Unwanted Son-in-law's Hidden Talents

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Matthias Hull


Three years ago, my master sealed my power and memories and threw me into the Pearson family as a useless son-in-law. For three years, the Pearson family treated me like dirt and never saw me as a human being. After three long years, I was finally kicked out of the Pearson family. However, on the day I left, a beautiful young girl was waiting for me under the camphor tree at the crossroads...

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Chapter 1 The Feeling of Accelerated Heartbeat

It was the height of summer, and the cicadas outside were chirping non-stop. Inside the living room, Jonathan Scott was struggling to mop the floor. Despite having the air conditioning on, he still felt unbearably hot and had to wipe sweat from his forehead every now and then.

Meanwhile, Jessica Pearson sat on the sofa with her legs crossed, eating a popsicle while watching TV. She was Jonathan's sister-in-law - only eighteen years old and a sophomore at Shihdon National University. With her good looks and figure, she was quite popular among male students at school and even received love letters and flowers sent directly to their home. However, Jessica had a rather haughty personality that made her indifferent towards all those suitors.

Today she wore a pair of cool shorts that showed off her long legs as well as a crop top that accentuated her proud figure - enough to make any man's blood boil with desire.

But Jonathan dared not look at Jessica too much, not because Jessica disliked him. On the contrary, he felt that Jessica liked him too much.

During his three years as part of the Pearson family, in the eyes of others, he was just a penniless freeloader, a useless burden. The only person who treated him as a human being was Jessica. Not only did she not despise him, but she was also very close to him. She called him "brother-in-law" affectionately.

However, this overly intimate treatment made him feel very strange.

"Brother-in-law, don't mop! Mom and Dad are out today along with my sister so who are you cleaning up for? Get me another popsicle too please! It's so hot I can't stand it," said Jessica fanning herself vigorously.

Jonathan didn't say anything but put down his mop bucket before getting another popsicle from their fridge then placing it on their coffee table in front of Jessica before resuming his cleaning duties once more.

"Brother-in-law can you stop mopping? You're blocking my view!" complained an impatient-looking Jessica.

"Well if I don't do it now, when they come back later, you'll have to do it yourself," replied Jonathan putting away his mop bucket aside again.

"You don't have to worry about it. It's better to sit here and watch TV with me," Jessica said, not taking her eyes off the screen as she patted the couch next to her.

"I don't want to watch," Jonathan replied coldly.

Hearing Jonathan's strange tone, Jessica turned to him and asked, "Hey brother-in-law, you seem distracted today. Did you hear some bad news?"

"What bad news?" Jonathan asked, taken aback.

"My sister's childhood friend is coming back from abroad soon. Are you afraid my sister will kick you out and run away with another man?" Jessica teased with a mischievous grin.

Jonathan fell silent at her words. Ironically enough, even though he had been married for three years now, his wife had never looked him in the eye or shared a bed with him. He hadn't even touched Isobel Pearson's hand before.

"It doesn't matter," Jessica continued cheerfully. "If she doesn't want you then I'll take you instead. Brother-in-law, I think you're much better than that fake gentleman in a suit."

Jessica giggled and propped up her chin with one hand as she gazed at Jonathan lovingly.

Feeling uncomfortable under her intense gaze once again, Jonathan blushed and quickly retreated into his room while shutting the door behind him. Every time Jessica looked at him like that he felt strange - like his heart was racing faster than usual.

Before his master passed away, he always told him that women were tigers living at the foot of the mountain. This was one of the few things he remembered after his master sealed his power and memories. After calming down a bit, Jonathan went to pay respects to his master's spirit tablet by lighting three incense sticks before bowing three times.

"Master," he said while kneeling on the ground. "You are my only relative in this world. Three years ago you sealed my power and memory so that I could marry into the Pearson family as Isobel's husband but unfortunately we were not meant to be together for life."

"Now that three years have passed and most of my strength has returned, but not many memories have come back with it. I really want to know what kind of person I was before."

"But no matter what happens next," Jonathan continued solemnly while bowing again three times out of respect for his teacher who had nurtured him both physically and mentally.

"I must leave the Pearson family now because I don't know where else to go or what else to do with myself."

Just then Jonathan's old cell phone rang loudly, breaking up his thoughts; it was Isobel calling him from her office.

"Jonathan, come over here right now," she said coldly over the phone line.

"Okay," Jonathan replied, but before he could say anything else, the phone hung up on the other end.

He pocketed his old cell phone and turned to leave.

"Hey, where are you going?" Jessica asked as she saw him rush out of the door.

"I'm going to pick up your sister from work," Jonathan answered.

"Well hurry back because I have to go to school this afternoon and you're driving me there," Jessica instructed him.

"Sure thing," Jonathan said before leaving the house.

"What a fool. My sister will kick him out sooner or later. He's such an adorable idiot," Jessica sighed after Jonathan left, feeling sorry for him.

It was obvious what would happen next - her sister would end up with her childhood friend who had just returned from abroad while poor Jonathan would be kicked out of the Pearson family and left homeless on the streets.

Jonathan drove towards the Pearson Group's office building.

The Pearson's Group was a part of the Pearson family, which was the largest family in Shihdon. Three years ago, it wasn't, but in these past three years, the Pearson family had grown rapidly and become Shihdon's biggest family.

After about half an hour, Jonathan finally arrived near the Pearson's building. He parked his car in a secluded alley and dialed Isobel's phone number.

"Isobel, I'm here at our usual spot," Jonathan said after she picked up.

"I've told you countless times to call me Ms. Pearson instead of just Isobel," came her disgusted voice from the other end of the line.

"Okay then, Ms. Pearson. I'm here waiting for you at our usual spot," Jonathan repeated himself.

Isobel hung up on him without another word. This was nothing new to Jonathan; his supposed wife had never shown any interest in him since they got married three years ago. As for him, he didn't have many feelings towards her either - they were practically strangers living under one roof.

About ten minutes later, a tall and beautiful woman with fair skin opened his car door - it was undoubtedly Isobel.