The Omega Mate He Despised

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"Tell me, how much do you want me?" "I... I don't know, Prince Gradel." I couldn't think straight, my body ached and my soul sang with an overwhelming need for one thing. His touch. ***** Iris Damine had the whole universe conspiring against her. From being a wolfless omega, to being framed for theft and eventually being sentenced for taking the Prince's heirloom, she had sins stacked against her like a pack of cards. Gradel, prodigal prince of Grey Rock pack and son of Alpha Cronus, has zero interests in anything that concerns the pack. But with his father's health declining and the pack on the verge of collapse, he's charged with new responsibilities. And only the wolfless omega he despises can help him. What happens when their forced union threatens to unravel the other feelings they struggle to hide? Would the moon goddess step in and save them from themselves or would the end of this forbidden romance be filled with heartache and sadness?

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Chapter 1


"I swear I didn't take the money," I argued tiredly as the crowd thickened with each passing second. "I'm sure if you search properly you'll find it. Or maybe someone else took it," I added in my defense.

If I'd known that today would turn out this way, with me being accused of being a thief, I would have listened to my instincts and stayed back at home. But then there was no food in the house, no money, and my lazy sister wasn't keen on doing anything to provide food or other supplies that we had run out of.

"That's a lie, you wretched hag!" Giga, my boss, snapped. "You took the money. I intentionally left it there to test you and you just showed me that you can't be trusted!" He accused me vehemently.

My name is Iris, but no one remembers that because I'm an omega without a wolf, and very unattractive as well.

Maybe if I'd obliged my boss and had a good night with him as he had demanded, I wouldn't be in the middle of the market surrounded by little children and other jobless omegas like me who turned me into a dumpsite of rotten eggs, tomatoes and every perishable item they could lay their filthy hands on.

“Stupid people!" I cursed under my breath.

They couldn't even afford good food, yet they were wasting the ones they could find on me.

Knowing that arguing my case wouldn't get me out of this, I proceeded to plead with him. I rarely showed my vulnerability, but I had to leave this place before the pack's police came for an investigation.

They already hated me, so they wouldn't even spare a minute when it comes to arresting me.

"Please, Giga, you know I didn't do it..." My voice trailed off while tears slowly gathered in my eyes with the memories of my past rushing into my mind. "I'll find a way to refund the money. Just tell these people to stop doing this to me." I pleaded, my voice shaky even though I tried to sound firm.

Giga snickered and crouched on the ground, and immediately they stopped throwing things at me.

His eyes roved over my body condescendingly, his nostrils flared, but he palmed them because of the stench oozing from my body.

"You could have avoided this, you know." He lowered his voice.

Anger worked its way through me as I tried to hold back my glare. "How?" I bellowed.

"You're not even beautiful and I would have given you everything. A better position in my store, and I'd have sorted out your bills; you wouldn't have to live in that hell hole you call a house. But your obstinance overshadowed your sense of judgment and once again, you're being made the laughing stock of the pack." He taunted me, his tone low and degrading. "And the best part of it all is that you can't run away because you are both weak and sluggish." He chuckled.

I shook my head and crawled backward. "So you set me up?" My angry tone was accompanied by disgust.

“You figured that out fast." He spared a glance at his wristwatch and his evil smirk widened. "The pack's police should be here anytime from..."

He didn't need to complete his statement as heavy footsteps approached us, and a glance at their mean faces told me that there would be no room for mercy.

I'd fallen deeply into his trap and no one could save me. Not even May, my sister, who was the most nonchalant person I'd ever known. Calling her for help would be a waste of time.

“Is she the culprit?" One of them, whom I presumed to be their leader asked.

Giga quickly nodded. "She stole half of my earnings from today's sales after trying to seduce me. She's not just wretched, she's got no morals at all." He scoffed while I gulped, trying to rise to my feet.

At least they had stopped throwing the rotten items at me, but the stench still irked me. Bile rose in my throat and I was seconds away from throwing up.

"That's how they all behave." Their leader gave me a once-over. "Don't worry, we'll deal with her appropriately." He assured Giga.

He didn't need to say more. They swung into action, grabbing my wrists roughly, and their tight grips caused a stab of pain in my hands.

Even though I was weak, I wouldn't let them drag me out like a common criminal. At least not without a scuffle. "I'd rather die than have you treat me this way," I yelled at the top of my voice, kicking into the air as they pulled me forward with barely any hassle. My weight could be likened to that of an ordinary paper so it wasn't a surprise.

Seeing that my efforts had no effect, I did the only thing that came to my mind and bit down on the arm of one of them, yanking off his flesh forcefully as I retracted my teeth.

His grip on my arm loosened and his face turned red. As a trained guard, he couldn't show pain and the look on his face made me realize that I'd just made the wrong decision.

My eyes saw several stars when his palm connected with my cheek, and I staggered backward. A heavy kick followed, landing on my back and I slumped to the ground, shielding my face with my hands.

My body ached, and my eyes hurt. I writhed on the stony ground while expecting more punches, but they didn't come, instead, the street became quiet and a woody scent, powerful and mesmerizing, wafted into my nose and faintly neutralized the stench that saturated the atmosphere.

My curiosity was piqued, and even though my heart was pounding hard against my chest I still managed to sneak a peek at the cause of the silence.

My body shivered and I nearly scrambled away as I met with the coldest pair of glassy blue eyes. His expression was stoic, his jaws clenched as he gave me a thorough scrutiny.

Our eyes were locked, and suddenly the world stopped moving around us. Glassy blue eyes met my dull brown, and I was lost already.

His bored tone jerked me from my reverie, reminding me that I was still very close to being punished for a crime I didn't commit. But I realized something that made my heart skip a bit.

Wasn't he the Alpha prince? The one I saw in my dreams and hoped would be my mate? I'd only seen him once, but the image of his gorgeous face remained imprinted in my heart. And I kept wishing that one day I'd have the opportunity to meet with him.

Had the moon goddess harkened to my wish? Was he the one?

Excitement bursted through me and my lips widened. "Prince Devin—"

He peered at me with an uninterested expression. "What. Did. You. Do?" He rumbled.

The timbre of his voice aroused strange feelings within me. I didn't even know that I was capable of feeling that way.

Overwhelmed by the strange sparks that erupted inside of me, and the most captivating set of blue orbs that peered down at me, I whispered almost drowsily. "Nothing." I inclined my head, my shoulders sagging with resignation as I realized that he wasn't even interested in me. "I did nothing." I reiterated.