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Abigail was happily in love with her boyfriend Alejandro and she also has some fantastic news to share with him...but a conversation held between the brothers changes everything for Abby when she learns the truth about Alejandro...and that the man she's in love with is nothing but a figment of her illusion... Devastated and completely heartbroken she went home and vowed that Alejandro will never find out about his child...or she presumed...

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Abigail was on her way over to see her boyfriend they've been dating for a year and it's been the best year of her life.Meeting Alejandro and having him in her life was a godsend never before has she met a man more intriguing fascinating.His presence alone was dominating every time when she was near him her heart rate would accelerate,goosebumps would break out all over her skin he'd been her first and that night he had taken it slow showing her the pleasures of making love.

At twenty-six he is seven years older than her,she knows he was working side jobs because his family doesn't have much and he never finished school he has a younger brother and sister although his dad is working it wasn't enough to last them a whole month.He doesn't have much but Abby doesn't care she loves him for who he is and not for what he can give her,his time meant more and so far he's always been there,attentive making sure she was alright and didn't need anything.Abigail loves the fact that he cares so much even though he has a lot to deal with towards his family he always makes sure she has everything she needs.

She touched the silver pendant he had given her for their one year anniversary in it is a picture of them,she'd refuse to take the necklace at first because it looked expensive but in the end when she had been naked,sated and lying in his arms he had fasten it around her neck unknowingly,since then she's never taken it off.She was still in college and her parents has no idea about Alejandro even his family doesn't know her they've decided to keep their relationship quiet and see how far it will go so far it's been great.

Abby has only met his brother Arturo once when he had stopped by the tiny apartment that they share the brothers are really handsome she has to give them that and their dark olive skin tone only increases their sexiness, Alejandro is the tallest with dark black hair when they had met for the first time in one of Seattle's nightclubs Abby had been lost just looking in those dark brown eyes it was as if he was stripping her naked with his gaze,like he could see through her.Their meeting had been instant attraction from day one and when they had come together it had been mind boggling,since then they never stayed a part.She checked her wrist watch Alejandro should be at their apartment his part time job at the supermarket only lasts for a few hours before he comes home,she better hurry.

Today she has good news to share with him soon it won't be just the two of them they'll be three.A smile spread across her face dragging a hand through her chestnut brown hair she sighed,she might be still young to be a mother but having Alejandro by her side she can overcome anything they can overcome anything all that matters was that they are together.Once she finishes school she'll also look for a job that way he won't feel so burden by all the responsibilities maybe they'll even get married.

Picking up the pace she walked faster to their apartment it was cold this time of year in Seattle she's forgotten to take a jacket thinking she'll be back before the sun sets,and she would've if only her mother hadn't kept on grilling her regarding the fact that she was never at home and neither does she come home on weekends being an only child sucks but after Abby her mother couldn't have anymore kids because they had learned she had cervical cancer after her treatment she had been told her chances of falling pregnant again were slim to none.If she can learn that her daughter is pregnant Abby can already see her mother throwing a fit and list all the reasons as to why she never wanted her daughter to move out in the first place.

Not that it mattered she's expecting and keeping her baby no one else's opinion other than that of the baby's father matter.By the time she reached their apartment block she was freezing her lips were ice cold she noticed a very expensive red jaguar parked outside.Who's car was that? she wondered.Ever since they moved in here seven months ago she's never seen anyone with a car here before,not bothered she took the stairs up to the second floor to their room the elevator was broken,as she got near she saw the door was slightly a jar her steps faltered when she heard voices inside their apartment.It was Alejandro and he was talking to his brother,for spanish men their english was perfect instead of going inside she stood outside the door and listen as they talked.

"Does she know?"She heard Arturo asked.

"No,I'm gonna tell her today."Alejandro responded,who were they talking about Abby wondered.

"How do you think she'll take the news."His brother asked.

"I don't know,but I don't love her I hardly know her,and therefore I cannot marry her because I'm in love with someone else,I hope she'll understand."

Abigail felt how her world shattered around her,every bone turned numb the coldness she had been feeling all along instantly disappeared,emptiness closed over her,her knees weaken she literally slid to the ground.He cannot marry her?He loves someone else.Thick tears threaten to fall,her throat was aching while her eyelids were burning as she forced herself not to cry but the tears came anyway,hot and fast.All this time she had thought....believed he loved her cared for her but it had all been a lie,he's been stringing her along playing her for the naive fool that she was.She trusted him,loved him and all he's done was lie to her.Abby could feel her heart breaking in a thousand pieces.

"If you love her does that mean you gonna marry her?"

"Yes,I want to ask her tonight,hopefully we'll start a family soon.You know I've always wanted to have a big family."She heard his brother chuckle.

"I know.This is the first time I've ever seen you trip over your feet for any woman she must be special."

"She is,that's why I need to put my ring on her finger before another man will. Let's have a quick shot Abigail will be home shortly and by the time she gets here I want you gone."

"In a hurry I see."

"Don't be ridiculous,come tomorrow this time you'll have a new soon to be sister in law."

"Have you even told Abigail the truth about who you really are,for how long do you think you can hide the fact that you're a millionaire."

"I'll tell her soon."Alejandro said.Millionaire?Abby's mind worked over time he is a millionaire.The red sport jaguar outside slipped into her mind.It was his car.She doesn't even know what to think or feel anymore,no amount of words can describe the betrayal she was feeling,the pain that was crushing her heart at this very moment.Her tears kept on coming,not wanting to stop,dragging herself up slowly she began walking towards the stairs like a zombie.The life she had built with a man she loves had all been a lie,she loves a man who doesn't exist a man who was an illusion,a shadow.Broken,hurt she went home, she'll raise this baby alone and Alejandro will never know he has a child......