Wet Desires

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Content note: Welcome to steamy short stories that will leave you wanting for some more. "Good. Now stop. Stop touching yourself." She froze. "What?" "Daddy said stop, sweetheart. You're not allowed to come unless Daddy says so." "Daddy! That's the meanest thing ever in the whole wide world!" she protested, on the verge of angry tears. "It is, isn't it? But maybe you'll learn to do as Daddy says. And just so you know, Frankie, my sweet bad girl, if you let yourself come now, or after we're off the phone, there will be additional punishments." "Daddy, nooooooo!" "Daddy, yes," he said, his low tone full of desire and humor. Was he turned on, too? Was this going to be as hard for him as it was for her?

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Story one

It was about 9 pm and Dawn had just got back from the gym. James was waiting for her.

"Hey, honey. Good session?"

"Yeah, not bad."

Not bad! thought Dawn. It was spectacular! She hadn't yet told James about Julie. For now, this was her little secret. Maybe she might introduce the two of them one day, but first, she would have to make contact herself.

Julie (Dawn had learned her name from the receptionist) had been coming to the gym for the past month or so and Dawn had been besotted with her from the beginning. Dawn had never been into women before, but there was something about Julie that turned her on. She had been on the exercise bike when Julie first walked in. She was about 5 foot 8 with long blonde hair, but she had it pinned up, showing off her long, elegant neck. Her body was seriously hot. Dawn knew that she had a good body, but she had always wanted larger boobs and longer legs - well, Julie had it all. She was wearing a leotard that emphasized every curve of her body. As Dawn had peddled, she felt a warm feeling rushing through her body as she thought about what Julie would look like naked. The thoughts she was having, coupled with the movement of her crotch on the bicycle started to excite her pussy and she became aware of a sweet aroma and a definite moistening of her lips.

At the time she felt slightly embarrassed to be having such thoughts. She had never thought about anyone in this way, especially not since she had gotten together with James. She tried to tear her eyes away from the vision that was before her, but the sight of this young fit body stretching and moving herself into a whole host of positions as she warmed up was somehow captivating. As Julie bent to stretch her hamstring, Dawn was treated to the most fabulous view of her tight ass. She thought she could almost make out the shape of her pussy and found herself wondering what it would be like to taste another woman for the first time in her life.

Since that first sighting, Dawn had been visiting the gym more and more frequently and she had become less embarrassed about her fantasies. She was beginning to accept that this was another part of her sexual life and she was determined that she would one day approach Julie, but at the moment she was still too in awe of her to say anything.

That night had been the best sighting yet though. She had been disappointed not to see Julie in the gym and she decided to go for a swim to refresh herself and try to clear her mind. Having submerged herself in the water and completed a couple of lengths she saw her. Julie lowered herself into the water. Her body looked better than ever, squeezed as it was into the tightest of swimming costumes. Her breasts spilled over the top and Dawn could make out her erect nipples. Her own were also pretty erect now and she swam down to the far end of the pool so that she could be nearer to the objects of her desires.

Julie seemed oblivious to the attention being paid her as she glided through the water, every bit as elegant as Dawn had imagined. As Dawn was treading water she felt a sudden jet of water around her pussy. She held onto the side of the pool and realized she was next to one of the outflows. She positioned herself so that the jet of water was playing over her lips, which were now aching to be touched. Under the water and out of sight she dropped one arm down to gently stroke herself all over. The feeling was exquisite.

She had never felt so turned on, yet the relief she was giving herself with the aid of the jet was incredibly subtle, leaving her pleasantly frustrated.

Julie climbed out of the water. Her swimsuit glistened under the lights and Dawn watched individual drops of water gliding down her leg like, like, well, like pussy juice. The tips of the stray strands of hair falling from Julie's bunch were wet now and Dawn began to imagine it was sweat, brought on by a steamy session with herself.

She realized that this was a great opportunity and quickly pulled herself from the water and followed Julie into the changing room. As she entered the room, Julie was nowhere to be seen and Dawn's spirits fell. But then she realized what had happened - Julie had gone into the shower. Her pussy began to throb and she could feel her clit expand. She walked, as calmly as possible, into the shower and saw, for the first time, the vision she had waited her whole life for. Julie was stood, entirely naked.

Julie had her face reached towards the water, so Dawn took the opportunity to drink in her body. She had a lovely tan, in the water it took on a delicious golden hue. Her breasts were pert and well-rounded, with nipples that stood to attention, seemingly calling out for Dawn to wrap her lips around them. As Dawn moved her eyes down this fantastic body she couldn't fail to let out a gasp when she realised Julie was completely smooth. James had tried to convince her once to shave her pussy, but she had refused, thinking it would be itchy and uncomfortable. Catching sight of the pink opening in front of them now though, she was convinced that it was the most beautiful thing she could ever see. She could feel her pussy begin to ache with pleasure and longing.

She had never got naked in the shower before, but now she felt the need to expose her own body to this vision. Maybe Julie would finally notice her, even say something. As she slipped out of her costume, she was shocked by how sensitive her body was. The drops of water teased her nipples, which seemed to be straining to leave her body and go to Julie. They pointed squarely at her now. The water tickled her swollen lips and she could feel trickles of juice mixing with the shower water and falling down her legs. She was aware of the aroma of her pussy in the air and was concerned that Julie might pick up on it and be scared away. But Julie still seemed oblivious to Dawn. Indeed, as Dawn looked again, it certainly seemed that Julie thought she was on her own. She had slipped her finger down to her pussy and was slowly gyrating her hips and emitting slight moans.