The Grateful Rejection

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This rejection story is not the cliché one, where the rejected omega runs away for sanctuary in another pack and becomes the head warrior and is more beautiful.No. This story is not like the rest.Even though people say there is no limit in hatred.Truth to be told, there is.And they crossed it.Now they gotta pay for it.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Maybe sensing that I did something to his dislike he growled at me. I whimpered and coward back, which made him snap and pull me to him. I started struggling as he picked me up like a fucking puppy. My legs were dandling in the air.In anger I growled at him and clawed his face baring my teeth at him but he looked at me indifferently, he pulled me chest to chest. His snout buried in my neck, I was to stunned to comprehend his acts. I was frozen in my place, he licked my neck and did something that was never expected of any shape shifters."Mine" he said hoarsely. With that everything went blank and I fell limp in his arms.


Chapter 1

"Two caramel frappuccino with skimmed milk, grande.. one tall latte with regular milk and one tall french pressed coffee" I ordered with a tight smile on my face, "That will be 13.45" the guy in the counter said, I took out 15 dollars and gave it to him, "Keep the change" I said and went to the other side to take my order.

I am not usually in such a bad mood but my sister is really getting on my nerves. You see I love her, I really do even though she is a bitch to me, I love her but she isn't the first or the last bride in this world. And top of that, my mother.. godd. Why did my mother had to be that high and mighty person who wanted everything to be grand and perfect. I release a huge sigh of anguish when I get the order, now I have to go back to being the errand-boy of the bridezilla and her mother.

I take the bag and walk out of the Starbucks, I get into my worn out car and drive to the 'Little Bakery' where my dear sister there for cake tasting. I have been running around the town like a madwoman since morning just to make sure my sister and mother doesn't have a lot in their plate.

After 20mins of driving I reached the bakery, I enter through the glass door as a gush of cold air hits my face. I make my way towards my sister and mother, "Janine" I call out a beautiful woman with blond hair turns around with a scowl on her face, " You don't have to shout, dumbass" she snapped at me. I sigh, good now I have to have her end of bad mood. I keep one caramel frappichino in front of Janine and one in front of our mother, Briana who didn't even bother to acknowledge me. Tight lipped I place the french press in front of Gilbert, Janine's fiance and her mate.

I go to the back of the store and sat on a lonely chair, I try to keep my emotions at bay. I take my latte out and lightly sip on it, thinking about how miserable I am.

Our parents, Briana and David are the perfect couple. Father was the head warrior of our pack, TealRiver while mother was the most attractive woman of her time but now it's my sister who is the most attractive woman our pack. Our parents had three kids, the first born was my brother Thomas Brukes. 27 years old, brown hair, blue eyes and the perfect face, just like our father. He was the heartthrob of the pack before his mate came into the picture. We are particularly not very close, it maybe because of age gap and different interests.

Then comes my sister, Janine Brukes, the perfect daughter. She has had everything fed to her on a silver platter. I wouldn't lie and say that she isn't pretty because she is. Sandy blond hair framing her heart shaped face, her doe grey eyes, straight nose and pouty lips make her look like an innocent bird but her figure is a killer. She has the 'most desired' pear shaped body, she isn't malnutrition skinny but still pretty skinny. Being this beautiful came with a lot of advantages, all the boys wanted to date her and all the girls wanted to be her friend, even at a tender age of 20. She met her mate, our future alpha, Gilbert when she was 16 and he was 17. Because he had to go away for training, they decided to wait before they marry and now 4 years later here we are.

Then finally it come to me, Nora Brukes. The unwanted and unfit member of the family. As you all would have guessed, I was a mistake, an accident. But they found out about me pretty late so they couldn't abort me and they constantly remind me of that. Werewolf pregnancy lasts for 4 months and they found about me when I was 6 weeks old. I have tried my hardest my entire life or as long as I could remember to please my parents and my siblings but that is all in vain. I could never be more than an unwanted fat ugly daughter. Now some of you would say *childish voice* ' then why didn't they just gave me up for adoption?'

Here is the thing, they're perfect or at least that's what they portray and they wouldn't let a mistake ruin their fake image. Just imagine my life with people as such.

Name anything that a 16 year old teenager could do to please their parents. I have done it all, maybe even more. I am not allowed to call my parents, mom and dad, it's either Mr. and Mrs. Brukes or mother and father. The only time I feel worthy is when I go to work, I work as a cashier in the local supermarket of our town. The owners are very kind 50 year old couple, they have always been there for me when there is no one. Well there is actually no one,,, I have no friends. I know that kinda sad but hey it's life.

I was taking the last couple of slips of my coffee when a hand banged on the table. I jumped out of my seat and looked at my annoyed sister, "Could you be any more involved?"  Anymore is one word. Anyway. I gave her my fake smile, "Sorry was just finishing coffee" I said making her more annoyed. She crossed her arms, "Make your stinky ugly ass useful and go to airport to pick up Gilbert's groomsmen" she ordered and walked off.

I internally cheered, away from these people. I was leaving when Gilbert stopped me, "Don't take that trash of your car. You'll ruin my reputation" he sneered at me and threw a car key.

"There has to be a reputation to be ruin in the first place" I muttered to myself but the fool of an ass I was.

"WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY?" he yelled at me, I looked at him wide eyed clutching the keys to my chest as if it's going to give me any security.

He marched his way towards me with a scary look on his face, I was trembling in fear. His alpha dominance has gripped my neck, "You blood watch how you speak to an alpha or else I'll snap your neck within seconds" he threatened me. I put my head down, showing submission to the angry alpha in front of me.

"Did this pig piss you off again?" Janine's voice came in. I was already shaking in fear go even dare to look up, I heard a deep breath taken in, "I swear to moon goddess if she wasn't your sister I would have killed her years back" I heard him spat. My heart sat heavy in my chest and tears gathered in my eyes.

"Urgh even I don't want her but I have to bare with her untill she is 18 and can move out" she said trying to calm her mate but making another jab in my heart.

"The first thing I am gonna do when I become the alpha is throw this useless tramp's ass out of the pack" he spat and walked away. I looked up from under my lashes, "YOU ALWAYS RUIN EVERYTHING!! Now what the fuck are you looking at, go and do your job!!" She cried and stomped her way back with the family.

With a heavy heart I looked up to see my mother giving me a nasty look just as Janine and Gilbert. I walk out of the bakery when I turn around to look inside the glassed windows I see the perfect family, mother, Father, Janine, Gilbert and Thomas with his mate who just made their way in. I wipe a stray of tear from my cheeks and get inside my car and make my way to the pack house to get the better car. Am I really that unlovable? Just a pat of appreciation would be enough but am I not even worth that? Maybe I really don't belong here.