Chapter 2 Let’s Divorce

Emelia suddenly doubted the meaning of her persistence in the past three years.

“I see.” She turned around and left the bathroom.

Her back looked sad but determined. Julian subconsciously took a step forward. But soon, his face turned grim, thinking of Emelia’s tricks on him.


The banquet continued, but Emelia wasn’t in the mood to participate. She fixed her makeup and calmed down. Then she informed Grandpa Hughes and asked the driver to send her home.

In the car, she stared at the landscape outside blankly, wondering if she should give up now.

Yvonne had been pregnant, so Julian wouldn’t let his baby become an illegitimate child. He would definitely divorce her.

Hence, Emelia decided to end the marriage with a good start but an unhappy ending.

After arriving home, she took a shower and went to bed.

While she was sleeping, she felt someone was biting her lips fiercely. His movements indicated physical desire as well as punishment.

From the familiar smell, she could tell it was Julian. Emelia was surprised that he came back home, wondering why Yvonne didn't keep him stay in her house.

Then she realized that Yvonne had just gotten pregnant. She pushed the man away, turned the light on the nightstand, and got off the bed.

She raised her hand to cover the collar of her pajamas. Looking at Julian on the bed, Emelia said bitterly, “Julian, let’s divorce.”

“Haven’t you done making a fuss?” Julian’s face was full of unhappiness and impatience.

He had been on a business trip for several days. He couldn't restrain the pent-up desire anymore.

Earlier, Emelia’s moans while she was sleeping aroused him. He felt he was gonna explode now.

He believed that her rejection was also a trick she played on him.

Emelia took a deep breath to suppress the bitterness in her heart and repeated, “I’m serious. Let’s divorce.”

Julian’s face fell.

He adjusted his sitting gesture. Leaning against the bedhead, he narrowed his eyes and asked, “Are you sure?”

Emily pressed her lips in silence to answer him.

Julian smiled in mockery, “Emelia Jones, do you want me to remind you? The company run by your father and your lousy brother never profits all these years. If the Hughes family hadn’t taken care of them, they would be bankrupt a long time ago.”

Emelia’s body shook, her face blushing because of his mean words.

Indeed. If their company hadn’t faced bankruptcy back then, she wouldn’t be given by her father to Julian.

In the past three years, she always tried to explain to Julian, but he didn’t listen at all. He didn’t believe that she was innocent.

“It doesn’t matter. I sold myself to you for three years and let them survive longer. I’ve done what I can.”

Julian’s eyes became stormy. “Did you just say you've sold yourself to me?”

“Or what?” Emelia looked over at him tearfully. “You love another woman. You don’t care about me except for having sex with me. I’m no different from a whore in the past three years.”

“Good! Bravo!” Julian gritted his teeth. His tone was icy and spooky.

“What about you, Emelia? Are you willing to give up such a wealthy life? I’ve given you everything except loving you.”

His contempt and mockery stimulated the stubbornness in Emelia’s heart. She raised her pretty face and looked into his fierce eyes, “Thank you for your kind reminder. I’m a healthy person. Even if I end up being a dumpster diver, I won’t starve myself to death.”

Emelia knew no one in the Hughes family respected her except Julian’s grandfather.

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