Why Did She

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" Varun what are you thinking baby " asked his girlfriend Laasya seductively"nothing just wondering that how and why my stupid wife opps ex-wife gave me divorce suddenly, although I am too happy but curious to know her reason because know what I tortured her a lot so that she gave me divorce but she didn't and endure all the torture ..." said Varun annoyingly " why are you thinking this shit now and stop talking about her I really don't like her're a free man now which you wanted so, be happy and let's celebrate it baby " said Laasya to Varun and pushed him on the couch and started to open his shirt's button this story is about a man who first don't wants to get married but he did atlast ,then he wants divorce and he got it but now he want to know that why his wife gave him divorce if you want to know why! than join the journey ?mature contents ?abusive language

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Characters of the story

Amoli Anand:- 24 year old beautiful girl but her polite behaviour makes her more beautiful ,she is  graduated and intelligent.

Amoli means precious and she is indeed precious for her all family members specially for her father . She is sweet innocent kind-hearted girl, bold but only for others , loves everyone .

Wants to become a teacher in government school , it's her father who wants her to be a government school teacher so her carrier and job will be safe and she respects her father's decision.

She loves her family members a lot and respect them and their decisions.

Varun Arora :- 30 year old man.soon to be owner of Devansh hotels and cafes , he himself owns clubs and has 51% shares in his friend Tejas's transport business.

Too intelligent to handle.

If you only see him you will say handsome , breathtaking specimen but when you know him then he became for you an arrogant mannerless jerk, ruthless , cold-hearted, womanizer manwhore , monster , devil so on.....etc.

There are many such words here ,which do not exist in his dictionary like - politeness , love , pain, fear , guilt etc

He care or we can say behave mannerly only with his family members .

He has a weakness that he doesn't like the things that was force on him whatever how good those things for him eventually he hates the things that are forced on him.

Amoli' s family ::-

Advaith Anand :- 20 year old lovely brother of amoli and Vahini , loves his both sister's  but due to some reasons don't like his father.

Vahini Anand :- 8 year old cute chubby, lovely, little princess of the house . She loves her "moo" more then anyone .

Lokesh Anand :-  48 year old man , father of amoli, advaith and Vahini Anand.

He is a hot-tempered man ,he is a responsible good father , husband and son .loves his family very much but considers nothing before his pride.

He has been a soldier of the army and is now the head of the village.

Fulki Anand :-  42 year old a house wife , good mother of amoli , advaith and vihini , daughter-in-law and a good wife of Lokesh Anand.

Sai Anand  and suvarna Anand :-  old couple , very sweet and lovely, grandparents of amoli, advaith and vihini and parents of Lokesh Anand .

Nisha Rawat and  Priyanshi Negi :-  both are 24 year old best friends of amoli .

And these three best friends called as  Trimurti (trinity) in whole village.

Varun's family ::-

Kashvi Arora (sweet girl) and Kabir Arora :- both are 24 year old twins .love their brother Varun a lot and respect him as well .

Too naughty twins.

Gyan Arora :- 53 year old owner of Devansh hotels and cafes. Good person , kind-hearted and a good father of Varun Arora and twins ,  good husband and good son.

Adhira Arora :- 50 year old a cardiologist specialist , good mother of Varun and twins , good daughter in law and good wife .

Devansh Arora :-  Varun is carbon copy of him by looks as well as behaviour the only difference is that he believes in love and he loves his wife Pallavi Arora.

Laasya Chandra , naitee Chandra, pavan Chamoli , Parth Tandon , Tejas bala , Parul Thakkar :-  they all are Varun's friends and as according to some source Laasya is his girlfriend  in name but in reality she is his fuck buddy nothing else.... Is it true or just a fabricated lie