The Mafia prince

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" kitten" " kitten" ignore." kitten" ignore." kitten" deep breaths." kitten" you don't want to kill him and go to prison." kitten" Ughhh."Kitten" ok she lost it."will u stop that " "stop what" "Annoying me"He pretends to think and says "no".Meet Nik.He is the mafia prince. He is the head of the whole mafia .well soon to be. He is cocky, a player and a arrogant jerk Meet Mia. She is sweet but has a smart mouth, and gorgeous. she had a terrible past but doesn't remember anything due to a accident.What happens if Mia gets to know her true identity that is the daughter of the mafia boss who has equal power as mafia king.What happens if both are mafia rivals? Join the story of mia and nik and encounter humor, heart break, twists and turns and much more.

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chapter : 1


Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep...The alarm rang becoming louder and louder making the girl groan and roll over and cover her head with the pillow. The beeping noise continued snapping the female out of her sleepy state. she slowly hit the snooze button and drifted off to sleep.

Mia's bedroom burst open and walked in her personal butler Richard but mia called him Riche. Riche was in the mid-twenties and was happily married to Charles who worked as a cook. "miss Thompson its time to wake up" Richard called out and got a groan in response. "What is the time riche" mia asked cuddling with her pillow. "its 7 am mam" Richie replied. 7 am? why in the god's name I put my alarm at 7 in the morning? wait oh my god! Today is my first day of senior year.

she shot up from the bed almost planting on her face and rushed to the washroom. she turned the shower on and screeched as the water hit her. cold.cold cold. mia groaned and changed the temperature to hot. she hissed as the temperature was too hot and making her naturally tan skin red. she quickly set the temperature she was comfortable with and sighed as the water washed her. she took her vanilla-scented shampoo and massaged it on her smooth but thick natural black waist-length hair.

After washing her hair mia quickly washed her hourglass figure with vanilla body wash. she steps out her shower and walks to her mirror which fogged up. she wipes the mirror to greet a girl with an oval face and deep brown eyes. she runs her hand through her hair and frowns as she sees a zit near her naturally red lips.

she quickly brushes her teeth and walks into the connected walk-in closet. Her steps parents were rich and treated her like a princess. she bites her lip as she looks through her closet. she takes out skinny torn jeans and black halter top. After wearing her undergarments, she pulls her jeans up and groans. she takes the whole 10 minutes as she jumped around her room pulling her jeans up. Mia breaths out as she successfully wears her jeans and smiles and wipes away imaginary sweat from her forehead.she wear

the black halter top and sits in front of her mirror and quickly does light makeup. mia then blow-dries her hair and quickly ties her hair in a messy bun. she looks at the time and gasps as she reads 7:35. she runs to her closet and takes out her white sneakers and flannel and wraps it around her waist and rushes downstairs. "Luka!" mia screams excitedly as she sees her older stepbrother and jumps on him who catches her and hugs her back.

mia pulls away from Luka with a smile. Luka reaches for her hair but mia slaps his hand away. "oi keep your hands to yourself" she says with a glare. Luka chuckles and rolls his blue eyes. "I missed you so much," mia says looking up at her blonde brother who smirks " I bought the chocolates you asked for," Luka says making mia grin.

"Thanks! and I am late so I have to leave but we will catch up later," mia says to Luka who looks behind her. mia raises her eyebrow and turns back to look at her stepmother Emma "hey em didn't see you there! good morning" mia greets with a nervous smile. Emma is a very sweet and beautiful Spanish American woman. she was in her late forties but still looked breathing."Mija you better eat breakfast" Emma says with a stern look.

mia groans "em I'm getting late" Emma just stares at her. mia huffs and walks in the dining room to greet her stepfather"good morning bird" Asher greets with a kiss on her forehead. "morning Ash," mia says kissing the man's cheek and takes a seat beside him.

Charles and other maids enter the room with breakfast. mia quickly eats her breakfast. Luka chuckles "mia the breakfast is not disappearing anywhere". mia rolls her eyes as Emma looks at her "excited for the first day of school?" Emma asks as she sips her coffee. "yeah I guess" mia says and gets up from her seat.

she checks the time and quickly runs out the room muttering a quick bye to her family. she reaches the front door as Richie stops her "miss Thompson your bag" she bites her tongue for forgetting such an important thing and takes her black leather bag. "thanks riche" mia says running to the garage "what car would you like miss Thompson"

mia looks at the cars in the garage "Centodieci, the red one" she says and the man gives her the keys. mia hops in her car and drives off to her new school. she parks her car in a vacant spot and climbs out of her car and smirks as she feels everybody's eyes on her and the car she walks gracefully to the doors.

oh my god is that a Centodieci! that's like 9 million

she hears a guy from a group say.

She is so hot

Is she new?

I would  love to bang her

She looks like a whore

Mia frowns as she hears that and looks down at her clothes then looks at the girl who said that. the girl had dyed red hair and was wearing the shortest clothes mia ever seen. look who is talking. mia rolls her eyes and continues to walks to the doors.

Her car is awesome like Nik's

Nik? I guess he is a rich kid too. but I hope people won't take me as a spoilt rich girl. who am I kidding? I just drove a 9 million worth car. I call dibs mia hears a jock as she enters the building and feels stares on her as she walked to the office. There was a lady in her Forties "hey excuse me I am new here". she says to her.

The lady glares at her."name" the lady says harshly. okay who pissed in your coffee old hag. "Mia Thompson" the lady nods and gives her schedule with the locker combination and map of the school. she walks down the hallway and smirks as everyone makes way for her. mia reaches her locker 28c and looks at the combination and frowns as she sees the last number was not printed clearly. I'm not going all the way back to that grumpy woman after 15 long minutes, mia finally opens the locker with a big smile. finally. she puts a Polaroid up with a blonde girl with the background of the beach. mia smiles as she looks at her picture with Brooke her best friend from the old school.