Hey, lovelies! This is my first story here on HiNovel, I started this story many years ago, and wrote about 3 chapters and didn't touch it again for maybe 4 years. During that time, this storyline was always on my mind. So I'm restarting the story on this day- Jan. 2. 2020.

Finished on Aug. 16. 2020

I'm writing this story for me because this is what I want to read. They say to write for yourself and not for the satisfaction of others, that's what this is.

WARNING! This story will include dark themes (such as self-harm, abuse, violence, RAPE) and adult themes (such as sexual content and cursing). You are reading this at YOUR OWN RISK and this is a warning, if you aren't comfortable with any of the things listed please remove yourself from my story. Much love! There will be NO WARNING before at the beginning of the chapters. THIS IS YOUR WARNING!!!!! Contains RAPE and TRIGGERS!!!!!

Now I'm adding this is because many have mentioned it's 'too much' THERE ARE MANY TRIGGERS in this book LIKE SELF HARM AND DEMEANING COMMENTS AND RAPE. Don't read it if you're younger - just ?no ?

The 'abuse' goes for a while and the 'Turing point' isn't till about halfway so it may be hard to get through. Please know yourself and stop ?

These rights belong to me!

Any names that resemble real people are purely coincidental and are all figures of my imagination. The storyline along with the characters are mine and no one else's. If I find my story anywhere but here, you will be contacted!

Thank you and enjoy reading,

The Alpha.

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