My life has been a series of monotonous activities, from work to the house then back to work. It was the same thing when I was a teenager I spent my whole time studying, there was no time to party like my mates not when you have parents like mine who expect their children to be perfect, perfect grade perfect jobs, then perfect husband. My both parents are hot shots attorneys in LA who planned my life and that of my siblings.

fortunately for my siblings, they rebelled against my parents earlier on as teenagers. My brother is a singer, while my sister was a stripper before she became an actress. I could still remember the shock on my parent's faces when they found out what she was doing, then she was eighteen years old. They had threatened to cut her off but that didn't deter my stubborn and wild sister any less who continued what she was doing until she was discovered by someone that lead her into breaking into Hollywood now she is somewhat of a big shot.

As for me, I was the perfect daughter, perfect grades, perfect college, and a perfect husband. To almost everyone, I had a perfect life, something everyone envies but my heart yearns for a bit of excitement, to do something that's daring for once in my life, just to take a trip on the wild side and see what it feels like.

Even though my heart yearns for these things I lack the courage to do it. I guess a lifetime of being perfect had made me a coward at heart.

One day I came back from work and my husband wasn't home yet, and it was still early in the night and the empty house was stifling me, I was bored and was going crazy from watching one boring show to another and to make matters worse it was Friday night everyone will be out having fun I thought.

"I can't stand this anymore!" I said out loud to the empty room and stalked up to my room.

I have to go out tonight even if it killed me, I thought ransacking my closet but nothing screamed party cloth wear me, I signed in disappointment but the thought of staying home alone one more second drove me to just pick something random and wear. I put some makeup and left the house.

When I got to the club, I walked in, everywhere was lit, and the music was so loud that my heart was pounding along. I walked towards the bar to order a drink, but it was proving to be a very difficult task.

Along the bar there were plenty of people lined up all vying for the two bartenders' attention, it was as if I didn't exist no matter how many times I screamed for attention.

I watched as one lady walked up to the bar, she was hot, in a sexy short black dress with a v neck that displayed her cleavage teasingly, she just hollered at the bartender and flashed him a flirty smile and the young man was serving her a drink.

I stood there mesmerized by what just happened, I mean I have been standing here for the past thirty minutes and she just walked in and she was served just like that, I took a look at what I was wearing I looked like I was on my way to work but I didn't have any choice all my clothes are slacks and worktops so I had made do with what I have just to come out.

Finally, I was served after so many hours, I took my drink to a corner and nursed it as I watched people dance, hump each other, I looked at them with longing wanting to be out there but I felt like an outsider, maybe because of how I was dressed.

The night progressed slowly, not any different if I had stayed home, is just here there are noise and plenty of people around but it still felt lonely. I took the last of my drink then stood up and walked out of the bar promising myself to return next Friday but this time dressed the part.

It was Thursday evening and I have yet to go shopping for my promised outing tomorrow, I have been swamped with work and attending functions with my husband. I decided to do the shopping this evening.

I drove to the mall and went to one of the stores that sell leather, yeah I decided to go all the way. I stood in front of the store and contemplated if I can do this, "fuck it!" I said to myself and matched into the shop with fake bravado that I didn't feel at all.

Inside the store I stood looking as lost as I felt, I watched other shoppers perusing what was on the display, feeling very much at home, I even heard some teenagers gushing over some leather jacket.

"Can I help you?" a voice asked softly startling me. I looked in the direction, it was one of the shop attendants wearing a polite smile that is sure she is tired of wearing. "No," I said determined to do this myself.

I walked deeper into the shop glancing around at the different displays, then something caught my eye. I felt drawn to it. It was a black sleeveless leather jacket, with pants and a black cropped inner top.

I took out the attire and went into the bathroom to try it on. I was looking at myself in the mirror when someone said, "girl you rocked that, make sure you get it."

"Thanks," I said to the stranger looking away shyly. With the stranger's endorsement, I decided to get the attire.

As I was walking towards the counter to pay for the clothes my eyes caught a leather choker with a silver center that screamed I will fit in with what you have so I picked it up also and added it to my collection.

Then it was Friday and I stood in front of my mirror and admiring myself, I looked different, good different. The cropped inner top showed off my belly ring the only thing rebellious I did in my teenage years. My hair was left in brown waves down my shoulders, with my hazel grey eyes highlighted by mascara giving them a smoky look and my lips painted light pink I wore silver earrings that complimented the silver center of the choker, and I wore high ankle boots all together I made a hot ensemble.

I walked into the club and eyes followed me up to the bar, so unlike the first time, I came in, when no one noticed me and also it didn't take me long to get my drink and like before I went to a corner to seat down.

I wasn't even down on the seat when someone walked up to me.

"Hey, you mind if I join you?" the person asked.

I looked up to see a hunk of a man wearing a black leather jacket with a white Tee that hugged him in all the right places, and ripped faded blue jeans all together he was hot, and he had tattoos all over his arms that bulge sexily.

I shook my head no and took a very long drink.

when did my throat get dry and why is it so hot in here I thought fanning myself with my hands.

"Is this your first time here?" he asked, his voice sounding deep and smoky doing things to my inside.

I nodded again.

"You do talk right?" he asked teasingly flashing his pearly white teeth, which contrasted so lovely against his tanned skin.

And once again I nodded making him laugh out loud and me blushing so hard.

"Do you care to dance?" he asked staring into my eyes.

I nodded.

He stood up and stretched out his hand to me and I placed mine softly in his, then followed him to the dance floor.

We started dancing and he danced up to me grinding his hips into my backside causing me to moan softly as I moved my ass more into him.

I don't know what gave me the courage, maybe is it the drink or the soft mumble of lust that has been staring up inside me since I met this man.

"I promise to make you talk to me" he whispered into my neck, biting it softly as he ground harder against my ass.

I moaned again and continued to grind against him.

The tempo of the music increased causing my movement to become more erratic, and he danced so close to me that I felt every imprint of his hard body on mine, his moves matching mine inflaming my passion.

I was being driven crazy by the rising tension between us and the crazy-ass music so I decided to take things a little bit further.

I turned to face him, staring into his dark pools, I started dry hopping him, moving my sex very closer to his.

I felt his manhood and moved closer till it was fit snugly underneath my sex and ground harder. My actions caused him to inhale sharply as his arms wound tight around me pulling closer than I was.

I moaned harder from the feel of his sex thrusting against mine, the moans falling more frequently the harder we moved, our movement fueled by the upbeat songs being played by the DJ, it was as if he was playing to our erotic dance.

I felt his hand tighten more on me and he was kissing me, it was aggressive and hard. I grabbed his neck and kissed him back.

"Do you want to get out of here?" he asked in a husky tone, his eyes dark coals of lust which reflected how I was feeling.

I nodded.

He smiled at my not saying anything once again.

"I don't think I can wait that long he growled out halfway to the door, "I have to have you now he voiced out, his voice strained with his need.

He pushed me against the nearest wall and attacked me. His kisses were bruising and aggressive, just the way I needed it.

I kissed him back, accepting the tongue he shoved into my mouth. Both organs battled against each other, he moved the said tongue around my mouth mapping out the train and evoking a groan out of me.

His hand moved underneath my top, under my bra and he palmed my breast, his touch as aggressive as his kisses.

He took the soft mound into his hands, squeezing it hard till a moan erupted out of me from the pleasure-pain coursing through my body.

I groaned into his mouth, I can't believe am having sex with a stranger in a bar, my first bar sex. I didn't care if anyone saw us I was doing something daring for once in my life and I was having fun.

I felt his lips on my neck as he pinched my nipples twisting them in his fingers before tugging them, hard making me to his out in reaction as a shot of pleasure moved through the direct line connecting my nipples to my clit, making the organ throb painfully in reaction.

"Damn!, I groaned out loud, with my head thrown back in blissful pleasure. I was riding high from the pleasure coursing through my body from his touches.

He pulled one of my breasts out of its constraint and took it into his hot mouth, and sucked hard before nursing at it like a newborn baby.

"Oh my God!" I let out in a long groan, grinding my lower region against his in search of release.

I let out a long ahh when he bit the hard point while simultaneously pinching the twin peak, before kissing it soothingly.

His actions were driving me crazy, I was dripping and needed attention down there.

I grounded my lower half against his trying to get him to do something, I let out a frustrated growl when he ignored my not subtle hint.

" Please fuck me already" I growled out, half pleading and half demanding with lust ridden voice.

He groaned at the sound of me finally speaking, then his hands went to my pants and he dragged it down to my ankles my undies included. I felt his growing need for the hastiness of his movement.

I heard the sound of his zip go down, his dick falling out from its confinement, flapping around before assuming a proud and erect stand.

I looked down taking in his size, he was more than average making my eyes at the possibility of having that inside me.

Without warning, he lined himself up towards my entrance and thrust in hard.

"Ahhhhhhh!", I screamed out loud, luckily my voice was drowned out by the loud music.

He growled his pleasure, in response to his movement becoming more frantic and clumsy, as he thrust inside me.

He was thrusting so hard that I was being lifted off the ground.

He lifted one of my legs by the knee and his thrust became deeper and faster.

Damn, I was coming.

"Ahh! O my God!, fuck!" I kept screaming all these words, as I was getting my brains fucked out against the wall in a bar.

I kept on screaming profanities that I wasn't aware were in my dictionary till I fell off the edge, he gave a few more hard deep thrusts before he climaxed, letting out a long growl. When we finished he dropped my leg back to the ground and slipped out causing me to wince a little in discomfort.

I swayed when he left me. Damn, that was one good fuck, I thought in my mind grinning widely. 

"Thanks," I said to him after we both finished dressing up. His answer was a smirk at me before he turned towards the exit.

I looked around but nobody noticed what happened except for a young who stood gawking at us in surprise and lust, I winked at him then walked out of the bar.

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