Chapter 3: It's Anger! It's Hatred! But Most of All, It's Sorrow!


He stared at the man and woman in the painting, unable to believe that everything before his eyes was real!

His fiancée had once loved him so deeply!

How could she have done such an immoral thing?

And his father!

How could he be such a beast?


She was his daughter-in-law!

In the entire Dirtmouth, who didn't know that?

How dare he?!

Just then, whispers came from behind him.

The servants all gathered outside the door, watching Jun Chester and whispering about something.

No matter what they were really discussing, to Jun Chester, they all seemed to be mocking him as if he were really a pitiful beggar!

Seven years ago, with his extraordinary breakthrough in cultivation, Jun Chester had turned the Chester family from a second-rate merchant family into a world-class, top-tier aristocratic family!

Now that he had returned home, his deeply loved fiancée had become his stepmother!

Raging anger relentlessly assaulted Jun Chester's sanity.

He glared at the second floor.

He tapped the floor with the tip of his foot.


Like a cannonball fired from a barrel, he then landed after the railing on the second floor!

The servants outside, who had been whispering, were immediately dumbfounded!

The height from the floor to the second floor was at least six or seven meters, and he had leaped up just like that?

With an icy expression, Jun Chester pushed open a bedroom door and entered.

This was the room of Jun Chester's father, Wilfrid Chester!

But as soon as Jun Chester entered, the rage in his eyes burned even more fiercely!

The enormous room, like a small museum, was filled with antique treasures!

These antiques had been transported to Chester Fortress seven years ago!

Back then, because of his unprecedented level of cultivation, Jun Chester received the admiration of the entire country!

Lordran had once been a poor and weak country, subjected to humiliation by some more powerful countries and having its countless treasures plundered!

Seven years ago, those countries that had humiliated Lordran, however, returned all their plundered treasures out of fear for Jun Chester!

At the time, Jun Chester had suggested that the government expand the national museum so that they could store these antiques!

However, the higher-ups in Lordran collectively decided to build a museum near Chester Fortress. Because it was adjacent to the Chester family, it would be safer!

The antiques in Wilfrid Chester's room, although only a small part of the treasures from that year, had already been claimed as his own by Wilfrid Chester!

Jun Chester, filled with rage, was about to confront his father when he heard a sudden, violent cough.

It was Wilfrid Chester.

At this moment, Wilfrid Chester was lying on a large bed covered with a thick layer of bear fur, and he was throwing a blood-stained handkerchief into a golden spittoon by his bedside.

Wilfrid Chester's face was pale, his body emaciated, as if he was already gravely ill.

Beside the bed stood a little girl, about six or seven years old.

When she saw Wilfrid Chester coughing up blood, her little face was filled with panic.

Despite this, the little girl anxiously said, "Father, blood...why are you coughing up blood? I'll go find a doctor!"

Wilfrid Chester was about to say something when he noticed Jun Chester standing not far away.

The father and son looked straight at each other!

Wilfrid Chester's already pale face instantly became filled with fear!

But, it vanished in the blink of an eye!

His eyes were then filled with panic, and he dared not look at Jun Chester again.

Jun Chester, suppressing his raging fury, once again laid his gaze on the little girl's face beside the bed.

She looked like...

She looked like both Wilfrid Chester and Bella!

So, she was...

Their daughter!

"Give me an explanation!"

Jun Chester's voice, as if from the depth of hell, entered Wilfrid Chester's ears.

It was cold!

And it was furious like fire!

In the end!

It was hoarse!

Involuntarily, Wilfrid Chester began to shiver.

The little girl only glanced at Jun Chester before being frightened by his aura. She immediately hid behind Wilfrid Chester, her face full of terror.

"Daddy, who... who is this? I'm scared!"

Wilfrid Chester forced a smile and spoke weakly to soothe her.

"Ann, don't be afraid, he... He is just your brother. Just like you, you are both Daddy's children, his name is Jun..."

Although Jun Chester had already determined the identity of the little girl,

When he heard Wilfrid Chester's words, Jun Chester still felt it was a deadly blow!

His heart ached unbearably!

It was anger!

It was hatred!

And it was sorrow!

Not only did his father take away his fiancée, but they also had a child together!

Before Jun Chester entered the room, he still harbored a glimmer of hope!

He thought there was just some misunderstanding between them!

But now...

It wasn't a misunderstanding but a fact!

Apart from the raging anger, countless grievances burrowed into Jun Chester's heart like ants!

Seven years!

Seven years of bitter cultivation!

What awaited him was such a tragedy!

Enraged and grieved, Jun Chester, at this moment, wanted to disregard all etiquette and morality and tear this old thing that humiliated him to shreds!

"Why would this even happen?"

Jun Chester stared at Wilfrid Chester's face and let out another cold voice.

Wilfrid Chester ignored Jun Chester and gently stroked the little girl's hair at his side, his voice trembling.

"Ann, why... Why don’t you go outside and play. Daddy is fine, Daddy has something to talk to your brother about!"

The girl named Ann seemed to understand something, and instead of leaving, she clung to Wilfrid Chester even tighter.

Her eyes, when looking at Jun Chester, were still filled with fear.

"I won't leave; I want to protect you, Daddy!"

Every word in the conversation between the father and daughter was like a knife, piercing Jun Chester's heart!

Jun Chester could no longer bear this infuriating humiliation and walked step by step towards Wilfrid Chester!

Wherever his feet stepped, cracks appeared on the floor!

The entire room suddenly seemed to be on the verge of a massive earthquake!

Wilfrid Chester and Ann, witnessing what was happening, were terrified to the extreme, both too scared to speak!

Due to overwhelming fear, Wilfrid Chester started coughing violently. He coughed up blood, yet tried to raise his hand, attempting to stop Jun Chester's terrifying steps!

"Bel...Bella will... explain everything to you! It's... not... not what you think..."

Jun Chester found it so ridiculous that he couldn't help but laugh.

"Hahaha... Fine! Bella! You all... you all dogs!"

Ann suddenly stepped in front of Wilfrid Chester, stretching out her frail arms and bursting into tears.

"Brother! Mom said that Daddy won't last much longer! Please don't make him angry anymore!"


Very well!

Jun Chester wanted to understand why everything had become like this, so he had to let Wilfrid Chester have some strength to speak.

Just as Jun Chester was about to point his finger at Wilfrid Chester's heart, a loud slap resounded from outside the door.


Following the slap came a man's vicious voice.

"Little bastard! I knew it was you!"

"Just like your damned father, you're both thieves!"

"Your father had asked my sister to steal money from her family, and you—you steal our antiques! You're really something now!"

"I will crush you to death in front of your grandfather!"

The voice belonged to Bella's brother, who was once Jun Chester's prospective brother-in-law.

But considering the current situation, he was already Jun Chester's uncle!

Lying on the bed, upon hearing the voices from outside Wilfrid Chester looked even more miserable than before, and the first thought that came to his mind was:

"It seems we can't get away with this today!"

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