Chapter 3

Heading back inside I took the cup my gran was offering and sat on the sofa. I couldn't stop thinking about what had just happened. The way he grabbed my wrist, the way he pulled me to him. He sniffed me for petes sake. Who does that?

But weirdly enough even though I was scared I wanted him to touch me again.

"Leah, honey you there?" My gran laughed knocking me out of my thoughts. "Alanna was telling me she attends the school you've enrolled into".

I had forgotten about school.

"Great, school" Rolling my eyes I sat my cup down. I only had another 6 months and then I'd be finished. But it was 6 months of trying to fit in and not be the new girl.

"Thanks for inviting me over. I have to get home. Leah here's my number just in case you need anything". Taking it from her I smiled. I knew I was a little sceptical about her before but she was the only person I knew here and I needed someone. "No need to get up I only live there".

As I heard the door close I looked at my gran.

"She seems like a nice girl honey, maybe your first friend here. That brother of hers though, He seems like a bit of an asshole".

I burst out laughing. I always found it funny to hear my gran swear. She was always so reserved, swear words weren't her thing.

"But a good looking asshole". She grinned.

I had to agree with her there. He was beautiful.

"I already think he likes you" She winked picking up my cup. "He couldn't keep his eyes off you".

"Gran" I groaned. My gran was my gran but she wasn't ancient. She had my mom when she was 16 so she was still pretty young herself. People always mistook her for being my mom.

"I'm just saying" She smiled "Try and get some sleep I know it's not the best but you'll have a bed by tomorrow".

"I will night gran love you".

"Love you too sweetheart".

I wasn't tired yet. My mind wouldn't turn off. Ever since we got here everything has been weird. From the moment we stopped at that gas station. Taking out my phone I added Alanna's number to my contacts. Opening up a new message I began to type.

'Its Leah, sorry if I came across as a bitch. Didn't mean to be. New town and all that. Thanks for being so welcoming :)'

After hitting send I didn't wait to long for a reply.

'Just a little bit of a bitch lol I'm joking!! Sorry about my brother. Told you he was a bit of an ass but he does have a good heart. Anyways do you want to go for coffee tomorrow? my treat' A x'

I didn't know if I should mention what her brother did or just keep it to myself.

'Coffee sounds good :) you can fill me in on what goes on around here and what you do for fun lol'

Okay so I decided to keep it to myself.

'I'll pick you up at 11. Night Leah, Ax'

Switching my phone to silent I closed my eyes hoping I'd drift off to sleep.


I was crabbit.

The couch wasn't comfortable at all, my back hurt and I was in need of a hot shower and some strong coffee.

"Hot water is good to go". My gran had been up at the crack of dawn trying to get things started on the house. First thing she did was order me a bed. I couldn't sleep on that couch another night. "Coffee is in the pot".

"Thanks gran. I'm going out with Alanna at 11 for some coffee. Do you need me to pick you anything up?".

"I'll be out most of the day anyway honey. I need to get supplies and I'll do a food shop too. You enjoy your day out. How's the hands?".

"A little sore but I'll be fine. I'm going for a shower I'll see you soon".

"I'll leave money of the table. I'll be away before you get out".

I didn't want to leave the shower. The water was roasting and my body was relaxed but if I wanted to be on time I had to get a move on. Wrapping the towel around my body I headed to what will be my room. It wasn't the worst, a lick of paint and some new blinds and it would be as good as new.

Opening my suitcase I pulled out some jeans, a t-shirt, my boots and my leather jacket. After drying out my hair and running my straighteners over it I grabbed my hat and scarf. Autumn was ending and winter was coming. I didn't like being cold but winter was my favourite season of the year.

Giving myself a once over I was ready to go. Hearing the honk of a car I grabbed my bag and phone and headed down stairs. Remembering my money I slipped it into my back pocket, locked the front door and walked to her car.

"Hey" I smiled.

"Hat and scarf?" She grinned as she pulled off down the street.

"It's cold outside and it's not that much warmer in here. Jesus Alanna get the heating on". Don't these people ever get cold? And she was only wearing a sweater.

"Warm blooded" She winked but turned the heating on for my benefit. "So I was thinking we'll go for some coffee then I'll take you around the mall sound good?".

"Sounds good and it beats sitting in the house on my own all day".

"Your gran out?".

"Shopping for the house. She just wants everything to be perfect for me, for us". It was the truth. I've never wanted for nothing in life. She's always made sure I had everything I needed.

"She seems cool for a grandma" She laughed stopping outside the coffee shop. "It's not starbucks but it does the best coffee".

"You had me at coffee". Unclipping my seat belt I got out and we headed inside. It was small but it was cosy.

"I'll get the coffee you find a seat". So I did I found us the perfect little booth in the back right next to the window. I loved people watching, I loved to know what was going on around me. As I was watching the world go by my heart skipped a beat when my eyes landed on him.


And he was coming in here but he wasn't alone.

"I didn't know what you take so I brought everything". Placing the cup in front of me I added sugar and some milk. I knew he was watching, I could feel him staring straight through me.

"Hope you don't mind my friend Lacey is going to join us". Taking off her sweater she sat it on the back of the chair. I matched her movement removing mine along with my hat and gloves.

"That's cool I'm always up for meeting new people". I made the biggest mistake, I looked over. My eyes caught his but this time I looked away straight away. I didn't like that he had a girl sitting on his lap. I had no idea why I didn't like it. I didn't even know him. I was feeling jealous and that wasn't me.

Why was I feeling like this?

"Just ignore him".

"Huh?" I asked my eyes connecting with hers.

"You haven't stopped looking at him since he walked in. My brother has that effect on girls Leah, please don't fall into his trap".

"It's not that it's-..."

“Hey girls". this mop of blond hair took the free seat next to Alanna. "It's going to be a cold winter this year". Taking off her jacket she smiled at me. "I'm Lacey it's nice to meet you Leah".

"You too".

"I'm going to get coffee and then you can continue your story about how you're not staring at Jake" She smirked, my mouth fell open. How did she know that, in fact how did she hear any of our conversation?

I was lost for words. Bringing my cup to my lips I took a sip. I was getting hungry and I really wanted some sugar. As if she read my mind Lacey came back with 3 chocolate muffins. My stomach rumbled at the sight of them.

"Dig in by all means". Taking her seat both girls stared at me as I bit into my muffin.

"What?" I moaned my eyes closing as the taste of chocolate hit my tongue. "I'm a sugar junkie I can't help it". Licking my lips I drank some more of my coffee.

"Oh we're going to be great friends" Lacey winked "Now continue talking about Jake and your staring".

"I wasn't staring". I huffed both girls gave me the bullshit look. "Okay I was but it's like I can't help it. It's weird this has never happened to me before it's like I can't look away".

"Oh god". Lacey side eyed Alanna but it didn't go unseen. "Got the bug already and you've only been here a day". They both started to laugh but I had a feeling they were hiding something.

"I don't even know him and I feel jealous that he has a girl in his lap. This isn't me". I hated it. I was never the jealous type I never have been. I wasn't that kind of girl. If I was with a boy then I trusted that he was with me and only me. I didn't see the point in being jealous.

But this was different. I don't know what was going on with me.

"Think I'm due my period". Huffing I began to eat the rest of my muffin. Never once did I look back over there. No matter how loud they were being or how much my body wanted to I never did.

"I'm going for a refill you want another muffin?". Alanna asked as she grabbed my mug. I wanted to eat the whole damn shop but I decided against it.

"No I'm good with just coffee".

"He's got a good heart". Lacey pipped up causing me to look at her. This was the second time I had heard this. I wasn't interested in him and I was never going to let myself get into that position. By what Alanna just said her brother sounds like a player.

"I'm not that kind of girl". I shrugged. And I wasn't. I didn't sleep around. It took me a full year before I slept with Tommy.

"I know but I'm guessing you may just be what he's been looking for". Winking at me I glanced over at him. The girl was no longer on his lap and he was glaring at me.

He looked pissed off.

"Okay after we drink these we'll go do some shopping and then we can pick up some booze for tonight".

"What's happening tonight?"

"We go to the beach on Fridays. Drink some beer, light a fire basically just have some fun and cool off for the weekend. You in?".

"There's a beach?". I grinned feeling excited already.

"Yes" Alanna looked at Lacey and then they both looked at me.

"I'm from Florida the beach was my life. You can bet your sweet ass I'm in".

"Lets go start our weekend early then".

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