"Yes! Just like that!" I moaned as Luke licked my clit perfectly. Soft and hard. Just the way I like it.

"Shit Luke I'm gonna cum" I moaned as I gripped on his hair, prompting him to move his tongue faster and harder.

As I felt myself coming to the edge, my grip on his hair got stronger, I wouldn't be surprised if hair had come off his head when I take my hands off.

I began moving my hips until I felt myself cum on his mouth, to which he expertly licked clean.

As soon as I was clean and very wet, Luke got up and pulled my legs up to place it on his shoulder.

He began tapping his hard on on the lips of my dripping wet pussy before finally sliding inside me.

Our moans were in sync, and his huge cock was probably the best thing I've ever had inside me so far.

"Luke" I moaned continuously as he played with my boobs with one hand, and played with my clit with the other.

At first, his thrusting was slow and deep, but then he changed pace and began thrusting faster and deeper.

He didn't stop playing with my clit either, even with the speed.

Luke was expertly doing everything that I felt myself cumming for the second time tonight.

"Fuck I'm cumming again!" I breathed out, prompting him to move faster.

Before I could release, however, Luke stopped.

I was about to ask why, but then he lied down beside me and motioned me to ride him.

I began straddling him and bounced up and down while I played with myself.

Luke gripped my ass before giving it a hard slap.

"I'm gonna cum baby" he said before he got ahold of my hips and moved his cock faster, syncing our moans once again.

As I felt myself cumming, the warm liquid had already filled me up.

I landed my entire body on top of him as we caught up with our breathing.

"Best. Sex. Ever" was the only thing I could say before I eventually blacked out.

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