Chapter 2 My Name Is Song Zhenhai


Cold sweat oozed Wang Kaijie’s forehead. If the old man fainted with a livid face, and it was not because of the difficulty in breathing, then he would have no clue what was going on.

“Um... Well... Let’s send him to the hospital. I cannot do anything to him here,” Wang Kaijie said, standing up in dismay.

“I’ve already called the ambulance earlier. They said it’ll take them at least 10 minutes to arrive here,” the young lady answered in a crying tone, looking at Wang Kaijie in a panic.

“We can’t do anything but wait,” Wang Kaijie said, embarrassed.

Suddenly, some onlookers exclaimed, “Mister, what are you doing?”

Wang Kaijie looked over, only to find Xiao Shun, the good-for-nothing in his opinion, inserting some silver needles into the body of the patient.

“For Christ's sake, what the fuck are you doing?”

Wang Kaijie burst into anger, rushed up, and was about to pull Xiao Shun away.

He couldn’t believe the dead loss dared to do it to his patient under his nose. Should anything happen to this old man, Wang Kaijie would also be responsible.

“This gentleman’s lungs were injured severely before. You patted him fiercely just now and almost damaged his lungs. If you don’t want to kill him, you’d better stay aside.”

Xiao Shun didn’t have time to argue with Wang Kaijie. He acupunctured the old man without taking off his clothes. The needles went through two layers of cloth and entered the old man’s acupoints.

After he was scolded by Xiao Shun in public, Wang Kaijie only wished to beat him up. “You...”

However, he dared not as what Xiao Shun said was exactly the truth.

After patting the old man’s back earlier, Wang Kaijie did smell the blood.

If the old man passed away because of his pats earlier, his career and reputation would be hugely impacted.

Therefore, Wang Kaijie had to hold back his anger.

Xiao Shun wasn’t intrigued to know what was in his mind. Visible spiritual energy entered the old man’s body whenever he inserted a needle and helped his damaged organs recover. Xiao Shun inserted seven needles in a row. Shortly after, he finished inserting all the needles. He took them out in a minute.

“All right,” Xiao Shun muttered and put away the needles calmly.

All the onlookers looked doubtfully at the old man, holding their breath. Suddenly, the old man coughed fiercely, and his face returned to normal. The next second, he opened his eyes.

“Grandpa!” the young lady exclaimed, sobbing in joy.

“Ahem... Ahem... No worries. I’m not going to die that easily,” the old man chuckle gently while patting her back to console her.

“He’s recovered. How amazing!”

“Didn’t Dr. Wang say he couldn’t be cured and must wait for the ambulance? It seems that this young man is better than Dr. Wang.”

“Exactly! Dr. Wang is the attending doctor of the city hospital, but this young man saved the old man Dr. Wang failed to cure. Look. The old man looked even better than us.”

Those remarks sent Wang Kaijie into embarrassment.

Earlier, he had humiliated Xiao Shun unruly. However, what Xiao Shun did was indeed a harsh slap on his face. After all, he had been so proud of his status as a doctor.

“Damn it!”

Gritting his teeth tightly, Wang Kaijie felt too ashamed to stay in the bank. When others didn’t pay attention, he fled.

Watching his back, Xiao Shun sneered. It seemed that Wang Kaijie had bitten off more than he could chew.

In Xiao Shun’s opinion, Wang Kaijie was just such an insignificant clown that Xiao Shun had no interest in stomping on him.

The phone rang several times in Xiao Shun’s pocket. He knew it must be Yao Cen calling to urge him. Xiao Shun heaved a sigh and was about to hail a Uber to the restaurant.

However, the young lady with the old man noticed him. She hurriedly gripped him to stop him. “Mister, you haven’t told us your name. Thank you so much for saving my grandfather.”

The old man was surprised upon hearing her words. Even the doctors at Coradina said his disease was hopeless. This trip back to Hamana with his granddaughter was actually a farewell to his family.

“Young man, can you cure my sickness?”

The old man grabbed Xiao Shun’s hands in excitement.

“You are alright now, mister. Rest well and you’ll be fine. I gotta go now.” Xiao Shun easily pulled his hand back and was about to leave the bank.

“Wait a minute, young man.” The old man stopped him again.

“Yes, mister? What else can I do for you?”

Noticing Xiao Shun’s frown, the old man explained hurriedly, “Sorry for that. I’m too excited... Well, my name is Song Zhenhai. She is my granddaughter, Song Linger. Here is my business card. I have some connections in Hamana. If you need anything, please feel free to contact me.”

“No problem. See you around, mister.”

Xiao Shun put his business card into his pocket, withdrew his hand, and strode toward a counter.

Song Linger stomped angrily and growled, “Grandpa, how rude he is! We’re from the Song family. He’s way too arrogant in front of us. I don’t think he’s cured you, Grandpa.”

The sickness had bothered her grandfather for almost two decades. How could it be cured so easily?

Song Zhenhai heaved a sigh and answered excitedly, “I don’t believe it, either. After waking up, I feel warm and in a much better spirit and I feel like I am young again. I’m sure that young man must have done something. Let’s go to the hospital for a checkup, Linger. Then we’ll know it.”

“Linger, even if the young man didn’t cure me, he saved my life. We must express our gratitude to him.”

Song Linger was silent and made faces toward Xiao Shun. Then she took Song Zhenhai’s arm and left the bank.

Xiao Shun withdrew twenty thousand dollars from the counter and put it in a bag. Then he hailed a taxi at the door, heading for the restaurant.

“Oceanview Restaurant, please,” he said to the driver.


Ten minutes later, Xiao Shun arrived at the restaurant and strode toward the top floor.

In the luxurious banquet hall on the top floor, guests sat at over a dozen tables. The hall was fully packed and lively.

At the round table in the center, Xiao Shun saw the Yao family and several bigwigs in Hamana.

He was surprised to see an old man in a suit sitting next to Yao Zhenshu. He was Ouyang Zheng, the head of the Ouyang family.

Ouyang Zheng was the chairman of the Hamana Antique Association and pretty influential in the Ouyang family. It was rare for such a well-known man to appear at Yao Zhenshu’s birthday banquet. After all, the Yao family did have some money but couldn’t be compared to such an influential family.

On the other side of Yao Zhenshu sat a fat man with a greasy face and a big belly. He plastered a flattering smile, exposing his yellow teeth.

Xiao Shun looked around. Besides the relatives of the Yao family, he saw Yao Cen. Next to her was her mother, Liu Yunxiang, and her father, Yao Jianguo. Both looked annoyed.

Yao Cen wore a formal black dress. Her hair hung over her shoulder. On her fair charming face, her dewy eyes were like pools. She emanated a cold and chaste aura.

Xiao Shun was always calm and steady. However, Yao Cen’s charm occasionally made his heart fluctuate. She was also why Xiao Shun was willing to stay with the Yao family after the three-year agreement.

Xiao Shun took a deep breath, striding toward Yao Cen.

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