Under The Moonlight: Alpha's Bride

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Sonii Naaz


I could feel the heat of his body on me because he was so close. When my heart was about to explode, sweat was all over my body and my legs gave out on me.   "I said leave me alone," I yelled through my lungs as I was struggling to breathe. "Sssshhhhh....."  When he leaned closer to my ear, he was serene. "It's fine with me even if you don't love me; I'm not going to ask you to love me; I just want you around me because you're my bride and only I have a right to you," he explained. "So I chose death over being with you." I spat a bitter truth while daring to look him in the eyes, which triggered him even more. "Then die," he said shamelessly. Sansa Elsher's dream wedding was ruined by Alpha Xavier Ronan. To save her lover Logan, she pretended to be Xavier's wife and was forced to accept him as her mate. Things got worse when Sansa's twisted fate brought her true mate right in front of her, whom she can't deny or accept at the same time. "This is not acceptable!! I am Xavier's bride," I said as I took a step away from him. He drew me closer once more. "He is not your true mate, but I am, and you know it." As soon as I met him, I became obsessed with him; his scent became my new obsession; he was so attractive that any girl would die to be with him. Regardless of how much I denied him, I wanted to get him close to me. No matter who I loved or who I would be with, the true mate connection was on another level.


On The Run

Chapter 1

My face was close to the mud, and my fingers were deep in it. When he was dragging me by my leg, his force was stronger than my will to escape. I was hopeless, yet trying my best to resist. I twisted my body with my back on the floor; I threw the mud on his face, and it distracted him.

You have your life on the line; how far do you think you can go?

There was little expectation that I could remain alive. I didn't have a moment to pause and rest; I was running against the time. Forcing my legs to cross the filthy path to locate the most secure location.

Sneaking past the messy water after the downpour, I kicked up and off to run once more, and while my body was in torment, I took cover behind the tremendous tree to catch my breath.


The sound was getting louder and louder. The forest was still and silent, and my deep breathing was making me feel extremely afraid—I was about to die.

"We both know that you don't have any other option; come out when I am asking nicely." His tone mocked me while looking around.

I was catching my breath and watching him from behind a tree. He was only a few feet away, and I was constantly shifting behind other trees as he moved. As the bird shifted into another tree, he turned away from the sound.

"Sansa, don't make me wait." He growled.

Every second he was enjoying my predicament as the hopelessness of my escape increased. Edward Elijah wanted to murder me right before the trial so that the truth could be buried with me.

I never trusted the Oak pack and their rules, which were already a toxic poison on which they relied for thousands of years of loyalty.

They have never accepted me as a member of the Oak pack since Xavier took me in. My nature, decisions, and way of thinking differed from theirs because they had no opinion, they blindly followed the rules, and the Alpha's word was worship for them, whether it was right or wrong.

Edward was dressed warmly enough in a leather black jacket to keep him warm on a cold night, while I was dressed in a blue thin nightgown that was already torn apart everywhere. All the bruises on my body were revealed, and fresh blood drops were falling; that is what he had done to me. When the vast majority of them were still unaware of my escape.

My heart was dashing so quickly when he continued to come toward me; I was moving without a sound behind the tree to stow away and shift my position.

When I stepped into the bush, the crackling sound came out. That was the most costly error I've ever committed. In a flash, he discovered me. I couldn't even beg for my life as he mercilessly grabbed my neck and pulled me into the air.

"Where do you think you are going?" In a rage, he said.

My eyes were turning green, my fang was coming out, and my claws were growing, which was very painful for me. I was half wolf, half human, and I could not completely shift.

"Oh, you little bird, you're not one of us," he teased.

He was enjoying watching me in pain. He was hungry for my blood and my adversary.

"The oak pack won't let the enemy escape; that's the first rule." He stated.

I wanted to scream for help but couldn't because I was being tortured by Edward Elijah, the beta of Oak Pack, which was known for its brutality and mercilessness.

"It's kind of sad that you aren't technically one of us, but we accepted you. What did you do in the end? You betrayed us." With rage, Edward shouted.

I would die in a split second because I was out of breath. Edward was betraying his Alpha Xavier by attempting to assassinate me to exact vengeance on his best friend Levine Rogan, whom he thought I had murdered because he was my true mate.

"The guilty shall not go unpunished," he said as if he were going to eat me alive.

"Enough," Adam said.

Adam Nigel, another beta of the pack, approached us. Edward dropped me. I was coughing and gasping for air.

"What on earth are you doing, Edward?" Adam inquired, perplexed.

"She was fleeing," Edward stated.

"We are not here to kill anyone," Adam teased, knowing Edward's intentions.

As I was still establishing my breathing rhythm, Adam kneeled in front of me and touched my chin to lift my face.

"Look at you." Adam sadly said to me.

He was constantly watching me, looking at all of my bruises and my filthy bare feet. Nothing was hidden from his eyes.

"Why are you torturing yourself? Sansa, why are you fleeing if you are innocent?" Adam asked.

Adam was concerned because he was the only werewolf who had never bullied me and had saved me from Edward Elijah.

"Why did you kill him?" Edward inquired.

"Fu** you, Edward," I said without hesitation.

I was terrified beyond belief, but because I was good at pretending, I acted fearless. After gently removing Adam's hand from my chin, I stood up with the help of the tree.

"Why did you do that?" Edward asked once more, out of rage while obstructing my path.

I withdrew repeatedly, ignoring his curiosity. Edward stopped me by holding my hand. In a rage, I pushed his hand away. I saw his teeth emerge. Adam intervened to prevent Edward from causing harm to me.

"Stop it," Adam told Edward.

"Do you believe Xavier would execute her for her crime? Adam, we ought to finish this right now," Edward was attempting to persuade.

"What are you implying?" Adam asked Edward

"I don't trust Xavier in this," Edward stated.

"He is an alpha," Adam stood up to him.

"He is also the husband of this criminal," Edward said with rage,

"He is an oak before that," Adam stated the fact.

Angry, Edward growled, impatiently waiting for the opportunity to kill me, but Adam was the barrier he couldn't cross at the moment.

Adam was trying to persuade me to return by saying, "Sansa, trust me, the Oak wouldn't sacrifice an innocent."

There was no turning back for me; even if I went back there, I wouldn't be saved. I ran away after burning all the bridges.

"Isn't it fascinating? Xavier would be the judge in your trial. I wonder what punishment he would inflict on you; would he cut your hands? Or imprison you in the dungeon indefinitely, or make you a pack slave so that everyone can have you for pleasure." Edward said while laughing and daydreaming, just as he had always desired.

"You don't know how dangerous it is to be out here alone," Adam told me.

I wondered what lay beyond the fence, which was only a few feet away. Adam had been looking over it since he arrived. Only in the dark could I see.

"I won't go back," I informed Adam.

"You must, or you will die here," Edward kept threatening me.

When I was only observing Adam, Edward was attempting to occupy my attention.

"My response would still be the same." I looked Adam straight in the eye and said,

"Try to understand, if you leave like this, they will hunt you down and kill you mercilessly; a trial is the best option to prove your innocence," Adam tried to persuade me.

"I don't trust anyone," I said with a broken heart.

"Trust no one but yourself; if you did not murder Levine, prove it; come with me; by fleeing, you are proving yourself guilty even before the trial," Adam stated calmly.

Adam was correct; I panicked, and running away from there was a mistake, giving Edward the opportunity to injure me in that manner. I was fleeing to save myself, not realizing that I should have stayed to punish those who were bullying me, Edward, and his close friends.

"Rest assured, you will receive justice," Adam said.

Adam persuaded me to return, and I began to walk with them.