The Faye Queen (Book 2)

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Blair Cahill


Book Two of The Royals Series. "You want to hurt me. You always hurt me. Always." she said. My body vibrated with anger. It's true. I hurt her. That's all I do. That's what I'm good at. "You must be a sick masochist then. Since you always come back begging for more." I pushed myself off the wall and walked out. **** Adrik is still alive and eating at Nikolai's conscience. Will Nikolai be able to kill him or will he lose? Ava's wolf is getting weaker. What does that imply? Will Avalyn and Nikolai still be as strong as ever or will their will to do the right thing and thirst to get revenge get in the way? Will a third or fourth person get added to the mix? Is their love strong enough to withstand anything thrown their way? Nikolai said in the beginning that he wasn't sure if Avalyn was his mate, is she really? What does it mean that Nikolai needs to grow into himself? Are they meant to be together? Will they get a happy ending? *The sequel is full of action, drama, revelations, betrayal, heartbreak and of course, romance. It's going to be a rollercoaster. Let's read to find out!

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1. Bellehaven Isle


The whole week flew by in a blur. Nik and Vladimir were busy discussing the upcoming meeting of all the kingdoms.

Nat and I took it upon ourselves to help Sofiya feel at home.

The first day, we only managed to show the west wing. It included one main living room, two smaller living rooms, a sitting room, a library, an indoor swimming pool, an indoor-outdoor gym, dining room, kitchen, a theatre, a gaming room, an armoury, a wine cellar, a few studies and numerous bedrooms, of course. There was a staff quarters as well but we left it out of the tour.

Sofiya was tired after that so we continued the tour of the rest of the palace on the next day and of the pack on the day after that.

Sofiya was still off, as Nikolai put it.

"I'm a bit tired, I'll go take a nap." Sofiya stood up and left to go to her bedroom.

"What's up with her?" Nat frowned.

Today was our last day here and then we were leaving for Bellehaven Isle.

The main pool of the palace was the best pool ever and since Sofiya loved swimming, we decided to come here.

"I don't know." I sighed and then sat on a built-in stool. "She has been this way ever since we went to Mozog three months ago."

"Is she mad at you for some reason?" Nat asked and took a seat beside me, flailing her legs to swish the water around.

"I don't think so. I haven't done anything to make her upset." At least I don't think I have.

"You should talk to her." Nat told me.

"We haven't been alone since she got here. I'll talk to her as soon as I get the chance." I promised.

"Good." She nodded and then pushed me in the water.

I sputtered as I came to the top, only to hear her laughing at me. I pulled her leg, making her fall in the pool too and then I continued to laugh at her.

We heard the doors open and we turned to look at the wolf who came in. He bowed before looking at me. "The Alpha has asked for your presence in his office."

"Thank you, Karl." I smiled and he blushed before bowing and then left hurriedly.

Nat snickered. "Literally everyone in the palace has a crush on you."


"The fact that you care enough to remember everyone's names and are so kind and caring towards everyone makes them like you instantly. Plus you give out this energy that makes people gravitate towards you. That makes people like you more." She grinned. "It's cute."

"Really?" I vaguely remember Dimitri had told me something along the lines of the pack members wanting me to like them. But I didn't know that they gravitated towards me.

"It's more cute because you are absolutely clueless about your charms, Avalyn." She rose out of the water and I followed.

"It won't be very cute when Nik knows that so many people have a crush on me." Poor souls.

"Oh yes. He's going to be growling and exerting dominion on everyone who even looks at you." Her eyes grew mischievous.

"Don't you dare!" I pointed a finger at her. I just know she will subtly tell him just to pull his leg.

But then it will get in his head and he will probably order everyone to not look at me or something absurd like that.

She started laughing and then we both went to the changing rooms and changed out of our swimsuits after a quick shower.

We parted ways after that and I went to Nik's office.

"Took you long enough." Nik commented when I entered.

"I was swimming." I smiled and pecked his lips.

"Fine." He said and I moved to stand behind him and gave him a shoulder massage to lighten his stress while he worked on his laptop.

"You called for me?" I said after a while.

"Just a second." He finished typing something and then shut his laptop before he pulled me on his lap.

"We will be leaving for Bellehaven Isle tomorrow morning, we will reach by late afternoon and then have the rest of the day to rest. The VARS starts at midnight. It is a two part meeting and will be there for two consecutive nights. The first night will be discussions about the happenings in Kingdom. The second night will be the discussions about the businesses among the kingdoms." Nik explained and I nodded along.

That shouldn't be too complicated.

"Sometimes it also extend to three nights if the time isn't enough."

"Why do you look so worried?" His face was impassive but I saw the worry he was trying to conceal in his eyes.

"Bellehaven is a beautiful island. I have a little... tiff with the High Council. But it's nothing we need to worry about, this meeting is going to be professional and the...tiff is personal. What I'm really worried about is that the rulers of the Kingdoms are not... kind." His told on my waist tightened. "You may see things you don't like. Scratch that, you will see don't like."

"Things like?"

"Violation of slaves. I'm talking about abuse, torture, debasement, molestation...things that don't happen in Soare-Luna." His steelish grey eyes were fixated on mine, keenly observing me.

"Can't we do anything about it?" I asked softly, playing with the buttons on his shirt.

"Bellehaven Isle is neutral ground for all supernaturals. No fights on the island—it's one of the few rules no one breaks. Not unless someone want to declare war. Those kingdoms are rigid in their own ways and take offence at the slightest hint of threats. Vladimir and Sofiya have recently regained peace in Mozog and not without difficulty. With a baby on the way, we do not want to create problems for them and create an atmosphere of war." He stilled my fretting hands by holding them.

"But that does not mean we tolerate disrespect of any kind. We won't be the first one to issue the threat of war but that does not mean I will step back if someone oversteps." His eyes held a dark promise. A promise of bloodshed. "I don't mind killing a couple dozen of vampires with a wrong sense of superiority complex."

"I don't want a fight." I told him. I really, really don't. Especially when we've just gotten over with one.

No one truly wins a war, both the sides loose, just one more than the other.

"Neither do I." Nik nodded. "Which is why I wanted you to warn you about this so you aren't shocked when you see something and get angry. And under no circumstances will you use your powers," he ordered firmly. "At least not unless you need to defend yourself, which will be highly unlikely because people tend to refrain from attacking the Queen."

"Thank you." I told him. "I'll take care."

"I need your promise Avalyn."

"I promise." Anything to stop a war.


Next day

Bellehaven Isle.

We had flown to the beautiful island of Bellehaven, which was a little off the eastern coast of the main Supernatural Island. As the name suggested, it was the epitome of beauty and heaven on earth. I hadn't seen a lot, just from the window of the horse carriage that had come to pick us up from the airport.

The place looked like the only season they had was spring. It was green all over with the most beautiful scenery with wild horses, deers, rabbits here and there. The only sound I could hear was of our carriage, chirping of multiple birds and of the nature. I had a hitch that no modernisation had taken place here. The only humans on this island were slaves. And I think they liked it that way. They wanted to keep their old ways intact. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing. The best thing about it was that the land was pure and beautiful.

From what I had heard, Bellehaven had two palaces. One was for the High Council where visitors were strictly prohibited. And the other one was specifically for meetings and visitors. The explanation Nik gave me that 'the old bats consider themselves too superior to fight and they are paranoid that everyone is always out for their blood. That's why the three old warts don't gather in the same place outside of their private palace. They don't want all three of them dead together, in case of attack.'

He clearly wasn't their fan, for some reason. He had once mentioned that they didn't stop Adrik or help Montana, which is why he didn't like them. But I believed that they had their reasons. And the overall work they were doing was good, their cause was good, so I didn't mind them.

The enormous palace was made out of purple bricks-tones with red roof tiles with yellow windows and arches. It was beautiful. The tallest column had a huge golden bell hung inside it. The pathway was also made out of yellow bricks, place in a circular pattern with an open green expanse on either sides of it. There were multiple bird fountains and benches for people to sit on.

Slaves walked around leisurely with baskets on their hips, collecting apples from the trees and cherries from the bushes. All of them had a thin collar made out of twisted vines around their necks, claiming them as a property of the high-council. They didn't look troubled or tortured in any way, in fact, they looked like they were in heaven. It made me realise that the people of Bellehaven must be good people.

Our carriage came to a stop at the entrance of the palace. Nik helped me get off and extended his arm. I took it and we walked down the deep purple carpet and into the high arched entranceway.

On either sides of is were glass walls and encased in them were men and women like mannequins. What shocked me was that all of them were making out, giving each other pleasure of some kind or having sex. They seemed aware of our presence but they simply didn't care. None of them met out eyes, they were too engrossed in their acts.

"King Nikolai, Queen Avalyn," a old man who clearly held a lot of authority greeted us with a smile on his face. He had a white beard that reached his knees, kind blue eyes and a welcoming smile. He was also wearing a red cloak with deep purple designs on it. It was look. "Prince Vladimir, Princess Sofiya, Prince Dimitri," he smiled at the couple who were following us and now stood by our sides. "It's an honour for us to have you come and bless our home with your presence."

I had asked Nik why the rest of our family hadn't come and he said that even though Soare-Luna was for both werewolves and vampires, according to the High Council, we were a pack. So they would be attending WARS—Werewolf Annual Royal Summit instead. The only reason Dimitri was here was because he was Sofiya's brother and Nikolai's beta.

A smile slid across my lips, "the honour is ours..." A blush coated my cheeks, I didn't know who he was.

"Forgive me for not introducing myself, Queen Avalyn. I am Elder Orlando," he said, not offended in the least. "I am the Head of the Vampire High Council."

"Pleased to make your acquaintance, Elder Orlando." I smiled. "Bellehaven Isle is beautiful."

"You floor me, Queen Avalyn," he gave me another smile and then his eyes slid to Nikolai before quickly shifting back to me, "forgive me for cutting our chat short but I need to greet all the incoming guests. Slave Oliver will lead you to your apartment quarters." He motioned towards the slave towards his right. The slave bowed.

"Thank you," I nodded and then Oliver silently led us past multiple hallways before he stood in front of a set of double doors that were guarded by two warriors.

"This is your apartment quarters, your Highnesses." Oliver bowed. "The meeting starts at twelve am. I shall come back to show you to the Council Room." And with another bow, he left.

Nikolai let out a breath and then the guards opened the doors for us.

The space was very similar to the apartment quarters back in Mozog. It must be a vampire thing—the similarity in their housing structures.

Apparently the Lords and Ladies of Mozog had arrived before us because I caught Rhazien, Jessica and Ezra engaged in a conversation with two other men. All of them stood up when we entered and then bowed.

"Rise." Nik uttered his words since we landed on Bellehaven. What was up with him? I'll talk to him later.

They stood straight again and smiled.

"These are the new Lords that I have appointed," Vladimir walked further in and motioned towards the man with the mahogany skin tone, "this is Jester, Lord of Treasure," he said and Lord Jester tipped his head with a smile. I smiled back, "and this is Marc," he motioned towards the man who was packed with muscles and looked like he was void of emotions altogether, "Lord of Arms of Mozog." They were the ones who replaced Leikos and Darius.

"It's a pleasure to meet to, King Nikolai, Queen Avalyn." Both of them said.

"Likewise." Nik and I said with a smile.

The men and Ezra left to do some final preparations for the meeting so Jessica, Sofiya, Tessa and I grouped together for a good old spa day, sweets and gossip.