Sex With the Virgin Maid

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WARNING: THIS BOOK MAY CONTAIN STEAMY AND SEXUAL CONTENT WHICH IS STRICTLY NOT FOR KIDS UNDER 18 . "Bryce!". I screamed as I feel his huge cap nudge at the entrance of my womanhood. He groaned as he pressed in deeper before he slides into my wet entrance. My walls clenched around him while he stretched my inner muscles as he kept pushing deep inside me. "Please". I cried and placed the tip of my finger down at his waist in an effort to push myself away from him. "Please". I begged but he only retracted his hip and thrusted into me fully, deeper, stretching me wide enough to accommodate his full length. . He is the handsome, sexy and heartless devil. The sinner. She is the purest, innocent and beautiful angel. Two polar opposites, one single attraction. *** Having lived in the convent all her life, Hera Whitson manages to secure a job as a maid in the household of Bryce Donovan. The inhuman sex god that has the entire female population at his feet. He lives for sex; he celebrates and relish the electricity of it with every fiber of his being and sees no better reason for being alive. One look at Hera and Bryce is smitten. She is like an addictive drug, a moth to a flame and he will do anything to get burned by her. Relinquished by her heat. What happens when Hera finds herself battling against her principles and sexual attraction for Bryce? Will she be caught in the web of Bryce's twisted game of lust?

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One : Leaving The convent

"Fuck Bryce!" The red haired girl screamed out in estacy as another wave of pleasure surged through her causing her fifth orgasm to explode for that night.

They were on a snooker table at the balcony of his bedroom. He had placed a call to one of his whores and she came running like all of them.

Women, he always had them whenever he needed them. The entire city is flooded with different species waiting to be fed by his cock. They're all useless and the only thing they respond to is sex. The only thing they're built for is wild orgasms and he just happens to be the right guy to give it to them.

Bryce had her hands pinned up against her head as he continuously slammed into her pûssy. They liked it rough and who was he to complain?

She had her legs tangled up around his waist as she threw her head back in reckless abandon. Her eyes rolling to the back of her head as she felt her sixth wave of orgasm for that night.

"Brrryyyccce!" Her voice came out pleading this time. She wanted relief but she was almost certain that she wasn't going to get it anytime soon.

He pulled out roughly from her vagina and replaced his dick with his fingers as he thrusted deeper and faster, delving into her warm sultry flesh and slamming into her already dripping cunt.

She couldn't take it anymore but pulled up her hips to meet his thrusting fingers.

"Do you want to to stop Mi amor?" He groaned as he inched closer and whispered into her ears. His hot breath fanned her ears which sent millions of shock waves that vibrated and pulsed down to all parts of her body.

She's full, she's ripped but she'll be damned before she tells him to stop. She wanted all he could give and more. She wanted more than what he could give.

"Oooohhhhmmigod!!!" She screamed as her walls pulsated and tightened around his fingers.

He pulled out his fingers and placed it on her mouth to taste. She licked every inch of her juice on his fingers. Her voice humming at the back of her throat. An action that only seemed to excite him.

The woman quickly bent down and went for his dick. She stroked and swirled her tongue on the tip of his huge flesh.

She raised up her eyes to look at him, satisfied that her action was giving him the much needed effect.

Bryce threw his head backwards as she sucked on his dick. He lets out a hard breath as a low growl erupted from the back of his throat.

He fisted her hair into his hands as he fucked into her mouth. She opened her mouth to take all of him making sure to lick all the the juice that dripped down his dick into her mouth.

He forcefully pulled her up and tasted his essence on her tongue.

"You are one bad slut mi amor" he commended and she grinned in excitement before rising to her feet to assume her previous position.

That was the only way he gets them to do whatever he says. Compliment them and they fall head over heels and do whatever you request them to do. Why use force when you can use words?

That's his motto.

"Thank you daddy" she purred and he slapped her pûssy causing her to shiver.

This night was far from over and he's pretty sure that she knows it as well.


"You don't have to leave the convent sister, it's really not a safe place out there" Hera's sister, Christina spoke out as she handed the folded clothes to Hera who received it with gratitude.

Christina had no idea why her sister has insisted on leaving the convent in search of a job. She has heard wild and creepy stories from the other sisters about the illicit things people do out there. The list is endless so she had come to a conclusion that the convent is the safest place for her to be.

It was almost like Hera was walking away from paradise straight into the lion's den. She had tried to tell her otherwise but the girl is adamant and would not listen. Hera had always been stubborn so there's no surprise there.

Sometimes she wishes that her parents were alive. They wouldn't have let them indulge in something as preposterous as this but they were orphans who found grace with God through the sisters that were sent to come to their rescue and now twenty years later, Hera is going back there into the wild.

"I know that you're scared but I promise that I will be fine." Came Hera's reply "I want to find a better place for both of us. That has always been the plan and I'm grateful that the sisters are supporting me in this as well. Can't you trust me just once?" Her voice came out soft and smooth that Christina found herself nodding in affirmation.

Hera has a way of talking calmly even in the midst of problems that you most definitely would be swayed.

"I trust you but I'm going to miss you a lot. What if something bad happens to you? What if you don't come back for me?" Christina's voice came out trembling. She had always been the weakest one when it came to both of them.

Hera knew how much Christina loved her. They always had each other's back for the longest of time and she knows that leaving would crush her but she doesn't have a choice. She doesn't want to grow up in the convent for the rest of her life. She wants to have her own business and be very successful one day but that would never happen if she's locked up in here forever.

She had her life already mapped out. Firstly, she's going to secure a job and save up enough to get her own apartment in the city and after that, she'd train herself through college so that she would graduate and find a better job.

But none of this would happen if she doesn't leave. It's a huge risk that she's willing to take but what she didn't expect was the news crushing her little sister.

She opened her arms and a crying Christina walked into them, engulfing her in an embrace.

"I will come back for you my little bunny and that's a promise I intend to keep. They have already accepted me for the job and I'm certain that everything will be okay" She assured her with a smile.

Weeks ago, Hera was able to apply for the position of a housekeeper through an agency in the big city and she's supposed to resume today but she was able to plead with the agency to start tomorrow, hence her packing.

Christina nodded a reply.

There's no changing Hera's mind when she's made a decision so she has no other choice but to accept. Even the sisters has given their blessings so nothing's stopping her from going.

"Thank you, now please help me pack"

"Of course" Christina forced a smile before proceeding to pick up the clothes that was scattered on the bed and into the box.