The orphan who became the billionaires boss

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How would you feel when you find out that the company you couldn't even dreamt of getting employed as a cleaner, is actually yours? Bryan had thought his only girlfriend would be his wife but as fate may have it, she got married to his rich brother because of the multi-billion company he partners with, but she got clouded in shock and shame when she discovered Bryan was actually the boss. Bryan also sworn to make those who humiliated him beg at his feet.



His eyes opened to the painful Slap he felt on his cheek so early. " what is it again ?" he grumbles out of the bed— holding his cheek.

" What are you still doing on bed you lazy thing ? Tomorrow is your master's birthday, so you better hurry up you clown," Mrs pheona said and walked out of the room, shaking her seductive curve. She was in her early 50s but still beautiful. Bryan followed immediately to avoid further troubles. He wasn't ready for any.

Despite the ill treatment he receives from the people he called family, he still got something that brightens his mood and makes his days count.— Sasha. She is the only reason he found life a bit meaningful. He has got a ring earlier and planned on proposing to her on his brother's birthday but he kept this as a secret. He wanted to surprise her in front of everyone and made her know how he really loves her.

Bryan hurried out to the garden and quickly took the scissors to began trimming the flowers, without even bothering for breakfast. The town knows him as part of the great Jing family, but still worked like a slave in the house. Imagine an adopted child to a rich family doing the Gardener's work.

He rushed the flower cutting and quickly picked up a bucket so he could go scrub up the car for the day when his leg met with an obstacle and stumbled to the ground.

" Oops, sorry. Hahaha," he turns to see his sister—Ava, with two other beautiful ladies laughing at him

" What the hell was that all about ? " He stood up angrily, and glared at them when he discovered the obstacle was his sister's leg. She intentionally did it so he would be laughed at

" Hello loser, just wanted to say hi," she smiled devilishly and they laughed out loud.

" Ava, was this the brother you were talking to me about ? " Just as he was about to say another word—Susu who was Ava's new friend, asked and Ava replied

" Yes he is " she gave a Swift response

" Awwwwnnn, he's so handsome." She walks closer, and Bryan could feel her breath on his face as she gaze into his eyes. He could tell that her compliment wasn't of good but just to ridicule him as his sister's friends always do

" You are really handsome but a loser. I don't know why Mr Jing picked you up from the orphanage and let you into his home. It is so bad to let just anyone into a royal blood. Just look at the way you are dressed," Susu said in disgust and they all laughed.

Bryan ignored, picked up his bucket, and left immediately. It wasn't the first time he was being bullied by his siblings and their friends so he couldn't stress himself on these ladies when he got someone special to see. besides, they were all rich and highly connected, retaliating might be really disastrous to him.

He scrubbed the car in a giffy, took a shower and got on his small scooter bike which he rode down to go see sasha— his girl.


He arrived and excitedly pushed the door open but his excitement dropped to a zero level—allowing surprise to take over.

" Sasha...." he said when he saw her with two friends, smoking and dancing to the sound of loud music. the room whole room was partially covered in cigratee smokes.

" OMG Bryan," she responded in surprise when she saw him and quickly turned off the music. " why didn't you knock before you came in ?" she asked him angrily while he stared at her in surprise. He has never seen her smoking and looking so irresponsible before, neither had she replied him in such a way that made him felt unwelcomed.

"Who is he ?" Maya— Sasha's friend asked, wearing a confused face and bryan answered her swiftly..

" I'm her boyfriend. You have a problem with that ? " He glared at the indecent girl who he thought might have been the one influencing his girl

" Seriously..... Hell NO! We never expected a girl like Sasha to be with someone as tattered as you are," Maya replied and the other girl laughed

" What's wrong with my dressing ?" He asked and looked at himself while Sasha sighs in disgust. He was really old fashioned though, but he doesn't feel it's a bad thing

" You can't take care of her man...... besides, there is this rich guy that is after her so I still don't know who you are," Cindy said and puffed out the smoke— leaving him in alter confusion

" A rich guy ? what are you talking about ? " He was about to confirm what she said when Sasha quickly grabbed his hand and took him outside....


" What is the problem, why are you here ? " She asked him in a low tone like he had just embarrassed her

" I came to see you, or is there a problem in that ? Besides, What were they talking about anyway, you have a rich guy who comes to see you ? and why smoking with those girls ? Remember the family I came from. We are respectful people and I wouldn't want you going out of line if you wanna be with me,"

" Don't bother about that, they are just being naughty, It's one of those things. So, have you got what you promised ? " She asked him with a frown and her face brightened up when he handed her the fancy bag in which he brought along with him

" Here's it " he sighs * as she opened the bag and brought out a really beautiful red dress

" OMG, atlas ! " She squealed in excitement. " I love it so much,"

of course she likes it. He had been saving for months from the little change the family gave to him for upkeep and also doing some menial jobs just so he could get the special gown she had always wished for. His brothers birthday party is the next day and he needed his girl around. He already planned a secret proposal to the girl of his dream

" So would you be coming for my brother's birthday party tomorrow " Bryan asked with an accomplished smile on his face, but then, Sasha's mood changed again.

" Ermmmm, baby wait. What about the necklace I asked you to get me ? I haven't seen it yet," she waives his first question as she packages the dress back into the fancy bag.

" Oh that ? I'm sorry but I was not able to save enough for it. Things were too much for me," Sasha's reaction threw him off balance immediately he said this

" What ? Why can't you get me just a little diamond necklace that cost just a $1000? Are you that broke ? How do you want me to appear there when I got friends who's looking so expensive just because of their boyfriends. Do you want me to feel Intimidated ? " She asked and short tempered Bryan couldn't take it anymore.

" What the hell is wrong with you, sasha ? can't you see am trying to my best to satisfy you ? I had to save enough and starve myself in that house; because not always they feed me, especially when they wanna punish me, which has become a norm. please stop nagging— and because you don't have the necklace doesn't mean you can't come okay.... "

" Oh so now am nagging, right ?" She looked him in the eyes while he tried to calm himself down. She really don't know the struggles he went through just to get her the gown and doesn't even care. All she wanted was her request. Bryan who's going through alot couldn't argue with her anymore and decided to end the conversation before things might get out of hand

" It's okay dear, just be present for the party tomorrow. I have got something really special for you, even more than the necklace. " he said and walked out of her angrily while she held the bag still staring at him as he got on his old scooter bike...

" What is happening Sasha ? we can hear your voices from inside," her friends came out of the room as Bryan started his bike

" He couldn't get me a necklace we saw last week and he still got the guts to shout at me, claiming he has got something really special for me at the party tomorrow. " she said angrily and glared as Bryan rode his old bike away from her vicinity and the girls loled

" Of course that was just an excuse. What did you expect him to say, can't you see how broke and dirty he looks ? He couldn't even afford a thousand dollar necklace," Maya said

" By the way, what special thing does he has for you tomorrow ? " Cindy asked

" Something stupid. He wants to propose to me. That's what he has been keeping as a secret and didn't want me to know, but I already got to know about it from someone

" What ? Propose ? Are you for real ? What are you gonna do now, you definitely can't marry a guy as him with that rich guy you hang around with, right ? " Cindy asked

" Nope, I won't. And that's why this is the opportunity I have to teach him a lesson "

" Woah, that's my girl...." Maya and Cindy squealed and jumped up in excitement.

" I guess you wouldn't just show up, it's gonna hurt him since he has high expectations of surprising you" Cindy blurted and Sasha shook her head negatively with a smirk on her face

" I'm not gonna do that. Am gonna show up at the party "

" What ? then you are gonna be present for the proposal ?How would you pay him back then ?"

" I will be present of course but what would hit him would be more disastrous than me staying at home. He would be so heartbroken without me saying anything to him....." Sasha gave a menacing smile and walked in. Her friends, knowing how revengeful she could be, anticipated for the news which would definitely be shocking as she described it.