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Arthur thought his life was over when he was forced to sign an annulment for his one-month-old marriage, lost his job and almost got run over by a car. But at the hospital, he woke up to a shocking revelation that changed everything; it turned out he was actually a secret heir to a fortune and also of Royal Blood. Now, he was caught up in a world of wealth, power and revenge he never knew existed.



Staring pointedly at the document before him, Arthur’s brows raised in confusion and suddenly, it melted into realization.

Before him was an annulment of the one-month marriage between him and Claire. Claire was his wife, the woman he fell in love with two years ago. The same woman he proposed to a year ago while struggling to make ends meet.

Slowly, Arthur looked up to meet the gaze of a dark man. Another hefty man was looming over him. They both looked dangerous but Arthur couldn't comprehend what the men had to do with his marriage with Claire.

Before he could say anything, the man in front of him snapped at him in a gruff voice. “Sign that.”

He was pointing at the document with a crooked finger. Arthur followed the direction of his hand before shaking his head vehemently.

“No, why should I?” 

Rage bubbled in the man’s eyes. Suddenly, he snorted and yelled again. “Sign that!”

Even though Arthur was scared of his physique, he didn't do as he was told. He was trying to figure out what this was all about. Claire fought with him two nights ago, it was one of those fights he considered minor. The same type of fights they have been having since they got married.

Every fight was based on his inability to meet up with her expensive lifestyle. That was the only thing he disliked about her. She was too materialistic. 

Instantly, a blow landed on his jaws, making him stumble backwards. The man behind him also descended on him, throwing him punch after punch.

Arthur couldn’t retaliate. The two men were too strong for him and there was no way he could defeat either of them.

Instead of standing back up on his feet, he covered his face with both arms as both men continued to beat him.

Arthur yelped in pain when something hit his face. When he opened his eyes, he saw trails of blood on the floor and he knew instantly that it was his blood.

Another sharp object hit his jaw and he screamed in pain, his eyes closing shut. The pain ran through him as he winced, wondering what they were doing to him. When he opened his eyes, he realized the pain was coming from his hand.

The bigger man smirked, raising the sharp pointed object in an attempt to pierce his hand. Arthur screamed in fear and embarrassment.

He didn't want to go through such pain. 

“Will you sign it or not?” The man shouted, his sticking breath whizzing past Arthur’s nose. 

Suddenly, it dawned on Arthur. It was either he signed the annulment and went free or he refused and ended up with a broken nose or broken bones.

He was indecisive about what to do. He loved Claire. He loved her so much. He went through a lot to win her heart, to ask her out on a date and to finally propose. He did all sorts of menial jobs just to ensure she would have her dream wedding. 

And now they were finally married. Having Claire as his wife was like a dream come through for him. 

Even though he still had some debts to clear from the wedding expenses, he didn't care. His love for her was enough. 

“Answer me, you fool!” The man’s loud voice jerked Arthur out of his reverie. His body trembled in fear. 

Just before he can voice out his decision, the door is thrown open from outside and Claire comes in with a man behind her.

Their eyes met. For a second, Arthur felt ashamed of being caught in that position by his wife. He knew Claire had no regard for him at all.

When Claire snorted, Arthur jerked upright, remembering what that was all about. 

An annulment.

“Babe!” He screamed, hoping for a second that this was all a trick or a dream or a test. Just anything. But definitely not the reality.

But the expression on Claire's face said it all. 

“What is…” Arthur is cut short by the action from the man behind. The man grabbed Claire’s ass which made her giggled like a child.

Arthur’s breath hitched.

“Is the document signed?” The man behind Claire demands, dragging her to his side possessively. 

The two men who have been beating Arthur up shake their heads and the man exchanged a knowing glance with Claire. With an angry expression, Claire leaves his side and walked up to Arthur on the floor.

“Sign the goddamn paper, Arthur!” Her breath filled his entire face as she leaned towards him, looking upset.

It made Arthur wonder what he must have done to deserve that. Their marriage clocked only a month the week before. This shouldn't be the end when it was only the beginning, Arthur thought to himself.

Claire raised her hand and struck him on the face, rage bubbling within her at his refusal. “I don't love you, you imbecile. The man I love is him”, she pointed at the man behind. He was wearing a grey suit with an expensive suede shoe and a Rolex watch. From his appearance, Arthur already knew he was wealthy.

It made him want to tear up. 

“I married you because I thought you had something to offer but obviously you dont. I can't even go out in public and introduce you as my husband with pride, what does that make us both? I figured there would be no need at all to remain married to you so please sign the paper!”

Arthur forced back the tears threatening to fall. “You told me you loved me, Claire. How could you do this to me?”

She chuckled for a while before folding her arms around her bosom, the affection he used to see in her eyes was gone. The only emotion he could detest was nothing but hatred.

“I don't love you. I never did so sign the papers or you will have yourself to blame”, she muttered in a threatening tone.

Graciously, she walked back to the man behind and they hugged each other. Like a loser, Arthur watched them kiss until something hits him on the face again, making him shut his eyes as a loud cry of pain leaves his mouth.

Arthur didn't know what happened or what they just did but he realized he couldn't open his eyes. His eyes were hurting him, they were stinging him like hell and he couldn't help but continue to scream out.

While writhing in pain, someone grabbed his hand and stuck a pen in between his fingers. Forcefully, they made him sign the papers before kicking him in the groins and on the face.

The last thing Arthur heard just before he passed out on the cold floor was the slamming of the door shut.

He figured they were all gone and he was divorced.