Tamed by Alpha's Forbidden Love

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Angelina Bhardawaj


Pain, sadness, and loneliness. That's exactly what defined Avyanna Roosevelt's life. Every time she would change her pack, people would bully her for her unethical birth origins. She was weak—well, at least for the world, who didn't know what she was. Her mother hated her because, for her, she was a bastard child, the result of a drunken one night stand. Life was cruel to her, but she was a survivor, and the only thing she wanted was to complete her education and live among humans. However, all her plans came crashing down when her grandmother died, and she was asked to move into her mother's new husband's home, in the Enceladus pack, the strongest pack in the world. She had thought she would meet the coldest and cruelest alpha, worsening her life even more, but what she didn't expect was to meet an extremely caring and overprotective man, her stepbrother. She thought she would leave in peace after completing her education, until one day her brother came to her and spoke. "In this world, you are mine to protect, mine to care for, and only mine to love. I won't think twice about ripping out the heart that will try to beat for you," he growled before biting her neck.

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Chapter-1 No matter what happens, I shall survive.


"No. No, please don't do this to me! I beg you. I am not at fault. I didn't know anything about it," I pleaded to the people who were once my friends and were looking at me as if I was some kind of scum.

"Let you go? Do you think it's so easy? Not only did you ruin our reputation by becoming friends with us, but you dare to pretend that you know nothing about it? How dare you touch me and my friends and eat with us like you are some normal wolf? You haven't changed into your wolf, no? You are nothing but a girl without a wolf! A weakling! And I do not have the heart to keep the weak with me," Camille said as she kicked me in my ribs, making me cough blood.

Yes. It was my fourteenth birthday today, and to add more to my miserable life, my wolf refused to come out and transform, making me a lantern in everyone’s eyes.

"Camilla? You are beating her for only that? Don't you know? The news has spread like wildfire. My dad told me his friend hooked up with her mother last night, and her mother said she doesn't have a true Father. She is a bastard," Camille's side chick said, making her eyes darken further, and I squinted in my position, trying to form a cocoon to protect myself from more pain to my ribs as I felt like vomiting blood.

"Please, listen to me. I didn't know anything about it until last night," I lied to protect myself.

How am I supposed to tell them that I deliberately hid the truth about my existence so that I could make a few friends?

"You bitch! Do you think I would believe you now? No wonder your mother never liked you! I used to pity you earlier, but now I think you deserve it all!" She shouted at me before she nodded at her friends, who started beating me mercilessly, making me scream in agony as I cried and begged them to stop.

"Girls, tear her clothes. Since she is a bastard, she doesn't have any dignity, and I am sure the boys will love some nice view," Camille said, looking at me with disgust, and I widened my eyes in horror as I looked at the crowd forming as I was being beaten, probably to death.

"No! I beg you! Please, spare me," I coughed blood, kneeling in front of them with the little energy I had.


"Damn it!" I shouted, feeling my nose clogged with water, making me cough as I glared at the culprit.

"Seriously? Was that necessary?" I asked her, and she shrugged.

"It’s not like you left me with any other choice. You have been screaming and going on and on with it since I came here. I tried waking you up, okay? Anyway, what was it all about?" Maddie asked me, and I sighed.

"I am sorry for worrying you again," I said, going towards the bathroom to wash my face.

"Avy, why don't you consult our pack doctor before you go? You have been having these dreams since you entered this pack. And judging from your condition, they are getting worse, aren't they?" She asked, and I sighed.

"It will be okay. Just grandma's death and Brian's betrayal have gotten stuck in my head, creating fake scenarios about blood and everything. Maybe it will all get better with the change of place?" I lied, not wanting to share the tragic dream that was a sad memory of my life.

I still feel like choking every time I see that time. I have never been humiliated in my life more than I had been that day.

Honestly, I don’t even know what has me going on and continuing my life after all the humiliation and hatred I always receive from people around me.

Was it the desire for love? The hope that maybe one day someone would love me more than anything in the whole world? Maybe I will find someone for whom I will be his/her priority? Or maybe because I crave to see my wolf? I don’t know what it exactly was. However, it was definitely related to love.

And till I will find the answer to this question, I was ready to be a fighter.

"Don't take that stupid's name in front of me. If I knew he would turn out to be that kind of guy, I would've never introduced you to him," She growled in anger, and I chuckled at her petite form, which was looking like a red chilly with her face going all red.

"Stop it, Maddie. It’s not like you don’t know. Everyone thinks that I am a lantern because no one has seen my wolf. I am glad his true colors showed before we got further into the relationship. Anyone would prefer strength and beauty over a mediocre girl like me," I said before walking towards the closet to take out my outfit for today.

"Seriously, Avy? Mediocre? You are one of the most powerful girls in the pack, not to mention your thigh-length brown hair and cat-like eyes that even have me swooning over you. You are everything a guy will ever need and desire. It's just that you don't like to show off your features, and honestly, I prefer it that way. I don't want to give this to anyone casually like those barbies," Maddie said as she slapped my ass on my way out, making me scowl.

“Seriously, the confidence you have in me is questionable even for me,” I commented.

"Avy, I will miss you," She said, coming from behind me as she hugged me.

"I will miss you too, Maddie. I wish I was of legal age to be able to decide where to live. Now that my grandma is dead, I do not have any choice but to obey my mother and follow her wherever she wants," I said, and she scoffed.

"Yeah, the same mother who keeps forgetting she has a daughter and can't wait to get rid of her," Maddie said, and I bit my lips.

Well, that hurt a little. However, everything she said was indeed true.

My mother or that's what I have been told all my life she was, never loved me.

From the age I started understanding things, all I have heard from her are curses about me being born. And why wouldn't she? After all, I was the biggest black spot to her life and reputation.

I was a bastard child. A token of her lustful night with God knows whom.

No one knows who my father is, including my mom. She just says she was drunk the night she conceived me. I don't even understand why she gave birth to me if I was nothing more than an unwanted pregnancy to her. And to add more to the shame, my wolf thought it was fun to keep hiding and make me a lantern in front of everyone.

It was a good thing that my physical strength was better than any other normal she-wolf, and thus, everyone in this pack has been under the impression that I just don’t want to change for the past three years.

"I am sorry, Avy. I shouldn't be speaking ill of her like this," Maddie said, breaking me out of my thoughts, and I smiled sadly.

Of course, she would say that. She doesn’t know the relationship between me and my mother, and I preferred it that way.

In my last pack when people came to know about it, let's just say, things didn't go exactly well for me, and my grandma had to come to my rescue, saving both, my sanity and my life.

That was also the last time people saw the polite and humble Avyanna.

Sometimes, to protect yourself from becoming the weak shuttle of society, you have to become or pretend to be the strongest of all, hiding your fears deep inside your bones for others to never find out who you are. Because you know, if others find out about your fears and secrets, they will use every single opportunity to bully you and keep themselves entertained.

Sometimes being pretentious was better than being weak.

No? I wish I could say I was pretending to be strong because maybe, things would become easy for me.

For me, hiding my powers was a tougher task. They don't know that every time someone tries to piss me off, I have to use every ounce of my patience to not retaliate and kill.

This want to kill is not new, and I guess it started three years ago when I started to observe what I can do with my powers, that I was not normal.

"Let's go. You need to collect your documents and say your goodbyes to everyone, no?" She said before kissing my cheeks like an elder sister, and I nodded at her before hugging her.

I will honestly miss her a lot.

After reaching the school grounds, the first thing I did was meet my homeroom teacher to collect the documents.

Taking a deep breath, I waited outside the staff room as she prepared my transfer papers.

Honestly speaking, even if grandma died, and I practically have no guardian here, I was still willing to do anything to not move with my mom and her new family.

And it wasn't only because of her indifference or lack of love towards me. It was mainly because of her new family.

Did I mention her husband is the former alpha of the strongest pack in the world? And that alpha has a son? Not a small kid, but a grown-ass man, the current alpha of the Enceladus Pack, the one, who is most feared in the world.

He lives to his reputation of being ruthless, and with the airing stories of how he kills without blinking his eyes, I don't doubt he was anything less than a demon.

I can survive if I stay clear of him, right? Well that was what I had thought until my mom dropped another bomb on me. To mingle his and ally packs with humans, he teaches in a human school, and not only that, my mom completed the admission processes without my knowledge, and I am going to study where he teaches, and probably become his student too.

"Avy, take your documents. I hope you won't have trouble with your new pack. You wouldn't want to shame your mother, right?" My homeroom teacher said, smirking at me, and I smiled before snatching the documents.

"Don't worry, Mrs. Can. I will not shame my mother by hooking up with my new dad at least," I smiled, her shocked and angered eyes a little too pleasing to my eyes.

It was no news that her daughter slept with her husband and was probably still in bed together.

"You!" Mrs. Can said before dropping her gaze when she looked around us, making me smile wider.

"Let's not spill the family beans in front of everyone now, yeah?" I calmly said, walking away from her desk.

"Woah! That was some sass there," Ashton said before placing his hand on my shoulder, and I smiled.

He was another guy, who is my best friend, and loves me to bits apart from Maddie.

Three years ago, when I entered this pack after swearing that I will never let anyone walk over me, and will make sure I use my power if someone tried to lay their hand on me again, and won't let the events of what happened in the canopy pack repeat, he was the first guy I met.

Avyanna, the ruthless bitch. That's what they have been calling me for the last three years after I had punched the Alpha's son, right in the eye on the first day I came here, which I must mention is my best friend, and the same guy, who has his hand on my shoulders now.

He became best friends with me because he thinks no one has ever been true with their feelings around him apart from me, and he loved that about me.

I honestly think my punch had played with some wires in his head, but who cares as long as I am getting a good friend?