She's An Alien

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Yuriko Hime


What would you do if someone was to tell you that you are an alien? Would you feel upset? Surprised? Or perhaps scared? Well all of those would work, except the girl that received the news didn't exactly know who or what she was. Read her adventure as she learns to live, breathe, and be an alien while retaining her human side. (Book 2 of 2)

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Chapter 1

The island has always been uninhabited. Left untouched by men and gigantic skyscrapers, it was able to retain its natural beauty. The leaves were as lush as ever. Flowers of different colors were abundant, scattered on the grass. If one would look hard enough, a deer could be seen lurking against the bushes, or perhaps playing with the other animals.

The peaceful life in the island was momentarily disturbed as three figures searched the place. They moved with such speed and intensity that a normal human being wouldn't be able to distinguish them between the wind. It only took the island's guest half an hour to sweep the whole area and find what they were looking for.

One of the island's occupants, a deer, watched the three figures curiously behind the bushes. It has never seen anything apart from the other animals, and it was feeling a hint of excitement and fear for what was to transpire. The deer observed the three figures, which all belonged to bewitching girls. One of whom has flaming red hair, and a gaze that seemed to match the fierceness of her locks.

Another girl had a kinder face and a sun-kissed skin. Her eyes were smaller, though there was gentleness there. They were both looking at the third, which appeared to be their leader. This girl was different. More commanding with an unrelenting stature. With pale hair and eyes the color of sunset, she was more ethereal than any other creature. She was the sun.

"Do you feel that?" she told the other girls. "This is where I'm picking the strange energy."

The female with the red flaming hair scanned the area. She glanced skywards first, then checked between the trees. Her gaze landed on a deer that was lurking on the bushes, until she looked back at her companions. "I sense it too, oh Great One."

"Jorge, I told you to call me by my human name as long as we're here on earth," said the girl with the sunset eyes. "Act like the humans. Talk like the humans. Look like a human."

"Sorry Tahti," Jorge said in apology before she bowed low.

Tahti brushed off her apology with a wave of her hand. "Gina," she said. The girl with tanned skin snapped to attention. "Sweep this location. I want you to search carefully for any detail we might have missed. If anyone sees something, call me."

"Yes Tahti."

The deer continued to watch the three females silently until they hit a jackpot on their quest. One of the girls called Gina requested the others attention. They saw an irregularity on the ground. The deer's ears piqued with interest. The other animals always knew about that irregularity, though none had the bravery to investigate it further. But the three girls were different. They wanted to sought it out.

"There's something on the ground," Tahti said. She stomped her boots, as if testing for hollowness. "Jorge, remove the dirt and see what you can uncover."

The ground shook. It was a light rumble at first. The deer cowered on its hiding place as the shaking intensified. Jorge with the flaming hair lifted her hands. As she did, a portion of the ground was removed, exposing a crater-like shape that has never been there before. The shaking ceased. It took a while before the deer stopped trembling and was able to gather the courage to look.

Jorge tossed the large chunk of earth on the side. It landed with a thud, making more birds fly in every direction as they flee for their lives. "Is that what I think it is?" she asked as she leaned to look with the others.

"It's definitely a capsule from our planet. A resting capsule." It was Gina who spoke. She was as excited as the two girls. "Should we take a look?" She waited for Tahti's approval before she made a move. The three of them jumped below.

The deer, wanting to see what was happening deliberated whether to go nearer to the girls or stay in the safety of the bushes. The island's guest didn't seem like bad creatures, though the deer knew that they might be dangerous. Nonetheless, the deer has never seen anything like this before in his long life in the island. With a bold run, he was out from the bushes and went straight to look at the crater. There he found the three females opening an oval shaped contraption.

The capsule, as the girls called it, released a steam as the lid popped open. Tahti and the others had to wait for seconds before the steam disappeared. Jorge pushed the lid wider, allowing them to stare at what was inside. "I can't believe it!" She gasped. "It's Alena. What is she doing here?" Tahti pushed Jorge unintentionally to the side in her haste to take a closer look. She turned paler as she fixed her gaze on the sleeping form of the female on the capsule.

"Did we finally find Alena after all these months?" Gina asked.

Tahti squeezed her eyes shut. "Something is wrong here."

"Let's take her above," Jorge offered. Gina nodded and ushered Tahti away from the crater. The latter was still sporting a confused look as they waited for Jorge to do her job. The deer scurried back to where it came from. It observed with wide eyes as vines appeared from the ground and carried the capsule and Jorge upward, next to the waiting Tahti and Gina.

Tahti took another look at the sleeping girl in the capsule. Her eyes were soft as she brushed her fingers on the female's pinkish lips. "There's something wrong," she murmured.

Jorge stood beside Tahti. "What is? Aren't you happy that we finally found her? She disappeared about three months ago with her best friend Niko and hasn't been seen since. We all heard the news but—"

"Jorge," Gina scolded. "Those news are not true. Alena wouldn't do that. Alena is a good person." She walked to them and placed a hand on Tahti's shoulder. "Clearly the news are mistaken." She pointed to the sleeping girl. "How can Alena do those things when she's right here sleeping all along?"

"I wish that was true, but this girl is not Alena," Tahti said.

Jorge glanced at their leader questioningly. "Huh? She looks like Alena to me. Not that I'm contesting your judgment Your Grace. What are your thoughts on this?"

Tahti continued to stroke the sleeping girl's hair, as she has been doing all this time. "Her appearance is like my bride's, but somehow I'm sensing something different from her. Like she's Alena, yet she's not her. The essence is not like hers."

"Hmmm. Well there's only one way to find out. Let's wake her up," Jorge said. "Then we'll really know if she's Alena or not." Tahti looked uncertain. "Don't worry," Jorge assured with a smile. "Gina and I are right here, Leader. We'll support you like always."

"Okay." Tahti lowered her hand from the girl's hair to her shoulder. She hesitated before tapping the girl gently. "Alena? Wake up." It took a few tries before the girl opened her eyes. She blinked slowly and didn't seem to notice her spectators. "Hey," Tahti said, capturing the girl's attention.

The deer could clearly see her reaction from where it was hiding. The female's eyes widened. It sat hurriedly and glanced around, as if it was lost. She pushed herself from the capsule and stood, only to come crashing down. Tahti caught her with both hands and steadied the girl back to a sitting position. "Alena it's me, Tahti."

The girl opened her mouth wide, but no sound came out. She narrowed her eyes and opened her mouth wider. She gurgled but didn't speak a word. Frustrated, she cleared her throat and coughed. "Talk to me," Tahti said again. "What's happening?" Tahti glanced at Jorge and Gina. "Her heartbeat is increasing, but apart from that her vital signs are normal. Do you think something is blocking her airway, preventing her from speaking?"

Gina kneeled beside the capsule. She took a good look at the girl. "I don't think she's in any danger, if that's what you're concerned about," she said to Tahti. "I just think that she's confused."

Jorge leaned to the girl. "Hey." She snapped her fingers inches from the girl's face. "Why aren't you speaking? You're scaring our Leader. You've been gone for months and now you're acting like a fool."

Tahti gave Jorge a warning stare. "Stop it."

Jorge immediately dropped her hand. "But I'm not used to seeing her like this. Normally Alena will snap back at me for being rude. Or she'll threaten to kick me. This is really unlike her." Jorge gasped. "Oh I know! I'll tease her some more. Maybe she'll come around." Jorge turned back to the girl. "Hey, Alena. Do you own a pair of scissors? Cause that's the closest way you can do scissoring. Get it? Ha ha." She frowned when the girl didn't react. "Can she even understand us at all?"

Tahti's eyes glinted when she turned to the girl. "Do you know who I am?" She didn't receive an answer. "Do you understand what I'm saying?" The girl looked at her blankly.

"There seems to be a problem with her speech pattern," Gina said.

"I know," Tahti agreed. "I will fix that." She closed her eyes and placed her palm on the girl's forehead.

The first thought that came to mind was the word warm. Somehow I knew that the hand that was resting on me was warm. I didn't know how I knew. I just knew. I opened my mouth for what seemed like the tenth time today. "Warm," I said. Well I wanted to say that but the sound that came out was "Wam," instead of "Warm."

"You're speaking again," said a girl. She had orange colored eyes, which brought me back from the word I have started from, warm.

"Hoo aw yoooo?"

The girl removed her hand from my forehead and stared at the other two. "Alena is saying the words like a child," she said. "I used my power for her vocabulary, but it's not supposed to turn out that way."

"This is turning stranger by the minute," said another girl with red hair. She faced me. "Ok, let's clear this out before I flip. I'm Jorge." She touched her chest. "That gorgeous girl who looks Asian is my wife. And the one next to you is our leader, Tahti. You are Alena, our friend. Get it? You bailed out on us months ago. We searched for you, found you, and now you're acting like an immature idiot."

"Jorge," Tahti said. "Enough."

"I am not Alena. Alena is the girrrrl in my dweeems." I touched my head. "My dweems." How did I know these terms? How did I even know how to talk?

Jorge rolled her eyes. "Oh great. She's not immature. She's full on cuckoo. I rest my case."

"Where were you before this?" Gina asked. I thought about it. Where was I she asked. Nowhere. I wasn't anywhere but here. I opened my eyes a few moments ago and here I was, looking at the girl with orange eyes. I shook my head at Gina. She glanced worriedly at Tahti and Jorge. "She doesn't seem to recall anything," she murmured. "I've read about this in a book. Saw it on the drama too. They said it's amnesia."

A thoughtful look crossed on Tahti's face. "You're saying that Alena disappeared three months ago with Niko, had an accident, lost her memory, and somehow ended on an uninhabited island with nothing but animals, and was placed underneath the ground inside a capsule. The possibility of that happening is lower than .01 percent."

Jorge smirked. "If I may, Your Excellency. The humans said that life in another planet is lower than that possibility you just gave, yet here we are."

"Yet here we are," Gina mimicked. Instead of arguing with them, Tahti unzipped her bag and took something. "You brought your tablet?" Gina asked. "What for?"

Tahti pressed here and there. "I tweaked the device so I would be alerted whenever there's a news about Alena. I'm using the earth's satellite to have connection everywhere we go." She swiped the tablet. "A flash news arrived just now." She concentrated on the screen for a minute before she shoved the tablet inside the bag. "News said that they spotted Alena somewhere in Brazil. The description matched her."

"Then who is?" Jorge turned to me. "If she's not Alena, then who is she?"

Tahti touched my arm. It caused a thrill to run down my spine. It was the first time I felt that. The first time I was feeling anything. "Can you do me a favor and part you hair?" she asked. I did so without question while the three of them stared at my forehead. "She has Alena's tattoo," Tahti said. "But I'm pretty sure that the Alena they're describing on the news had a tattoo as well."

"Yes," Gina agreed. "Plus the Alena on the news is sometimes spotted with Niko."

"Twins?" Jorge suggested. "It's the only explanation."

"But why would they both have tattoo's on their forehead?" Gina said. "Remember that our species are born with a tattoo to show us who our soulmate is. Even if Alena and this girl are twins, they shouldn't have matching tattoo's because that would mean that Tahti is destined to be with both of them."

Tahti tilted my face in her direction. "Are you sure that you're not Alena?" she asked me.


She sighed. "Then we will treat you as her twin. What is your name?"

I shrugged. "I dog no."

"Oh boy," Jorge muttered. "She's like a newborn baby. Have you ever been outside of that capsule?"

"No. I woke up today."

Tahti searched the immediate surrounding until her eyes landed on a flower. She jogged to it and was immediately beside me again, as if she didn't move at all. She handed the flower to me. "You're as beautiful as that flower," she said.

"Flowa," I repeated.

"Yes. . . Flower. It's name is Aleli."

"Aleli," I said.

"Correct. You like that name?" I glanced back at her and nodded. "Then from now on we will call you Aleli, after that flower."

"Great, we're even naming the baby," Jorge said sarcastically. "Next thing you know, we have to buy diapers to get rid of all the poo."

"Don't be mean," Gina scolded. "She's our baby now. You can teach her anything."

Jorge eyes lighted. "Anything?" She snickered. "Oh just you wait Aleli. I'm going to teach you so much that by the time I'm through with you, you're going to be great."

Tahti helped me up. My legs sagged, but she supported before she scooped me in her arms. "You're not stable yet," she said. "I'll help you." She glanced at her companions. "Ready our vessel. We're going to get out of here. Then after a few days we'll continue our search with Alena." She turned back to me as she carried me to whichever direction she wanted. "And just to put it out in the open, your twin found out something about herself, which was why she disappeared."

"What?" I asked.

"She's an alien. Which means you are too."