The Greatest Martial Arts Cultivator

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Survivors of the mysterious organization's ambitions. Yuan Liong made his own way in the Kangow World. Fight from the lowest point to become the strongest with determination. “Refund all debts of revenge and humiliation.” The Kangow World was full of cultivators who were greedy and wanted power. Fight, scramble, escape, cunning opponent, and various other obstacles. Meeting new people, searching for enemies, and getting revenge. “I will stand at the Peak of the Martial World!”

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Chapter. 1. I'm Still Alive

Yuan Lion kept running while occasionally looking behind him. The battle that took place between his parents and the three criminals had reached its climax.

“Duarrr!” An enormous explosion occurred behind the twelve-year-old boy. He didn't know what had happened. Suddenly he felt his body out of control and was thrown into a steep ravine beside the path of the peak of Lightning Mountain.

The sound of a strong gust of wind rang out to either side of his ears.

“It's over, my life only ends here.” Those were the words ringing in Yuan Liong's heart.

Just when he was still imagining the end of life, Yuan Liong's body that was rushing down suddenly jolted.

The body that fell, caught between the branches and ropes of the vines that grew on the side of the steep cliff. The pain from the impact wrinkled his face and brought Yuan Liong to his senses.

By enduring the pain he scanned the area around, a hundred spears and above could only rise from this abyss. While the view down the abyss has not seen the bottom at all.

The pain engulfed Yuan Liong's body again, and the effects of the explosion on his parents' inner strength also made Yuan Liong deeply injured.

The internal organs felt crushed and churned, the shock of falling from a height made Yuan Liong's entire body stiff and unable to move. The stinging pain made Yuan Lion unable to endure. Fainted, yes Yuan Liong fainted from the pain.

The bright moonlight shone on Yuan Liong's face, making him wake up from his stupor. It was night, it was rare on the top of Lightning Mountain that the moonlight was this bright. Usually, the weather here is always dark and the lightning strikes non-stop at all times.

Like there is a certain creature that summons those thunderbolts. Coming to his senses and then returning to reality, Yuan Liong got up and then sat down, he took a deep breath. There is a hint of freshness as well as relief from this inhaled mountain air breath. He looked around the cliff wall. It's dark, only darkness can be seen.

The pain hit Yuan Liong again, and his rumbling stomach asking to be filled also made Yuan Liong a little depressed. He tried to gather his inner strength by sitting cross-legged on the branches and vines of the tree that kept him from falling.

Yuan Liong remembered his father's explanation if you get hurt while hunting, try sitting cross-legged and then take a deep breath. Inhale up to ten times, and press this air under the stomach until it feels a little hot. Then, spread this heat throughout the body, then repeat again many times.

A quarter of an hour later Yuan Liong's condition was much better, he was able to stand and walk. Yuan Lion rethought his way of life from the start. The battle between his parents flashed back in his mind. “I will become strong, I am not a hunter, I am the son of a pair of martial arts warriors,” he said to himself.

The darkness of the night and the darkness of this abyss is getting thicker, the cold night that pierces the pores also stimulates the horror in that place. Yuan Liong decided to continue to sit cross-legged and catch his breath to strengthen his body.

The morning sun, shyly peeking through the leaves, began to reveal its true identity. The sound of birds chirping everywhere sounded beautiful on the slopes of the steep ravine.

Yuan Lion opened both eyes. The body feels fresher. Carefully Yuan Lion left. Look at the tree branch that saved his life, this branch is only the size of an adult human thigh with many branches and is covered with tree vines as if to form a net naturally.

He walked carefully, adjusting the balance of his body so as not to fall. In the cliff wall, it is noticed that there is a large hole that forms a cave. Yuan Lion walked in that direction. His goal is only to find a way to get to the top, he must practice deepening his martial arts.

Yuan Lion entered the cave and continued to explore. Unbeknownst to Yuan Liong, this cave is a path that leads to the bottom of the abyss.

The sight of the bottom of the abyss made Yuan Lion very shocked. There was a large Array with very intricate octagonal lines, in the center of the Array was a magnetic stone that glowed with silver.

This magnetic stone is surrounded by pillars of other magnets. Lightning flashed incessantly within the huge Array. The fifty spears on the right side of the Great Array contained a cavernous hole that seemed to pierce the center of the mountain.

Yuan Liong is not a stupid boy, since childhood he was born with above-average intelligence, and his bone structure is also good for being a martial arts expert. Whatever his parents taught him was very quickly learned.

It was only because of life in the mountains that he did not understand life in this world. In shock, he realized this mountain's inexhaustible source of lightning from this great Array as the center.

This huge array invites lightning into it with the help of stones and pillars of magnetism. This array is specially installed as a practice area, who knows who manages it? Judging from the shape of the rock and the surrounding area, this huge Array was arranged thousands of years ago.

Yuan Liong's attention was turned towards the cave within the abyss, he walked towards the cave and entered it. The cave that was thought to be pitch black was actually very bright, on the ceiling of the cave, there was a pearl the size of a chicken egg attached.

The pearl emitted light that illuminates the cave, the cave passage is not too wide, about two times three spears, and on the left and right side of the passage, there are stone chambers. At the end of the hall is another stone chamber, there are three stone chambers in the cave.

Yuan Liong pushed open the stone door of the room at the end of the cave passage, the scene inside made Yuan Liong stupid, he had never seen the pots in the room. The floor of the room was filled with an array of circles, and the room itself had a very strong medicinal smell.

Even people who didn't understand would know it was a medicinal scent. The pain in Yuan Liong's entire body had disappeared by itself with every breath of this medicinal scent.

The effect of the aroma of this medicine is amazing as if it adds vitality and vitality to those who inhale it. Yuan Liong went back to the other room, the room to the left of the hall.

There is nothing strange in this room, it's just that at the far right corner of the room there are three neatly arranged chests. The crates did not rot with time, which proves that the materials used to make them from strong materials.

There are no barriers to enter this cave, nor are there any locks and security from the chests. This proved that the previous owner of the cave was very sure that no human would dare to enter this abyss. He was sure with the lightning flashing like in the valley, humans dared to sell their lives here.

The prediction of the owner of this cave was also proven correct, after thousands of years only now Yuan Liong accidentally arrived at this place.

Yuan Liong opened the chests in the right corner of the room, the first chest contained a worn book made of animal skins, and beside the book was a silver ring. The cover of the book is written in fine writing. “The Book of the God of Lightning Hand Medicine.”

The second chest contained jade bottles, within which were various types of pills for practicing. This pill has never been known to Yuan Liong. Meanwhile, in the third chest, there are two leather bags.

The first leather pouch contained a huge amount of silver coins of about a thousand pieces of silver. The second leather pouch was more powerful, it contained more gold coins than silver coins, three thousand gold pieces to be precise.

This sight made Yuan Liong forget himself, Yuan Liong was not a child who was greedy for treasure. But when he saw that much gold and silver he was left dumbfounded.