The newly turned wolf

Chapter 1 The newly turned wolf


Sometimes Logan Odell did hate his job, but can't change anything or complain about it because he had worked so hard to get to this point. His butts burnt half way in a bid to prove himself that he is worthy to rule Mystic Shadows Fortress.

Staring down at the stack of files that laid in front of him, Logan growled inwardly at the realization that some of the other lesser packs weren't paying their dues right. He snorted, thinking of how much they are all playing with fire and he wouldn't hesitate to burn them.

Closing the files, Logan stood up to grab drink from the fridge he had purposely installed there for situations like this in his office. He felt exhausted by the work his Beta had compiled for him for the week. Removing the cap of the beer, he gulped the content with his hands in his pants pocket while watching the whole city as it bustled with activities. To deviate his attention whenever the work starts to get to him, all he does is that he stares out the thoughts taunting him.

Questions of if he was doing enough nagged at the back of his mind. His thoughts revolved around too much darkness and they had began to consume the totality of him.

Logan Odell had grown up knowing what if feels like to be neglected and treated like a nobody. His mother was an Omega wolf, discarded by her pack and later enslaved by the Alpha of the Mystic Shadows Fortress where she had him. Logan was born into a life of torture and slavery and being spat on by everyone despite his royal identity. The same man his mother loved dearly, he watched him put a silver blade through her heart and laughed deviously as she died. He hated his father with every fiber inside of him. However, he knew he had to stick to him just to gain the possession of being a prince—The Alpha Title.

Logan was doing great as an Alpha and he wished his mother was alive to see how far he had come and how much he had achieved in his life.

Logan Odell hated the idea of love. The struggle his mother had gone through made him believe loving someone was a weakness. No one ever respected the fact that he was a prince when he was little. But everything changed the moment he became the Alpha of Mystic Shadows. His late father being the descendant of a long lineage of first Lycans to ever walked the face of the earth had no other heir to take his place aside Logan.

So to keep people from running their mouths which ever way they like, Logan had braced up and made himself unaccessible, strict and tough skinned. He is less concerned with whatever it was anyone said and he ruled the pack with an authoritative type of rule. He got the derogatory label; The Ruthless Alpha. Logan is merciless, fierce and could kill anyone who gets in his way. He doesn’t care about other people’s emotions. Nothing freaked Logan and since he became the Alpha, he made sure the members of Mystic Shadows paid deeply for the humiliation they made he and his mother go through before her death.

Only one person can make Logan a bit considerate towards him and that’s his childhood friend whom is the Beta of Mystic Shadows Pack. Kyrian Smith and his parents had made Logan’s life easier. They acted lovingly towards him and his mother. During his father’s reign, Kyrian’s father was the Beta. Whenever Logan wanted to see his father’s face, he would tag along with Kyrian and watch as they step out of the court. Logan and Kyrian became extremely close and since they have been inseparable.

A light knock came on the door but Logan didn’t reply knowing who was possibly at the door. After some seconds passed by in silence, Kyrian strolled in with a grim look on his face.

"Spare your mind for the devil and he appears before you." Logan turned to face his Beta.

Kyrian waved him off as he occupied the seat facing Logan’s chair directly. Taking his hands out from his pocket, Logan sat down when he noticed his friend’s countenance.

"What the hell has gotten you so worked up?" Logan asked as he observed his Beta’s countenance.

"I tell you man, Arlo would be the death of me. That boy knows not when to sit still and he keeps acting irresponsible." Kyrian complained.

Logan chuckled lightly at the mention of Kyrian’s nephew named Arlo. Kyrian’s sister had birthed Arlo but she was dead now and Kyrian had made it a priority to look after him. Logan and Kyrian were both his guardians and they were extra protective of him. However, Arlo doesn’t make their work any easy as he is extremely rebellious and reckless.

"What did he do this time?" Logan asked.

"Oh come on, don’t you remember he just shifted! So rather than try to stay put and observe his body for days, he is insisting on going out to this frat party organized by his college friends."

"It is just a party so what are you worried about? Arlo is a big guy and he can take care of himself. Or do you want to babysit him at a party?”

Kyrian rubbed at his forehead. “Arlo can run wild if he gets triggered! And the party he intends to attend is thrown by a human which implies that most of the attendants are humans and might go berserk if he looks any odd." He explained.

"You are right. He needs someone close. Do you need to watch him? I could excuse you from your duties." Logan offered.

"No, I have been watching him for days and most of my works are pending. I need to get to the new territory we accessed for proper documentation and that would take me a whole day before I get back." Arlo tapped his fingers on the table. “If only that boy would listen to me and stop acting so crazy." He added while tightening his right fist.

Logan watched as his friend turned brother eyebrows creased in worry. He had never seen Kyrian so tensed but he can’t help it on Arlo’s case and he also loves the boy like he was his own son. Sometimes Logan feels Kyrian acts over protective on matters that concerns Arlo. When Arlo had taken a while to gain his wolf form when he was of age, Kyrian practically had series of sleepless nights worried about what would become of his beloved nephew if he ends up not having a wolf. It was a rare transition but it wasn't unheard of.

Arlo had taken his time for nineteen years before shifting into his wolf form and he naturally did his own things at his own pace. Now that Arlo has finally shifted, he was acting reckless as usual and if only he knew what he was doing to his uncle.

"Don't worry too much about it. I know you are torn between handling your personal life and pack affairs. I would gladly watch him for you, moreover it is my duty to ensure none of my pack members humiliates not just himself but the rest of the pack."

Kyrian looked like he would cry if nothing was done about Arlo’s case. "If you weren't so stone hearted I would have melted into your arms for a hug. Thank you so much my Alpha."

A small smile played on Logan’s lips which was rare but it was only Kyrian that could make him give off any sort of emotion. "I will pretend I didn't hear that but would take your gratitude."

Kyrian relaxed into the chair as he heaved a sigh of relief. "Now, I would like to get fucked into oblivion."

"You really lack manners for a Beta."

"Oh really?" Kyrian teased with a raised brow. “Like you have any manners too. I noticed the ladies run away from you. What the hell do you do to them, Alpha Logan?”

Logan shrugged. "I fuck them."

"And..." The Beta pressed on.

"I fuck them or what else do you think I do?"

"Probably go all fifty shades of grey on them because I know you lack the basic emotional necessities to living." Kyrian replied.

"I should send you flying out of this office for your lack of courtesy." Logan threatened with amusement in his eyes.

Despite Logan’s ruthless way of making the ladies orgasm, most of the women still wanted to fuck him. He felt generous enough letting any of them have a taste of him. He didn't care about their emotions but what mattered was him getting a release then paying them off. Logan lack any form of emotion to attach with anybody most especially the female counterpart. He believed having emotions would only make him weak and start showing signs of being nice.

Kyrian mouthed a laugh. "I won't be surprised if you actually do so. Anyways, thanks my Alpha for coming to my rescue. I would send you the address to the place.” He stood up and stretched himself lazily. “I would get back to work now." He said before letting himself out of the office.

Logan shut his eyes closed and he threw his head back. He tried to refuse the reaction of his dick at the mention and thought of getting fucked.

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