What your love felt like-The Dragon Saga

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She was supposed to be just a pawn in the games of throne that I played. A nanny for my Damian and perhaps also a little entertainment in my bedchamber as well. Why then did I have to risk it all for her sake? Why then was I willing to take a second chance? She was just a human. I had not felt this way even for my queen, a mighty dragon. *** Draco was a ruthless Dragon King who only cared about power and position. He and Liana were no match. The only thing connecting them was Damian. Damian was Draco's son from his deceased wife, Kiara. And he happened to slip down to the mortal human world. There he was being raised by Liana who saw him as her own son. Things turn difficult when Lucian, Draco's brother start developing feelings towards Liana just like he had for Kiara, in his heart.

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The chase

In the darkness Liana could feel the thumping of her heart, loud and clear amid the perfect silence. She hid inside an abandoned, under construction building. Her hands wrapped around the soft bundle, that was her baby boy Damian.Her legs shaking and sweat dripping down her forehead and body.

"Come on out you bitch, " Yelled a malicious and loud voice as one of the walls between herself and her pursuer blew open.

Liana ducked and started running down the other side of the stairs, almost crying in panic.

She had always been a fast runner. The best in her class. But this was something else. She was running for her life. Rather for both their lives. Specially her son's.

"How long do you think you can keep this up? " Roared the voice once more as a few more bricks flew here and there.

"I will leave with my son ,that's destined. Don't maul you feeble life in between. You have no power against my might. Stop annoying me you little wench. " The voice roared again as the thunder in the background.

Liana kept going down even though her body was terribly shaking. She was having a hard time holding on to the child in her arms.

The heavy footsteps following her wasn't far behind. She could hear it quickly catching up as her fatigue and fright weakened her pace. She was struggling to find a proper footing as she descended down the stairs.

"It's going to be alright. It's going to be alright, " She was whispering in the baby's ears. But it was a reassurance for herself. She was trembling from head to toe. She had never seen anything like him ever before.

A perfectly sculpted man with hair as white as snow and eyes as red as blood. His bare shoulders had scales for skin and his lower body was made of steel. At least it looked like steel or some sort of metal. The mere sight of him was enough to make one stop breathing in fear.Leave alone the ferocity of his vocals. Everything about and around him reeked inhumane.

"Stop playing already , I have no time for this, " He was suddenly in front of Liana as she froze in her track, as if petrified.

As soon as he extended his hands to try and snatch Damian away from her grips, Liana took a few quick involuntary steps backwards. Neither did she think nor did she look back.

They were in an under construction building. The stairs that they were standing on had no guards. Her sudden retreat took her flying off the seventh floor of the unfinished structure.

As things around her zoomed past in slow motion, Liana turned herself with force. She thus positioned herself so that when they collide, the child stays above and she braces the earth. She was trying her best to make the collision as less traumatic and fatal as possible for her baby. It was a motherly instinct. She didn't even have a moments room to think about herself.

As the ground came zooming in on her she closed her eyes shut. The impact sent her rolling across the ground for several minutes.

But hold on a second. Why would she go rolling over instead of smashing her skull open. She quickly opened her eyes. What met hers were those bright red iris which were now rapidly changing colour.

She was lying over the steel body, covered in scales, her hands tightly wrapped around the owner. His one hand holding her around the hip and the other firmly grabbing Damian by his wrap.

Before her brain could clearly decipher what actually happened, she stood up and pulled Damian back from his grip. He didn't seem as strong as he appeared as Liana was easily able to take Damian back.

She opened him from his swaddle and checked him thoroughly for injuries .

The man suddenly came from behind as his hot breath fell on Liana's exposed back. She instinctively grabbed Damian in her arms before turning around. He raised his hands as she ducked for cover.

But he reached for her forehead and wiped something away. He then turned his hands around and showed them to Liana. It was blood. She was bleeding at her forehead. How bad was it, she had no idea. There was a lot going on around for her to feel anything. But it must have been bad because it was bleeding again after he had wiped it off.

" You need to do something about that, " The malice in that voice was suddenly gone as the creature pointed in her direction. It was still hoarse and heavy but tender. Much more humane as one might say.

Liana looked at him, confused.

Just a few moments ago there was a ferocious beast, threatening her with death. Wild and feral, vicious and raw. A blood crawling image that had made Liana cower in fright. Now suddenly in front of her, was someone rather something, with compassion.

Confused and puzzled, Liana didn't bother to respond to his gesture. Instead she picked Damian up in her arms once more and started running as far away from the creature as she could.

This time around, he didn't seem to move. She wasn't being chased. Liana looked around. He was standing still in the position she had left him with, his sight fixated on her. Liana slowered her pace but she kept running while looking back.

The creature standing before her was gradually morphing. The white hairs became shorter. His eyes that were already changing colors were now a shade of green. His scales and steel had already transformed into skin. But his glare still hovered above her.

Before Liana could marvel or wonder at what she was witnessing her eyes went blank. Everything around her was flooded with a stream of white, rushing from all directions. Within what seemed like a flash of a second, the white turned to black and Liana found herself engulfed in utter darkness, the darkest it could get.