Chapter 2

Amelia's p.o.v

  "But I am your mate." I whispered with tears rolling on my cheeks as his expression turned cold.

  My mate...was already mated. I couldn't believe his words. They hurt so bad and my wolf was whimpering in pain.

  He slowly knelt and faced me. At that very moment, I feared for my life and my heart picked up.

  His eyes were slowly turning into a shade of red. He looked very upset with me and his expression was deadly. 

  I quickly lowered my gaze to the ground.

  "I have heard that sentence quite a lot, so if I ever hear those words again from your dirty lips, I promise to rip you into shreds. Am I clear?" He asked huskily. His voice held a binding dominance.

  I moved back slightly and bit my lower lip hard.

  There was no way I was agreeing to such a command no matter how much my wolf wanted to submit.

  Why was I not allowed to say that when it was the truth.

  "I said, am I clear?" He asked again but this time emitting his strong pheromones that forced any lower rank to give in and submit.

  I bit my lip even harder as my wolf's whimpers began to grow.

  She was scared, very scared of our mate. And I was as well.

  A scream escaped me when I was grabbed by the hair and forced up to my feet.

  "I guess I was too kind to you a while ago." He spat then walked ahead dragging me back to my pack.

  "I'm sorry." I cried out when his grip tightened. 

  My scalp was aching badly and my body was already sore from the hits I had received earlier from the men that had tried to take me by force.

  "No, you aren't." He whispered while approaching a few of his men who stood near the pack house laughing hard at the naked bleeding woman crawling on her belly to get away from them.

  What was he trying to do!. Where was he taking me!. Those thoughts were going through my mind as I tried to keep up.

  The men quickly looked up and gave him a respectful bow then went back to laughing at the woman.

  I stumbled a bit and hissed over my aching thumb.

  He walked into the pack house and dragged me upstairs as my cries turned into sobs.

  I hated the pain he was inflicting on me. 

  Not so long ago I was being treated the same way by the pack men and now my own mate who was supposed to accept and love me was doing the very same thing.

  He kicked the office door of my former alpha and walked in pushing me to the ground.

  I fell with a loud thud hurting my ass before looking up to meet his eyes.

  "Turns out this slut wants to have fun as well." He said loudly with a smirk scaring me. 

  I quickly turned and looked behind.

  Three men were standing naked and surrounding one lady who was kneeling between them with her mouth forced open by the man behind her, her face was covered in tears and her body was badly bruised and trembling.

  When she met my gaze I held in a scream. She was the daughter of our former alpha Merbal.

  Merbal was the pride and trash of our pack that all men worshipped. She was tall with a pretty figure and large breasts. Her long hair enhanced her beauty as well.

  She was the talk of everyone and my greatest tormenter and bully.

  Her role was to make sure I died by her hand.

  She made sure to watch while the men harassed and hit me whenever I rejected their offer of letting them fuck me.

  A few times I had to use my brain and offer my mouth as their form of release so they wouldn't have their way with me.

  I rarely ate food because I was starved deliberately by the women taking care of the pack's daily meal. My job was to clean around and wash clothes for our pack warriors.

  Just because my father was unknown and my mother died while giving birth to me, I saw the hardship of life. Because I was an Omega, I was the trash that everyone despised. I was unwanted, Unloved, and hated by all. But then I dared to dream. 

  And my dream was to find my mate. 

  When our pack was ambushed I felt no remorse. I wanted all those that tortured me for years to all burn and die. 

  Even when I was forced to the ground by that delta and his men, all I could think about was how to escape in search of my mate!. Meeting him right at that moment was a shock and relief to me and my wolf.

  We had no idea that he could be an alpha, a rank that was above all Werewolf ranks. Stronger than all. Dominant and a leader born to rule. Pride swelled in my heart.

  When he touched my chin and made me look into his deep, brown eyes, the tingles erupted throughout my body and all I could see was how sexy and handsome he was.

  My mate was truly an alpha.

  His hand went on my hand that was covering my breast and without thinking, I dropped it so he could look at me as much as he wanted. For the first time, I saw a glint in a man's eyes that wasn't only lust but concern. He really did want me. 

  Sadly everything crushed before my very eyes. It was all just an illusion in my head which I had created on my own. My mate didn't want me at all!.

  "Should we take turns on her or do we all fuck her together?" One warrior asked while licking his lips.

  "Take her together." My mate answered simply.

  I looked at him with widened eyes.

  "She needs to learn never to talk back to me." He said seriously, his every word lancing with venom.

  I hated him. I hated the bastard who was my so-called mate.

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