Chapter 2 Seven Years Later

"If we told mommy, we won't be able to see daddy!" Alfie touched Diana's little head comfortingly like an adult. "Diana, don't you want to meet daddy?"

"Of course, I do!"

"Then listen to me." Alfie said, "We not only want daddy to take us in, but also to bring Daddy and Mommy together! In this way, Mommy does not have to work so hard, and we can have a family like other kids!"

"Okay." Diana nodded deftly, "I'll listen to you, Alfie!"

"Good girl, Diana."

In the elaborately arranged courtyard not far away, Jennifer was humming a song while turning over herbs. She would never have thought that the man she had been hiding from for seven years would be led to the door by the two little troublemakers.

Why did she hide? Because the children were too intelligent. She was afraid that Ivan would want to take them away from her.

The Rolls-Royce slowed down, driving into the village as it was navigated. Large swaths of flowers, which grew wildly, came into people's view.

Red, yellow, white... all colors.

The branches were full of flowers. When the warm breeze blows, it was really beautiful.

Ivan was sitting in the back seat of the Rolls-Royce like a king. From his deep eyes, no trace of emotion was discernible.

Finnley looked out the car window and was shocked by the large scale of flowers that he saw.

The sky here was blue, with white clouds floating in it, like marshmallows.

"Alfie, shall we go out now?" Diana whispered.

Alfie watched as Rolls-Royce slowed down and drove into the yard, "Wait a minute."

Not far behind the water tank, the two troublemakers were staring at the car closely, their heart racing.

The car door opened. The black-clad bodyguards came down first.

Under the expecting gazes of the children, Ivan finally showed up.

Next to the luxury car, under the sun, Ivan looked exactly like on TV. His suit fitted him perfectly. His delicate eyebrows looked a bit cold.

He was so cool!

"Wow!" Alfie couldn't help but cover his mouth and whisper. He had become a fan of Ivan. "Daddy is so handsome!"

Diana was also stunned, "Daddy is so handsome, but why doesn't Mommy want him?"

Finnley closed the car door. Everyone slowly looked around the yard.

The yard was not big, but the layout was ingenious. It looked very classical.

The two rows of bamboo houses were vertical to the ground. There were several water tanks with lotus flowers and red carp in front of the houses.

A beautiful cherry blossom tree was in full bloom. Green grass was around every corner, dotting this early summer.

Finnley showed Ivan the iPad, "It's here, that's right." The GPS showed they had reached the destination.

At this moment, the closed bamboo door squeaked open.

Jennifer came out with a basin of freshly washed herbs. When she saw the scene in the courtyard, the smile on her face froze. Her heart pounded!

Opposite Ivan! She felt hit by thunder! She opened her eyes in amazement!

Memories from seven years ago came to mind, Ivan frowned unconsciously.

Jennifer hurried back to subdue her panic.

Ivan's cold gaze was fixed on Jennifer. In his eyes, she was as pure as ever. Nothing seemed to be real.

Being stared at by him like this, Jennifer's heart was beating wildly.

She tried to calm down. Her delicate face was smooth and pale. Her waist-length hair was as bright as black satin. She was in a beige dress that reached her knees. She looked very pure.

She deliberately looked away. But Ivan recognized her at a glance.

Jennifer was still as slim and sexy as ever.

After that night, he didn't leave until six o'clock in the morning, and before leaving, he saw her face clearly through the morning light.

This delicate and pure face was unique. He never forgot it for the past seven years.

Jennifer panicked. Did he come over to take the children from her?

She moved, and gently placed the herbs under the cherry blossom tree. She thought maybe she should flee because they looked prepared.

Ivan had doubts about why she disappeared with the ring seven years ago, and why she led him over now. What was she going to do?

The silence puzzled Finnley. He could not figure out what Ivan was thinking about.

Ivan was known for having little interest in women. Why was he attracted by this woman?

Ivan stared at Jennifer. He was indeed touched. But his gaze remained cold. That was a big joke. The Blue Sky Plan was the lifeblood of the Marsh Group!

Jennifer didn't dare to look at Ivan, she bit her teeth and fled!

Ivan took a step forward, grabbed Jennifer by the wrist, and pulled her into his arms, hitting his chest.

He smelled the faint scent of her, which was clean and comfortable.

Jennifer smiled as sincerely as she could. "Sir, you must have gone for the wrong person."

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