The goddess' top bodyguard

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Giuliano Farina


Leonardo withdrew from the army and returned to the city. He wanted to live a normal life, but he had no choice to deal with killers from all walks of life,for his relatives, for his lover, for his brothers, fighting the wild world, without fear! Let's see how a generation of killer gods cross the city, gather girls, destroy conspiracies, reach supreme prestige, collect all the beauties and embark on the pinnacle of life!


Chapter 1 The Iceberg president fiancee

Early in the morning, the soft sunlight shone on Leonardo's room through the window sill, he slowly put on his clothes and pants, stretched a little and said, "It's true, Mom, I don't know where a fiancée who had fixed a marriage with me since we were children suddenly popped up!"

"First go to the bank and get some money, see this girlfriend you can't be too sloppy!" Humming the army song as he was about to leave, Leonardo slowly walked toward the bank next to him.

There were not many people there early in the morning. Leonardo had gone straight to the counter to take care of business. As soon as he sat down, Leonardo felt the danger appear.

"Don't move, this is a robbery." Four guys with black hoods on their heads stood at the entrance of the bank, holding imitation guns from underground factories, shouted arrogantly.

"Huh?" Everyone was surprised when they saw this scene: they had run into a robber that morning, and two ladies screamed in fear.

"Boom!" There was a gunshot and the person who shouted just before said, "I will kill whoever calls, this is a robbery, take out all the money, don't think about reporting the robbery, if I come here I won't be afraid that you will report me, you won't give in able to recover after what I will do to you."

In a professional, purposeful and sloppy manner, two of them took out two bags and threw them inside the cash register, "Put all the money in now, otherwise I will shoot and kill you."

The other person was holding a sack and asked the people outside to bring out all valuables before him, and soon approaching Leonardo, he said lightly, "I have nothing valuable here with me."

"Stop pretending, do you think I can kill you? Robbing a bank is still a crime, and killing one person is not that much more serious." As soon as the man spoke, the butt of the gun crashed with the man's head.

Leonardo raised his eyebrows slightly and turned his head slightly to say, "I said there is nothing valuable."

"Baboro, what are you talking about? Just kill it. Are you still afraid to see blood in our business? " said the man in the head in a cold voice, it was obvious that he was a cold-blooded thief.

"Yes, boss." A bloodthirsty scarlet red light flashed in Baboro's eyes, his face had turned to Leonardo and he pulled the trigger without hesitation.

There was a loud shot and everyone was shocked. They thought they saw Leonardo's body bleeding all over, but when they looked more carefully, they were all surprised. The man who had called Baboro back was lying on the ground in a pool of blood and gritting his teeth to keep from screaming.

What? How had this happened? What exactly had happened? They were all surprised to see this scene and could not really understand what was going on!

It turned out that Leonardo had grabbed the gun in Baboro's hands the moment he pulled the trigger, shooting him as a result.

"What I hate most are people like you who don't know how to advance or retreat." Leonardo held a gun in his hand that he held very still, but if you looked closely you could see that his hand was shaking slightly. The incident three months earlier had had a great impact on him.

"Baboro!" The other three immediately turned their guns, "Go to hell."

After three consecutive shots followed by three screams, immediately Leonardo threw away the gun in his hand and turned to the cashier inside, "I'll take the two thousand euros, I have important things to do." As the cashier handed him the two thousand euros, he thought that if Leonardo had been a robber, no police would have been able to catch him.

Looking at the three people again, the bones in their hands were all broken, and the guns they were holding had fallen to the ground. The two security guards had already picked up the guns on the ground and pointed them at the three of them. The situation had turned around so quickly, Leonardo's marksmanship was unbelievable, it was simply beyond what anyone imagined, they seemed to be watching a Hollywood blockbuster movie.

After all, who was Leonardo?

Leonardo took the money and walked out of the bank. He was in a hurry to meet his girlfriend, his mother had repeatedly told him not to be late, but he was late.

"What is your name?" A security guard boldly asked.

"Please call me a person eager to help others!" Leonardo left without looking back.

Despite the shock of the people in the bank, Leonardo stopped a cab when he left the bank and rushed to the agreed place: if he was late, his mother would kill him.

At that moment, two cars stopped in front of the Nanmen Coffee House, a bright red Ferrari and a Mercedes-Benz S600. It was very rare for two luxury cars to stop in front of that place.

The door on the driver's side of the fire-red Ferrari opened and a slender thigh as white as snow appeared in everyone's eyes.

Then the other leg appeared as well, the people around couldn't wait to see what the owner with such long, perfect legs looked like. When they saw that it was a girl, many people felt that their breathing had stopped. She was breathtaking; she was like an angel descended to earth.

Although there was no expression on Adele's face, everyone could feel the chill from miles away.

People who knew her would not be surprised. Because she had been called by President Iceberg for all the employees of the company, she had been serious and cold, and no one saw her smile.

Behind her came down a man about fifty years old who was from Mercedes-Benz. He was in a good mood and his look was neither angry nor arrogant. He approached Adele and said, "Adele, remember your promise, don't be impatient."

"Dad, I know." Adele really could not understand, was it necessary to take so seriously an agreement made twenty years earlier? If the other guy had been just some guy, would she still have married him? She was always thinking about it, but she had already thought of a countermeasure.