The Secret of the Fœtal Mafia

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« You’ve been avoiding me. » I whispered, softly. « Why ? » His stare was fixated on me, he was focusing on my chest heaving up and down. His fingers dug even deeper against my hips, he was fighting every instinct in his body. « I’m afraid I might ruin your innocence. » He replies very bluntly. « The last thing I want to do is scare you. » « Scare me ? » « The things I want to do to you, to your body, it might be too much for you. » My eyes flickered with innocence, my lips slightly pucker with curiosity, it was confusing deciding between my innocence and desires. « Show me. » I said. His eyes practically had flames inside of them, his breathing was now as deep as mine as he focused on my plumped lips. His huge tatted hand left my hips and softly crawled up where his fingers tightened around my neck, my lips parted when he dragged me closer to his mouth. « Open your legs, angel. » He said, very roughly. - Elara crashed her car right into the bogeyman’s hand, she has no idea how it happened because her memory was completely gone the next day. She woke up in a house she’s never been in before and in a room, she’s never slept in. Alistair comes from a long line of mafia-strong, fetal men that have made deals with death. Haunted by his last name he keeps his true identity a secret, everyone knows him as the bogeyman who lingers in the shadows preying on the innocent. He needs someone to save his humanity and she needs someone to corrupt her body. Is it more than just desire ? Or maybe she’s just another victim in his little game, the missing puzzle.

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Sometimes I feel like I’m floating outside my body, looking down at myself in desperation and anger. The drugs probably don’t help, but I’m addicted to them and it’s non-negotiable. It consumes me almost every morning and every night, it moves my body and programs my brain.

At first, it was a taste just a simple amount of powder along my gums but then it turned into a line, and sniffing it up my nose. My parent’s love story has always haunted me, drugs are a good way to forget it all but to remember my legacy. The day I left home was the day drugs took over, it was the day I lost control over everything.

I sat at my desk beside my window wall revealing every inch of my land, it’s hard staying on top of the drug chain, especially with enemies everywhere. The darkness of my room and the night sky made my eyes finally relax.

There was a knock at my door and I’m guessing Knox walked in, I didn’t bother to look and check.

« Alistair, you haven’t slept in three weeks. » Knox said, you could hear his injured throat. It was a lesson he needed to learn for disobeying, swallowing hot coals worked.

« My memory is intact. » I said, my eyes continuing to look out the window.

The stars were bright tonight, almost blinding.

« You’re having a bad high again. » He said.

My head turned at the sound of his confidence, my fingers left my chin and lay across the top of my armrest. « You dare to tell me what I’m experiencing ? »

His glare immediately fell to the floor, his shoulders shrieked and his chest no longer stood out. It’s a reaction I always get, once my eyes fall on you and you don’t look away there are always consequences.

« I’m your lieutenant. » He said, very quietly.

I laughed at his stupid comment, he has no power over me or my actions. « You are nothing, I built you and gave you the very clothes on your back. » I said, angrily.

« Alistair, I am just worried. »

I stood up, my chair fell back with a loud thump. My hand pushed aside my suit before shoving them inside my front pocket, my feet carried me over to my cart. I grabbed a glass cup before filling it with scotch, I plopped a ball of ice inside before swirling the liquid around. I walked back around to my glass window, Knox was watching me with confusion.

« Worried ? That’s hilarious. » I chuckled while shaking my head, my hand brought the glass to my lips.

My throat burned as the liquid filled my mouth, I chugged it till I could see the outside reflection from the bottom of the glass. I spotted a weird form that looked a lot like a car on the main road, my hand lowered the glass. A car was driving full speed down the road, swerving off and on the road with a huge trunk heading in its direction before crashing straight into it.

The car flipped over and over again before crashing down the small hill in front of my gate, Knox was now standing next to me staring outside.

« It could be a stunt from another drug cartel. » He mumbled, I could tell his eyes were exterminating over every shred of glass he saw.

I dropped the glass on my desk, my hand grabbed ahold of my gun buried under my papers. « Shall we go check then ? » I said while shoving my gun behind my pants against my back.

Knox didn’t reply but instead remained quiet and followed behind me, everyone else in the house was sleeping and unaware of everything that just happened. It was cold out tonight, and there were some flakes of snow falling from the sky. The car was smoking with no sight of foul play, I bent down beside it trying to spot any survivors to my surprise it was empty except for the body sitting in the driver’s seat.

I was going to leave the person behind until I saw their blonde long hair, a white headband was sitting on top of their head and that’s when I realized the white puffy dress. I pulled open the door, it was a woman by the look of their body.

« Let’s just leave her, she’s no one important. » Knox kicked a piece of metal that had fallen off the car.

I didn’t pay any attention to him, my eyes were too focused on the woman in front of me. My hand gently touched her chin and tilted her face, her head fell to my side revealing her beauty. My breathing deepened by just looking at her, my drugged-out brain was able to focus on her.

Her light, innocent features were stunning. There was dried mascara down both her cheeks, her light pink lips had a cut right above them, and the corner of her forehead was bloody. I was almost scared to touch her because my touch has always poisoned people in the past, my arms carefully wrapped around her and lifted her flimsy body out of the smoking vehicle.

I’m guessing she had every feature an angel would have, that’s how beautiful she is. Her body pressed against mine perfectly, too perfect.

« She’s gorgeous I’ll give her that but you could get good pussy anywhere. » Knox said while lighting a cigarette, his eyes were bored looking at her.

He’s right, she’s gorgeous but I could find another gorgeous girl who’ll come with fewer problems than a concussion but my arms were unable to put her down. It was strange, my body didn’t want to leave her behind.

« We’ll get her medical help and once she starts feeling better she’ll leave. » I mumbled under my breath, my hand cautiously touching her angelic face.

« We don’t even know who she is, what if she’s a cop or even worse, a spy for another cartel. » He responded while exhaling a bunch of smoke.

« Then I’ll kill her myself. »

Her blood was starting to trail back into her blonde hair coating it red, her unconscious state is making me wary for some reason. My eyes fell on the necklace wrapped around her neck, it was a locket in a shape of a heart. It was real gold, my hand grabbed ahold of it before yanking it off.

There was a word written on it, ‘Elara’ was engraved in gold.

« I think we should leave her, I have a bad feeling about this. » He said.

« We’re not leaving her, end of story. » I snapped, angrily.

I wasn’t asking for his opinion by any means, I found her and I get to keep her. Not him, not anyone will ever tell me what I can and can’t do. I’m a Salazar, we don’t take orders from anyone and we don’t care about others’ opinions.

I could feel her starting to move around, she grunted softly when she tried lifting her head. I tossed the necklace to Knox who surprisingly caught it in the palm of his hand, my attention went back to the girl in my arms. Her eyes fluttered open, my body froze completely when her icy blue eyes locked on my green ones.

Looking down at her was mesmerizing, confusion scrunched in my brows. My thumb stopped moving along her cheek, she was staring at me as if I’d just kidnapped her with nothing but pure fear in her eyes. She slowly started mumbling nonsense under her breath, she was distressed and confused about simple things like words. I couldn’t do anything but stare at her beauty and try my best to make out what she was saying.