2~ Xavier

A heavy metal door opened as its creaking sounds pierced the silence of the poorly illuminated narrow corridor. The sounds of heavy footsteps approaching, echoed on the walls. They were in no hurry and were heavy and deliberate.

Three men that looked to be in their early twenties approached the other end of the corridor. One in the middle and the other two behind.

One of them moved forward and pushed open the heavy metal door clad in big chains effortlessly to reveal yet another corridor.

He had messy black hair and blue eyes. His jawline was shaven and his face narrow. He had a strong build and his muscles pushed tight against the black button up shirt and black pants.

They walked on till they approached another door guarded by two warriors. They immediately opened the door and stood on either side. The man in the middle turned to one of the men that had followed him.

"Call the witch, Zain."

"Yes alpha," Zain replied and turned back. He had messy light brown hair and blue eyes, a strong and shaven jawline. He had a strong build but less than the other men.

When Zain left the two men entered the room. It was brighter than the corridors and had only one wooden chair. The man who had sent Zain out sat down on the chair while the other man stood close behind him, his arms crossed.

He nodded quietly to the man behind who got the message.

"Bring them in," he ordered the two guards beside the door.

"Yes beta Ezekiel."

They bowed and left the room.

While they were gone, Zain came in and said, "I have called her, Alpha Xavier."

Xavier nodded and delved back into his thoughts. At that moment, he looked deadly and scary.

His strong jawline moved as he clenched and unclenched his jaw. He was the biggest of the three as his muscles bulged out of his black shirt. His green eyes stared straight at the door and his frown deepened, followed by the slight scrunching of his nose.

Then the guards returned with a tattered looking man. His hair was scattered and dirty. His hands were bloody and he had various wounds on his body. He was breathing really hard showing that he had put up a fight with the guards against being taken. His golden eyes glared at the undisturbed alpha with so much hatred and less fear.

"Kneel before the alpha," one of the guards bellowed and struck the man, making him kneel. He growled at the guard in retaliation.

Xavier watched the rogue pathetically for a while before asking in a deep and quiet voice, "why did you trespass my territory and attack my pack member?"

"None of it's your territory you bloody bastard...."


Bones cracking were heard as the rogue fell to the floor and spat out blood severally. He groaned painfully and the guard that punched him lifted him up only to punch him severally on the face till it was a bloody mess. He made him kneel again and the alpha repeated, "why did you trespass my territory and attack my pack members?"

This time the rogue glared at him and spat blood on his shoes. Xavier's eyes flashed red before he raised his hand, stopping the guard from beating the rogue to death.

Xavier bent low and took off his shoes and examined them. Then with superhuman speed he slapped the rogue with the shoes.

More bone cracking sounds were heard and the rogue fell to the floor, curling his body in pain. More blood covered his face and it would be extremely difficult to find the cut.

"You are either foolish or brazen to drop your filthy blood on my shoes. Your life isn't worth this pair of shoes, you useless rogue".

With that Xavier crouched down and turned his body up. He watched the rogue's bloody face for some moments, before he dug his claws slowly into the rogues heart.

The rogue screamed in pure pain, his veins bulged out of his neck and his bloody skin turned pale. He thrashed around as the pain became unbearable.

Xavier withdrew his claws slowly, watching the agonizing look that covered the rogue's face.

"It hurts doesn't it? That's how I felt when you messed up my shoes".

Then he slowly dug his claws back into his chest, and the rogue screamed in agony and began to shake violently. He spilled blood everywhere from his mouth and his scream became hoarse.

He took out his claws again and watched the rogue with a blank look. Xavier had blood dripping down his arm. It stained his shirt and pants, but he didn't care.

The rogue began to cry and beg for mercy as he thrashed around in agony.

"Please, please. Don't k...kill me. I...lost my mate a few m...months ago. The pain...too...much," he cried, despair and agony in every word as he fought to stay alive...for her.

Xavier bent low and whispered, "You're weak and pathetic, so there's no use of letting you live. I'll send you back to your beloved...mate."

Then he plunged his claws into his chest and crushed his heart from within, silencing the pleading man.

Xavier stood up, looked at his hands and grimaced in disgust.

"Bring the others," he ordered the guards as he flung the blood away from his hands. "Where is that damn witch?" He asked in annoyance as he took his seat and stared at the door.

Voices demanding for freedom and angry hisses were drifted into the room. There were no windows so the air was replaced by the metallic smell of blood.

The guards pushed four men bound by chains on their hands to the floor before the alpha. They were pale looking but their eyes were red and their fangs bare.

"I don't have time to waste so I will ask you once. What were you doing at my borders?" Xavier asked the first vampire but instead of answering he threw himself at his feet and began to beg for mercy, much to the dismay of his brothers.

"You cowardly man. You beg before this overgrown dog?", The third vampire spat out.


His head flew to the side as it collided with the fist of the guard behind him. He spat out blood and viscously hissed at him.

"Please have mercy alpha, please pity me, please" he continued to beg until Xavier lost his patience.

He nodded to the guard behind the vampire, and on cue, he clawed off his head, and the vampire's limp body fell to the floor. The guard immediately set it on fire and it burned to an unrecognizable black heap.

"What were you doing at my borders?" Xavier addressed the second vampire. The vampire shook and stammered as he spoke, "nothing. We...we were just p...p... passing We didn't a.. anything".

Xavier frowned in displeasure and nodded to the guard.

"No, no please..." But he was cut off as his head rolled off and his body fell with a dull thud. His body was burnt immediately.

Xavier turned to the third vampire that was glaring fiercely at him. He raised an eyebrow and ordered, "kill him".

The vampire's eyes widened in surprise and turned into fear. His head was cut off and burnt immediately.

Xavier looked at the last vampire who was shaking with fear.

"I will not kill you if you tell me what you were doing at my borders," Xavier said quietly.

"Yes, yes, I will speak lord, I will speak" the vampire cried immediately as he felt the guard's clawed hand around his throat.

Leaning back, Xavier raised a brow signaling him to talk.

The vampire was breathing quickly as he helplessly eyed the clawed hand around his neck.

"Our king, lord Antonio, sent us here, to spy on your security measures and the distance of your land."

"Why?" Xavier asked with a blank look.

The vampire swallowed painfully and looked at the claws that were scraping his flesh. "I don't know my lord".

Xavier raised his brows and the guard's claw dug in deeper, drawing black blood. He started wheezing and said desperately, "it is the truth my lord. I don't... know what he is... planning but I do know that we were guaranteed blood to...feed on. I swear my lord, I know nothing more."

Xavier asked, "nothing else to say?"

The vampire nodded painfully as he coughed out blood.

"As you wish" Xavier said and nodded at the guard.

The vampire screamed, "noo. We had a deal.."

But he was killed and burnt. Xavier watched as his body burnt and said "I don't make deals with leeches."

Immediately, the witch appeared with a grand smile. Her presence brought a gentle breeze and the smell of potions. She looked around confusedly at the dim room. Then she looked at the floor and screamed in horror as she jumped away from the bloody mess and burnt bodies.

"What is this?" She screamed again as she raised her long, white dress as if the blood would soak it. Her back length fiery red hair flew up in the air as if it was also avoiding the blood. She was a beauty with her oval face, high cheekbones and small pink lips.

"You're late!" Xavier said sharply.

"I want you to deliver a message to the vampire...leader".

Huffing, the witch Larissa walked towards Xavier with an annoyed look as she carefully avoided blood puddles.

A parchment paper and a feather pen that glowed appeared in the air and floated before the witch.

"To the leech king from the ruthless alpha of the blood moon pack. Keep your filthy blood suckers away from my territory. This is my last warning!"

The pen vanished when Xavier stopped talking and the paper rolled itself and disappeared with a small popping sound.

Larissa looked at the floor and held her stomach tightly. "I think I'm going to fall ill". She disappeared into thin air.

Xavier got up and looked at the floor.

"Clean up this mess."

"Yes alpha," the guards replied.

"Also get me another pair of shoes".

In the vampire kingdom, inside a room decorated in velvety red furniture and white walls, were the vampire king and a few half naked female vampires. They touched the king's chest and whispered things into his ears, as he lay on his king sized bed with a satisfied smile.

A knock came from the door, and a man in tight black clothes and a long black cape walked in. He bowed low before the king, who was playing with his women. The man remained undisturbed at the sight, as it was a common thing in their kingdom.

"Speak Diego," the vampire king spoke. The man bowed low again before saying, "lord Antonio, the spies you sent, have not returned yet. There is no word from any of them, my lord."

"No word..." Antonio said absent mindedly as he held down the vampress that sat on his stomach. She kissed him deeply and he rubbed her back.

On the other side, the man silently rolled his eyes. He frowned in displeasure before saying, "I'll come back later, my lord." Then he left.

Immediately, a letter on fire appeared before Antonio's eyes. The fire was so hot that all the females crawled away and hissed viscously at it. The vampire king had an angry and pained look on his face that was illuminated by the fire.

After a moment, the fire burned down and the paper fell on his hand.

He opened it up and read the words written on it. Then he scrunched it up with a growl and threw it to the other side of the room near the curtains.

"What does it say my lord Antonio?" A vampiress asked, looking at the scrunched up paper with hatred.

He did not answer her but glared at her till she lowered her head.

"Xavier you disgusting mutt. You have crossed the line."

The vampresses started crawling closer to their king. They sought to tame his anger with their bodies.

"Any of you come any closer, I will burn you" he hissed in anger.

Immediately, the ball of paper exploded and the curtains caught on fire. The females immediately fled for their lives while Antonio watched with rage, his expensive curtain burn.

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