The Dominant Alpha (Series)

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Kathrine kayz


~ AMELIA ~ Just because my father was unknown and my mother died while giving birth to me, I saw the hardship of life. Because I was an Omega, I was the trash that everyone despised. I was unwanted, Unloved, and hated by all. But then I dared to dream: find my mate. When our pack was ambushed I felt no remorse. I wanted all those that tortured me for years to all burn and die. Even when I was forced to the ground by that delta and his men, all I could think about was how to escape in search of my mate. Meeting him right at that moment was a shock and relief to me and my wolf. We had no idea that he could be an alpha, a rank that was above all Werewolf ranks. Stronger than all. Dominant and a leader born to rule. But I never thought he would treat me like a slave to his desires. I hated him. I hated the bastard who was my so-called mate. ~ IAN ~ My pack not only shares everything, they share everyone. Conquering packs for fun is our hobby. To us there is no such thing as a mate, because of the curse that the moon goddess bestowed upon us. But ever since I conquered the blood moon pack, I'm beginning to wonder what I feel for the filthy runt of the pack. I want no one to touch her. This is a collection of Kathrine kayz's series stories.


Book 1 Chapter 1

Sexual content. Slavery. 18+. Abuse & Violence at the beginning. Read at own risk.

Ian's p.o.v

"Ahh, Al..pha, slower, pl..ease slower." The female rogue pleaded in a labored breath.

Sweat was running on her thin back and her long brown hair was messy from my strong grip.

I smirked then drove my cock into her with force as she cried out.

Her back was towards me while my hands and body were being supported by the table below her. Her legs, which were spread apart, were badly quivering.

My eyes trailed from her back to her firm ass.

Just knowing that she would have the guts to try and seduce me when I had just ambushed her pack and killed most of her people was a turnoff. But then again I was very bored and needed to have some fun, what better way than to make use of her body. After all, she had a nice figure.

"Please alpha it hurts!" She screamed out when my grip on her hair tightened.

I sighed loudly then pulled out of her.

I was no longer turned on or hard. I actually felt upset over her annoying voice and fake cries.

She fell on the ground with a low thud and sniffed. The bitch was really dramatic.

I pulled up my trousers to fix myself and buttoned it.

"Alpha, did I not please you?" She asked in a whisper then slowly turned with soft whimpers to face me.

Her face was wet, covered in tears, and under her eyes was a slight red shade.

I chuckled softly and walked out of the room. I had no time to entertain a slut like her.

A few of my men were standing a few meters away from the door waiting for my next order.

"Gather anything valuable in this pack as well as the woman. As for the rest, burn it to the ground." I ordered as I went downstairs.

"And the woman in this study room?" One of my warriors asked in a respectful tone.

"Let them fuck her." Axel, my wolf answered calmly.

"Do as you want with her." I answered then walked out.

It was no secret how my pack members worked and lived.

Midnight pack was one of the most strongest and feared packs in the whole wide world. And what did the other packs call me.

Lucifer. A demon without reason. And they were right because killing was one of the best things I enjoyed doing. After living this hell hole one would call a life, I learned that having emotions such as love and kindness were nothing but a weakness and that's why I vowed to never entertain such shit. I fucked around and did as I saw fit because that's what all Alphas were meant to do.

I had a sexy wife who was very submissive and beautiful, but she didn't only belong to me because I let every high rank in my pack fuck her, I felt nothing for her and she knew it. Her role was to satisfy me without question or distrust. To me, she was my means of release and pride.

My pack not only shared everything, they shared everyone. To us, there was no such thing as a mate because of the generation curse that the moon goddess bestowed upon us.

Conquering packs for fun was our hobby. And spilling blood on the ground was the thrill that made us come alive.

"Alpha." Neo, my Beta called through our mind link.

"What," I answered back lazily.

"Our men........" He began but from nowhere his voice went dim and all the noise around me instantly died. The only voice I could hear was a soft female voice crying out for help.

Her voice made Axel shift within me. I could feel my skin ignite goosebumps and without thinking about anything, I found myself rushing to the woods where the voice was coming from. My breath was labored and sweat was forming on my forehead as her screams got louder and clearer. Axel was at the edge of shifting and I could feel the adrenaline rush course through us the faster my pace became.

"Please, I don't want this. No, I don't want this. I was saving myself for my mate." She screamed as her slim figure came in view.

She was laying on the ground pinned by two of my men who were holding each side of her hands. Hovering on top of her was Blade my delta who was unbuckling his belt.

I angrily rushed towards him with a loud growl. He quickly turned and looked at me in shock, before he could react my hand went on his neck lifting him up in mid-air. My claws slightly pierced his skin and my grip tightened more.

Axel wanted him dead and I could feel his anger and frustration.

"Alpha." The two warriors called behind me.

I dropped my hand from Blade's neck and took in a deep breath then released it.

What was wrong with me!. This wasn't like me to hurt my own obedient men who had never made a mistake or gone against me.

I couldn't understand why I had done that, it made no sense.

"Leave," I whispered huskily then turned and faced the men.

They quickly moved and helped Blade up.

"Excuse us alpha." They said together and quickly rushed to the pack house.

I brushed my hand through my hair and looked at the female on the ground who was now moving backwards in fear with her face lowered to the ground and one of her hands covering her breast. She was completely naked and had a lot of dark bruises on her body. No matter how I looked at it, the bruises weren't only from my men, it was like she was given those by her pack members.

"Don't piss me off more than I already am." I warned huskily.

Immediately, she stopped her movement and stilled herself.

At least she knew how to act and listen.

I got closer and knelt on one knee in front of her. She immediately tensed and held in her breath.

"Who gave you those bruises?" I asked in a low tone while I moved my hand to her chin to make her look at me.

I was expecting her to scream or fight back because she showed how stubborn she was when taken by force, but she slowly looked up, surprising me.

To say she was beautiful was an understatement. She was more than beautiful. Despite having a dirty wet face, her beauty was shown entirely and her ocean blue eyes were truly mesmerizing. Her plump lips were slightly busted at the corner and her cheeks slightly tainted in red.

My eyes went to her shoulders. Her long black hair covered them all the way up to her breasts.

I moved my hand to the hand that was covering her breast.

I wanted to see everything!

Never was I this interested in a woman, but for some reason, I was very much interested in her.

I tried moving her hand and surprisingly she willingly dropped it, revealing her small full breast and beautiful nipple.

Her dark tanned skin enhanced her beauty.

I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath again. Fuck! Was I getting erect just by seeing part of her body!

Something about her wasn't adding up.

I forced myself to my feet and cleared my throat.

"You would do well to serve my wife as her slave." I said seriously as her expression instantly changed.

Not a few minutes ago she was scared, but when I asked her about who bruised her. Her expression softened, now she looked shocked.

"Wife?" She asked in what sounded like disbelief.

I raised my brow and smirked. What did she think, that I was single?. Despite being 40 years old, I still had my young looks. Moreover, our kind slowly aged.

"You aren't deaf right?" I fired back.

Her eyes were instantly filled with tears forming.

I swallowed hard and frowned at the uneasy feeling I was feeling. Axel was quiet but he too wasn't calm upon seeing her sad face.

"But I am your mate." She whispered, shocking me.