole 'I'll let you go out even though your parents said no' thing to get on my good side. I mean, he's a good guy, he's friends with my parents and I've known him since I was born, but I'm still bummed that he has to stay with me."

"Too bad," Stella said, taking a sip of her martini. "Is he at least hot?"

she laughed. "God, do you ever just keep it in your pants?"

She shrugged. "I'm not wearing pants. So is he?"

"He's the same age as my dad," she answered, pausing. She wasn't sure that she wanted to admit to Stella how attractive she found him. It might lead to a conversation about how she found a lot of older men attractive, and she had a feeling that might be awkward. "But he's kind of got that silver fox thing going for him."

She raised her eyebrows suggestively. "Sounds like he could be a good time," she said.

"I'm sure you will love for me to introduce you," Jennifer said.

She laughed. "I'm just saying, maybe make things interesting. Loosen up. God, the last time you were with someone it was probably me. And it's a little obvious that you want him."

Jennifer just laughed and kept eating her meal.

They finished their meal and sat around for awhile, just talking while they ordered drinks. They definitely got a lot of stares from people who came in, but Stella didn't even notice, and Jennifer didn't really care. She kept thinking about what she said about Mr. Harrison and making things interesting. He probably hadn't been with anyone in ages, and he really did have the "silver fox" thing going for him, as Stella had said. Stella noticed she was distracted, and just laughed at her. "That's a sign you need to get laid," she said.

"What is?" she asked.

"That you're still thinking about your babysitter, even though we're not even talking about that anymore."

"Stop saying he's my babysitter," she grumbled. she hated the fact that she was right. She hated the fact that she was getting a little bit hot thinking about Mr. Harrison even more.

She laughed again before checking her cell phone for the time. "Come on, let's head over to the club."

The club was already packed when they got there, even though it wasn't that late at all, and almost immediately after they walked in, someone sent drinks to Stella and Jennifer.

They looked over to see a group of guys grinning at them. Stella smiled back, looking at her. "They're cute," she shouted over the music. Jennifer had to agree. The group of them walked over after they saw Stella smile at them, and they sat with them at our table.

"How are you fine looking ladies doing tonight?" shouted one.

"Great," Stella replied.

"How old are you girls?" said another, the one sitting next to her.

"I'm 23," answered Stella. "My friend here is 20. Her birthday is next week so I'm taking her out!"

"Well happy birthday!" said the guy next to Jennifer. He put his arm around her shoulders. "I'm Daniel. Let me get you another drink, birthday girl."

She laughed. Stella and Jennifer always played this game. One time, she would be the older one, taking her out for her birthday. The next time, she would be. It ensured that by the end of the night, neither of them would have paid for many drinks. After all, the birthday girl can't pay for her own drinks, and one of the guys who hit on them would undoubtedly pay for the other person's -- after all, the birthday girl is getting all the attention, so someone has to pay attention to her.

They had a few more drinks with the group of guys before they both excused themselves to the washroom. By this point, Jennifer was pretty tipsy.

Each guy in the group had insisted on buying a drink for her. Stella was a little drunk, too. One of the guys was definitely interested in her, and had paid for every drink she ordered. They spent a little time in the bathroom before they went back out, and Stella insisted that they go and dance. They started dancing together, before the group of guys came onto the dance floor and joined them.

Jennifer love to dance. She love to dance with Stella even more. She love to dance with Stella and then with a very hot guy even more than that. The guy who had been sitting with her, Daniel, came up behind her as Stella and Jennifer were dancing and put his hands on Jennifer's hips, pulling her away from her slightly. She giggled and put her hands on top of his, moving back against him and grinding her ass against him. He took that as a sign that he could move his hands i

however he wanted, and he started to rub them up and down her sides as she moved against him. Stella looked over the shoulder of the guy Jennifer was dancing with and grinned at her. To her, any guy worth dancing with was worth sleeping with.

Jennifer kept dancing with the guy for quite awhile. She think he was incredibly aware that he was teasing her with his body, because the more he moved his hands, the more she rolled her hips, grinding her ass against him. It wasn't long before she felt something getting hard behind her, and she giggled. He must have known she felt his dick pressing against her ass, because he moved his hands up to cup her breast and leaned down to kiss her neck. "You're getting her hot," he said into her ear.

She grinned, turning her head and nipping his earlobe playfully. "Is that so?" she replied teasingly. "I hadn't noticed."

Jennifer had more than noticed. The feel of his dick pressing against her was sending tingles all through her body, and she knew that her thong was starting to get damp. she kept moving against him as he moved his hands against her breasts, pushing his hips against her ass as he rubbed her nipples, which were starting to poke through her halter top.

She moaned softly in his ear as he touched her and he started to suck on her neck. He kept pinching her hard nipples through the thin fabric of her halter top, and eventually let one of his hands trail back down to her skirt. He slipped his hand underneath it, most of her ass bare as she only had a little thong on. He cupped her round ass as he lifted the hem of her skirt just enough to press the bulge in his pants against her crack. She was tingling, her pussy dripping wet. The dance floor was crowded and everyone surrounding them were his friends. She knew if anyone saw what she was about to do, they will be kicked out, but she also knew that they were near the center of the dance floor and security couldn't see anything but his hand on her breast, which was perfectly okay so long as she wasn't showing anything. So she reached behind her, the fabric of her skirt loose enough to cover her hand and the bare part of her ass as he was pressed so close to it. she undid his pants quickly and expertly with one hand and she heard him groan in her ear. Her hand slipped into the front of his boxers and she pulled his dick out of the hole in the front of them. It was rock hard and she pressed it against her crack, gasping as she pressed him against her bare skin.

She pulled her hand away from him, still grinding against him, feeling his dick sliding up between her ass cheeks.

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