The Devil's Possession

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"Now you are mine and mine only....You are my possession." For weeks upon weeks, Clara Henry has been locked away in her room day and night for the sake of hiding from a ruthless mafia boss who goes by the name 'Devil.' However, she sneaks out every night in search of someone to sweep away her worries in bed. One lucky night, she finds a guy who has it all...the looks...the charisma...the dominance. But the following day, Clara's house is invaded by a group of thugs, the leader surprisingly being the man who she slept with, as well as the man whom her father fears to the point where he resorts to hiding...And it so happens that he wants her in exchange for sparing the lives of her parents. But besides his strong sense of dominance and his ever-changing personality, there's also something very strange about him...he can smell things normal humans can't, his eyes changes colours every once in a while and he growls like that of an animal!!! What will happen when she finds out that he's not only a mafia boss, but also an Alpha!?

RomanceOne-night standWerewolfAlphaMafiaBillionairePossessiveErotic18+

Sneaking Out

"Clara, can I come in?"

I did not answer.


I did not answer.


I did not answer.

My mom's annoying presence lingered behind the door for a few additional seconds until a low creaking was heard as her flip flops clacked against the tiled floor. Signing, I wrapped my auburn hair into a messy bun before pushing off the bed and moving over to the door to check whether she had really left or not. My fingers twisted the knob then slowly drew it open whilst making sure that it made the lowest of sounds.

However, the person that awaited me behind it, was someone who I definitely didn't want to see. I quickly shuffled backwards and attempted to close the door, but father stuck his foot out against the door frame, stopping it from closing completely. Audaciously, he pushed his way inside and stepped to the side. I glared at him. When did he even get here!?

"Clara..." He called softly as he stared at me intently.

"What do you want?" I spat.

"I'm sure this is not the way you dreamed of living and I understand very well that you hate me for doing this to you, but how can you avoid your own mother for weeks upon weeks? She's been worried sick about you! Why don't you-"

"If you'd be so kind as to leave, that'd be great," I cut him off, picking at my nose with the tip of my nail to show my disinterest in conversing.

"That is not the way to speak to your father, Clara!" Mom's indignant voice sounded. I dropped my hand and turned my head to glare at her, gritting my teeth. She was standing on the stairs, staring straight at me with a tinge of disappointment that struck me hard.

I'm the one who is supposed to be disappointed, not her.

"I don't care. How else do you expect me to react when you've locked me in here like a prisoner?"

At that, her anger gradually depleted into nothingness and guilt invaded her eyes in place of it. But that didn't calm me, it only aggravated me. She wasn't the only one whom I wanted to provoke to guilt. Father should feel guilty too.

"We're only trying to protect yo-"

"You call this protecting? That's bullshit! You both just don't want to show your sorry ass faces now that you've fallen victim to that stupid lunatic who calls himself the fucking Devil!" 

It went silent. Mom stood taken aback by my words, her mouth opening and closing like a fish. It was seconds later that her eyes pricked with tears. I don't feel sorry for her. All I've said thus far is the truth, she knows that. So if it's pity she's looking for, she's definitely not gonna get it.

I know that their lives are on the line, but I should be able to decide what happens in my life. I'm an adult now. I'm supposed to make my own decisions. Yet the moment I propose to continue my daily life while discreetly keeping myself out of the eyes of that stupid Mafia boss, they locked me in my room. This isn't a precaution measure, it's their way of hiding from the embarrassment.

If they had only took me with them the day when they attacked the Mafia group, everything would've been different...I would've made it different. My skills are far better than father's.

"That's not true," Father managed to defend quite pathetically.

I turned to him, eyeing him as if he was the mere dirt beneath my feet. "Face it, father, you're just a scaredy cat. You don't care about me, mom nor anyone. Everything you're doing is just for the sake of lessening the blow to your pride. But the fact of the matter is that the amateur thugs that you once ruled over has been gunned down by a rival you foolishly thought you could kill. That man is more dangerous than anyone else around, you were stupid to have challenged someone like him. And that's not even all... You've even used all our money to try and patch up everything with your stupid allies, but what help did you get in return...nothing, absolutely nothing! You bett--"

A hard slap to my cheek caused my head to snap to the side and the rest of my sentence to stop at my lips. I twisted my jaw and chuckled darkly, the metallic taste of blood swimming on my tongue.

"You've been wanting to do that for a while, haven't you?" I licked the stinging bruise on my inner cheek and caressed my now red skin lightly with my palm, a grin spreading across my face. "There's no need to hold back your wrath, dear father. I'll take it all...just like I've been doing ever since you became so worthless and pathetic."

Father only stared at me with clenched jaws, a mix of emotions swirling within his orbs. Yet what I wanted to see still wasn't there...regret. I want him to regret locking me in here, I want him to regret not taking me with him that day, I want him to regret everything...but he doesn't and he probably never will so arguing with him isn't even worth it.

"Not in the mood? Well then we'll save that part for later," I told him casually, motioning for him to exit with a fake smile on my lips. "Do you mind? I want to be alone."

Thankfully, he didn't bother to argue.

I evaded a bump between our shoulders as he walked by me and kept my head straight so that I wouldn't be further disappointed by the emotions that his face carried. Once he was out, I slammed the door shut then scurried over to my bed, blocking out the whispers between the two who have officially ruined my life.

I don't want to be under their supervision anymore. I want to live my own life. But because of that Mafia boss; that devil...I no longer have a life.

Sighing, I overturned the pillow on my mattress before grasping the short red dress that laid under it. I smiled a bit, my mood lifting a little as I was reminded of my plans for the night.

Tonight is one of those awesome Fridays when I take the risk of sneaking out of the house. There's a club near here that always helps to keep my mind off the bad stuff. Well, technically, it's the guys that keeps my mind busy.

Hopefully, I'll be able to find someone new tonight, someone who'll make it all go away with just one mind blowing thrust.