The Moons Destiny

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Growing up we were always told you will find your goddess given mate. However there has been a change in our pack. My father is one of the weaker wolves he has dreamed his whole life about his daughter marrying mating and bearing a stronger offspring ultimately making the lineage stronger. I have always dreamed of finding my goddess given mate. However, at 14 years old my father arranged a relationship in exchange for money with the beta. We have been going strong for 4 years tonight is the full moon ball and this is where inmates females and males find their mate. I love my boyfriend and even though the relationship was arranged I wonder what will happen is I find my mate if worse if my boyfriend finds his. Would that change the arrangement? Could we fight the mate bond? Should we find it.if we find it and can’t fight it what if my mate is not as strong ? I will my father let me marry him ? Would I want to? How will this one night change my life?

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Chapter one

Aria’s point of view:

Another school day. Not that I don’t like school. I just like being free to go by the lake and paint. I get out of bed and walk into the bathroom connected to my room and brush my teeth,brush my curly brown and black hair and go to pick out my outfit. I’m going to wear my black jeans, black combat boots, gray tank top with my fake silver necklaces (werewolves can’t wear silver)

I get in the shower wash my hair and body. when I get out of the shower I dried off, got dressed and do a light make up look. Justin Amanda and Julian should be here soon to walk to school together after I’m ready I go downstairs my mother made breakfast.

“ hi Mom.” I say.

“ hello baby come eat before it gets cold.”

 I sit to eat and after about five minutes, I hear knock at the door. I go to open it and see Justin with his hoodie and ripped jeans, brown hair and brown eyes. His mate Amanda is next to him with her long blonde hair and blue eyes wearing a beautiful yellow sundress.

“ hi guys come on in” I say to them. they come in and sit at the table and make plates like every morning. I close the door and sit back down after 10 more minutes. I hear another knock on the door I go to answer and see my handsome boyfriend Julian.

“ hello handsome.” I said to him.

“ good morning beautiful.” he responds.

It’s crazy to think that we’ve been together for four years. Although we were not crazy about the arrangement at first I felt deeply in love with him. Who knew my father paying Robert our beta for his son to marry me would be a good thing not that I would ever thank my father for that and even if I did, he wouldn’t remember he’s drunk half the time.

“ you’re running late today love any later we would’ve had to leave without you.” I tell him.

“ I know love I’m sorry I was in a closed mind Link meeting with Leo and Kayden. they are coming home from training for the ball” he informs me

“That’s great love. I can’t wait to see them again.” I reply.

He brings me into a hug and kisses me so deeply with his perfectly soft lips. I love looking at those big brown eyes and light brown hair, his muscular body and chiseled pecks drive me insane. I wish we could take our relationship to the next step, but we are waiting for marriage, but we were not allowed to be married before the ball it had to be confirmed we didn’t have a mate. We are having our moment when Justin and Amanda walk in.

“ guys I just ate. I don’t wanna throw up my breakfast.” Justin says and laughs

“ if I recall aria and I have walked in a few moments ourselves.” Julian replies.

We all grab our bags and leave for school

“ so do you have any plans after school?” I ask Julian. As the beta oldest son he has a lot of training.

“ no thankfully no training today. Alpha Preston gave me the week off since Leo and Kayden will be coming to town. They arrive today.” he says.

“ oh, you never told me they were coming today.” I say.

The future alpha and Omega while 18 like us don’t go to convention school. They are required to train at all four packs so a teacher goes with them to ensure they are learning as well as training our pack is the northern pack. There is also the East west and south packs.

“ when do Leo and Kayden finish training “I ask

“ they will be done in about a month.” He informs me.

We get to school and go through a morning classes, which is pretty uneventful. We meet up for lunch. Julian pulls my chair for me and begins to feed me. in our culture a mate feeding their mate is the highest honor. Amanda and Justin on our table yet and I take this opportunity to ask Julian about the dance.

“ my love, what are you wearing to the dance?” I question.

“ what are you wearing?” He asks me answering my question with a question.

“ I am keeping my outfit as surprise, but wear gold” he smiles

“ OK” he says

Justin and Amanda walk up to the table

“ Julian, if you keep tending to aria like that, you were going to make others look bad.” she says to us we all laugh.

We make plans for them to meet at my house before the dance the bell rings and we’re headed back to class when Juli makes a face. I know all too well he’s getting a mind link. After his mind is over, I ask “ everything okay my love? “

I know better than to interrupt during a mind link as the future beta wife I need to get used to it

“ Leo and Kayden have reached pack land. “ he says.

Our pack land is over 2000 acres. We are the largest and strongest pack. Although We keep our house close. It’s better that way.

“ my love would you mind if I spend tonight and tomorrow with the boys?” Julian ask.

Of course I don’t, but I appreciate him taking my feelings and consideration

“ of course my love.” I tell him we finish up class and he walks me home

“Soon enough, we will have our own home.” he says before kissing me.

“ I can’t wait to be your wife.” I tell him.

“ if your parents say it’s OK wait up for me and we can have a late picnic.” he tells me.

“ you know my parents don’t mind they know I’m safest with you.” I inform him.

He smiles and then kisses me

“ I have to go before the guys start hounding me. I love you, baby.” he says kisses me and leaves.

I walk inside go up to my room and begin to get ready for bed. The dance is tomorrow. I walk into my closet and see my beautiful gold, thin satin spaghetti strap dress my gold high heeled shoes and the gold locket Julian gave me with my gold hair pins hanging, I can’t wait for this ball to be over so I can marry Julian, I take a nap until about 9 PM