The Billionaire's Creed

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Gia Hunter


I did everything against my beliefs in marriage. The day our worlds collided, I hated his guts. If you think a man who is striking—so damn good-looking, shallow, narcissistic, and extremely rich like Mykel Creed will ask the love of his life to marry him? You’re wrong. It was me who asked—a complete stranger, a hardworking independent woman who took a different path from the family business. Yet, right now, I’m marrying him for my inheritance. I blame myself for my self-defeating action. It doesn’t take long for me to realize my biggest mistake is marrying the right man for the wrong reason until my actions speak the loudest, and my heart starts to get a mind of its own. *** Not so long ago, my only priority was making billions with a little bit of fun along the way. Yet it only took Adley Kross a minute to make me agree to marry her—the woman who called me names. If you think I will laugh in her face, call her nuts, and show her the way out? You’re wrong. Well, I owed her, and now she comes to collect it, but that’s not the point—she had me at the first sway of her ass. I blame myself for being drawn to those sterling eyes and her gorgeous curves. But being with her seems to matter more than my money and being bound to her stupid terms.

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Chapter 1


What’s wrong with me?

This guy was attractive, had a good sense of humor, and we were into the same music and food. Yet, it didn’t feel right.

I pulled away and stepped back. I could still taste the beer he had drunk. I could still feel my lips tingling as a reminder that he was a good kisser.

We had met in a bar earlier tonight. After a few drinks, he took me to his place, and he didn’t initiate until I told him it was okay. His apartment was pretty decent, and there were no signs of a red flag.

“What’s wrong?” His hands were cupped around my face.

With my eyes still closed, I sighed, disappointed with myself. I honestly didn’t know what was wrong with me. I hadn’t had a boyfriend for a year now. That was why I tried going out there like every lonely woman should.

I bit my lip as I opened my eyes to look at him. His brows met together as he looked down at me. He was tall, towering my five foot and two inches with four inches added, thanks to Louboutin.

“I’m sorry.” I sighed again.

“Are we moving too fast?”

I shook my head, trying to pull myself together. I didn’t want to sound rude, but here came the cliche part. “It’s just. It’s me. I haven’t dated in a while, and I’m not usually like this. I don’t rush things. I’m not spontaneous like other women—”

“It’s okay. You don’t have to explain.” He placed his hands on my arms. “I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.”

“No. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Okay. We can just sit, watch a movie, and get to know each other.” His suggestion should have made me relax, at least because it showed how gentlemanly he was.

When the situation became awkward, I smoothed my hands over my dress. “I’m sorry. I can’t. How about a rain check? Give me your number, and I’ll call you next weekend.”

He smiled and said ruefully, “No, you won’t.”

“I will, Knox.” I pulled out my phone from my purse and gave it to him.

While he typed his number, he said, “If you need anything. It doesn’t have to be sexual. Call me or hit me up.”

I managed to plaster a smile on my face and dialed his number so that he could have mine saved. “Thanks.”

“No problem. Let me call you a cab.”

“That won’t be necessary.”

“The least I could do, Adley. Is Adley your real name?”

“Yes.” I nodded. “See you.”

My face was burning as I walked out of his apartment. I was over my ex. He’d moved on as well. When my best friend, Blaze, told me to start living like a single woman, I agreed because I realized I missed out on a lot of things.

I’d been busy working for my company from the ground for almost two years, and my ex dumped me because I was too swamped with the home design business.

I pushed the elevator button with my stomach in a knot. I felt terrible for what I did, but I couldn’t force myself to do something I was uncomfortable with. I couldn’t push myself to be someone I was not. And change wouldn’t happen overnight.

I was not against hookups, but maybe, I was not that person.

I pressed the button to the lobby. When the elevator door slid close, someone just slipped in.


I stepped aside.

I was alone in the elevator until a giant man in a suit joined me, interrupting my thoughts. Before I could finish my contemplation, he must be eyeing me up and down as I could feel him standing still, watching me. His stare was unsettlingly direct and unwavering. And something tickled my nose like an expensive woodsy and pine.

“Not a talker, eh.” His voice was deep and sharp, like someone used to command and order around.

I was sure he was talking to me, considering it was just the two of us in the elevator.

“Do I have to say something?” I replied as I glanced up at the man. His chestnut brown eyes focused on me. His thick dark eyebrows slanted. He had a five o’clock shadow that added sharpness to his jaw. And I tried hard not to notice his strong jawline and cleft chin.

“Ah, it didn’t go well.” He released a short laugh. There was a hint of amusement in his voice, which irritated me.

“Excuse me?” I pierced my eyes like a laser beam at him.

He slipped his hands into his pockets and shrugged. “It didn’t take a lot of time. You don’t look exhausted, and there’s no glow on your cheeks.”

I swallowed in an effort to collect my thoughts, trying not to get his remarks under my skin. He was a stranger, and he should not affect me. It was my decision to leave when I could have a little fun.

“It’s none of your business.” My stomach rolled violently.

He chuckled. “Why can’t you just admit he’s a lousy lay?”

“And let me guess, you are good in bed.” I shot back, irritation dripping my sole existence as I shot him a harsh look. “And you just came out from your meal of the night, and the next thing you’d say, the best night of her life. Yeah, maybe I didn’t sleep with him because that was my decision, and if you have a plan on saying another word, I’m gonna gouge your eyes out, jerk. Life doesn’t revolve around sex, and our lives don’t revolve around a man like you, asshole.”

He turned to face me with the most intense look causing a chill to race down my spine. When I thought I should feel panicked as he would do something to corner me, pin me against the elevator wall, and hurt me, but it did not happen. Instead, his body shook until he burst out laughing.

I almost jumped. My heart hammered in my chest.

His eyes glittered. His perfect teeth were white and natural. His espresso hair needed a haircut and was in disarray from his wild night with whoever was the luckiest woman.

With wide eyes, I was stunned to say something and, at the same time, pissed at this awfully intrusive stranger— a strikingly attractive stranger, if I may add.

He then abruptly stopped. He traveled his gaze from my eyes to my lips and down to my chest. The intensity caused my spine to stiffen.

I was wearing a V-neck dress. I was not as tall as a model, but I was happy with the glass hour figure. I may not have butt as the Kardashians, but mine was natural.

“His loss.”

“I said if you something— ”

“You’re gonna gouge my eyes out. I heard you. It was not an insult. Your gorgeous, and I would totally—”

Thankfully the elevator dinged. The door slid open before I could poke his— well, to be honest, he was dangerously handsome in an annoying way, especially when he smiled. He was the kind of man you would second look at and daydream of being with him under your sheets. Maybe if I was too bold and met him in the bar, but I wasn’t. And this guy screamed danger with playboy persona written all over his face and would break your heart and not care.

“What’s your name?”

“Go to hell.” I walked out of the elevator.

“I already am, baby.” I knew he was following me, or we both went in the same direction.

I quickened my pace, but considering how tall he was, he didn’t need an effort if he wanted to catch me. Still, I ignored him out of annoyance.

Thankfully, it didn’t take long to hail a cab. The exorbitantly handsome even waved his hand and said goodbye.


“You’re up early.”

I poured coffee into my mug, ignoring Blaze behind me. “Morning.”

“Or you just chickened out last night.” He helped himself with the coffee pot before he joined me on the island.

“Both. Then, there was this elevator guy who’s a total jerk.” The word guy was even offensive to him because he was nothing like that. He was a man—an extraordinaire with an outstanding ego.

His blue eyes penetrated mine. “What do you mean? Who’s the elevator guy?” He was the one who encouraged me to get a life as if my biological clock was running out.

“Don’t know and don’t care. So last night, I met a guy. He’s kind, and we clicked right away. We went to his apartment, and we started kissing. Then suddenly, it felt like I was cheating on someone. I felt terrible. He still gave me his number even if he said it himself that I wouldn’t call him. He said if I need anything, don’t hesitate to call me, even if not a booty call.”

“Don’t feel bad. It happens when you’re holding up on something. It doesn’t mean he’s kind; he’s the right guy. You know when he is the right one for you.”

“I’m not looking for a relationship.” I grabbed my laptop and checked my email.

“You’re not looking for a fling either.”

I looked at him. “I want a fling, but maybe, he’s looking for a relationship. That’s why it didn’t work out last night.”

“Whatever. You will still go out on Friday. Anyway, we have a client.”

“That’s good news.”

“I already set up a meeting. And guess who’s our client?”

“A rich old man with a terribly gone wrong botox just got married to an attractive social media influencer around my age in one of the resorts in Chile?”

“Nope. It’s Mr. Creed.”