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WARNING: Matured contents!!! 18+ This book contains a lot of steamy content. I suggest readers should be at least 18+ to read. "I'll never be your plaything," my voice cuts through the tension. "Your father's debt was paid with your life. You belong to me now," he declares, grabbing me by the arm. ________________________ Enzo Saviano, a formidable Italian mobster abducts Gabriella Diaz as payment for the debt of her father who is desperate to settle his gambling debt. For Enzo she is just like every other girl he has slept, an easy fuck or is she?

Romancecontract marriagelove-triangleMafiaBillionairePossessivebxgSexErotic18+Adult

Chapter 01

"No teeth," Enzo tutted, placing his hand on the couch as he watched her suck down on his cock. She nodded, bobbing her head up and down, her hands tied behind her back with his tie.

She had been bobbing her head for a minute now but he was yet to feel anything because her teeth had been slightly grinding at the side of his cock.

Enzo bit his bottom lips finally feeling his release close to the tip of his cock but she stopped bobbing at the same pace and he felt it subsiding.

Fuck! She is really bad at this, he thought to himself.

Impatient, he stood on his feet with his cock still inside her mouth. He grabbed her by the hair yanking it backward so he could see his cock slipping out of her mouth.

He thrust in twice before pulling his cock out of her mouth, "Up," he ordered.

She stood up turning her back to him immediately, he untied his tie on her wrist.

She turned to face him, her lips curling up into a smile as she placed her hand on his shoulder.

Enzo grabbed it mid-air, "No touching," he warned yanking her hand off his body. Touching isn't something he condoned, especially from a woman.

She nodded understanding his desire, she watched him walk over to the bedside table to grab a condom knowing the only way to get his release was to take it from her.

She remained on the spot waiting for his next order, "Get on the couch, give me your ass," he ordered her, he placed the condom to his lips and ripped the nylon off.

He walked over to her and stood behind her as he placed the condom over his erect cock. A smirk fell on his lips as he stared at her behind, pushed up waiting for him to take it.

"Wider," he ordered, not wanting to have too much body contact with her. She obeyed and opened her legs wider for him, he stared at her behind for a second, and without warning he plunged into her.

A gasp escaped her lips and her body jerked forward, her hand grabbing the couch and holding on for dear life.

He grabbed her by the waist holding her steady as he continued to plunge himself deeper into her, his phone suddenly began to ring but he ignored the phone.

It soon went silent but it began to ring again and this time Enzo knew it was an emergency. His men knew well enough not to call him twice whenever he was with a woman, he quickly reached for the phone and pressed received.

"What the fuck Ale?" He scoffed, his cock still thrusting in and out of her ass, releasing almost at the tip of his penis.

"I apologize for disturbing you, boss. The man in our custody is offering his daughter to us in exchange for his payment," Alejandro's voice came on.

"What?" He questioned before dropping the phone down on the couch, he held on to her waist, his fingers digging deep into her skin as he felt his release so close.

"Fuck," he cursed jerking his dick out of her and placing it on her ass, he exhaled deeply as he released into the condom strap on his cock.

Trust isn't exactly something he gave easily, not even to a condom. He remained still groaning in pleasure before grabbing his phone and placing it back on his ear.

"Wash off and Get out," he ordered taking the condom off his dick while Alejandro waited in line, figuring out the current situation. "Speak," he yelled at Alejandro, irritated that he had to rush what he was doing because of him.

"He is offering his daughter in exchange," Alejandro said.

"His daughter? Why will he offer his daughter?" Enzo questioned running my fingers through my hair. He had never seen anyone offer any of their family members in exchange for what they owed him, much less his daughter.

Is the man perhaps intoxicated and unaware of what he is offering? His daughter?

"I will be at the warehouse soon,” Enzo said.

"Alright Boss."

"Also next time get me a girl who can fuck, not a fucking robot," He added between gritted teeth. The lady came out of the bathroom, even though she didn't say anything Enzo could sense that she had overheard him and she couldn't deny that she was a terrible fuck.

As much as he didn't enjoy talking while being intimate, a little sign of pleasure from the woman turned him on faster. The lady seemed too stiff like she wanted to get this over and done with.

"Sorry about that, Boss, tonight will be something better," Alejandro reassured Enzo.

Enzo extended his hand to the bundle of money on the table for her to go and get it, she walked over to the table and picked up the money before heading out of the room, silently raining curses on him but Enzo was unbothered by her.

"I just sent a picture of the lady, the man's daughter," Alejandro informed him as his phone vibrated in his ear.

Enzo brought down his phone to his eye level to see the picture Alejandro had sent him, at first glance he found himself biting his bottom lips as he stared at the picture of a woman in a bikini by the beach side smiling.

His hand traced the curve of her waist with a mischievous grin plastered on his face.

Is this his daughter? Enzo thought to himself.

Alright, the man's daughter was not so bad after all but she wasn't useful to Enzo apart from getting his sexual pleasure from her.

Looking at her she looked too plain and not in his league. His money was far more important than this but if he was offering his daughter then he might as well have her and still have his money.

It was a win-win for Enzo and maybe for his men if she did well in his bed.

"Have the boys go get her immediately, alive," he ordered, bringing the phone to his ear.

"On it boss," Alejandro replied before disconnecting the call.

Enzo brought the phone back to his eyesight as he looked at the picture, he thought to himself, well I guess tonight will be fun after all.

She will make a good fuck.