Revenge On My First Love

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Harper Sharp


Not only cheated by her first love, she was also hated by her first love's family. Her step-mom disliked her as well. When she came back, she became a billionnaire in the city. At the same time, she had 4 brothers who loved her very much. When her first love met her again, she said, "Get out of my world!"

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Chapter 1 Hey, You Look a Lot Like My Ex-boyfriend

"Are you all right, Sophia? Shall I go with you?" Chloe Thomas asked worriedly, standing at the door of a premium KTV suite in Sealand.

Her best friend, Sophia Lawson, was dizzy after drinking.

"No, thanks. I'll go to the bathroom. I'm not drunk. Enjoy yourselves."

Sophia waved her hand, relying on the wall, and staggered out of the suite.

She flaunted her curvy figure in a tight-fitting black dress.

Exhaling, she had to admit those people were good at drinking.

The suite's restroom was occupied, so she had to use the public one outside.

After coming out of the ladies' room, Sophia looked baffled, forgetting the suite's number.

She studied the room numbers and doors carefully but failed to see any difference, so she randomly walked to one of them.

When she pushed the door open, she found colorful neon lights sparkling in the dark room.

Sophia was too drunk to see things clearly. Her vision blurred.

To cover her awkwardness, she grabbed a liquor bottle and yelled to others, "Come on! Let's make a toast!"

Other people in the suite gaped at her in confusion.

'Who is she?'

However, Flynn Price recognized her.

"Drake, isn't she..."

The man elegantly sitting in the center gave off a powerful vibe.

He had such a strong presence that it was hard for others to not notice him.

Once Sophia appeared in the suite, he recognized her.

Seeing nobody move, Sophia paced around while holding the liquor bottle and asked, "Why don't you drink? Afraid of getting drunk?"

Suddenly, her gaze fell on a charming man.

As if she was sure he could drink with her, Sophia kicked away the legs in her way, swinging toward him.

Then she naturally sat next to Drake Riley.

Tension could be sensed in the atmosphere.

Drake smelt her familiar scent that he had missed for many years.

Although he looked calm, no one could tell how hard he was repressing his surged emotions.

Being closer to him, Sophia faintly saw a familiar face.

Her gaze traveled from his handsome eyebrows, intense eyes, straight nose bridge, and perfect lips, all of which indicated he was a cold, self-restrained man.

Suddenly, she raised his chiseled chin with her index finger, stared at him, and remarked, "Gee... You look so much like my ex-boyfriend."

Flynn turned down the corners of his mouth, wondering if Sophia was drunk or faked it.

Holding Drake's face, Sophia studied him carefully. The man in her memory used all possible means to break up with her three years ago.

First, he asked his mother to give her money. Later, he let all his family and relatives bully her. Even his servants and maids insulted her.

And, it turned out he had a fiancée. However, he pursued her and lied to her that he would only marry her all his life.

Recalling the past sent Sophia into a rage. She slapped the man across his face.

"You scumbag, Drake Riley!"

Seemingly she hadn't vented her anger. The next second, she poured the liquor in her bottle onto Drake's head. Soon, the yellowish liquid stained his gorgeous face.

Others gaped at what they saw. Drake was the wealthiest man in Sealand. After taking over his family's company, he had monopolized Sealand's economic lifelines in three years.

He only had one fiancée. No other women dared to approach him. Those who boldly hit on him ended up miserably.

Therefore, others covered their eyes, not daring to watch the next scene.

Sophia overlooked Drake's ferocious gaze on her.

She pulled out some cash from her handbag with difficulty and tossed it onto his face.

"Think you are awesome because you are rich? Think you can bully me, huh? I just slapped you. This is the compensation."

She tossed all the cash and coins onto Drake's face as she spoke.

Then she drew a breath of relief, feeling relaxed.

Sophia picked up a glass on the table and took a satisfied sip. Waving them goodbye, she said, "Ladies and gentlemen, have fun. I'm super happy today. Please excuse me. See you."

Then she swung out of the suite delightfully as if she had experienced something joyous.

The suite was blanketed in silence.

No one dared to look at Drake. They were afraid Drake would vent his anger on them.

Drake clenched his fists tightly.

'Bravo, Sophia Lawson! It's been three years. You impressed me.'


The next morning, Sophia was woken up by the ringing tone of her phone.

She felt a slight migraine from the hangover the previous night.

"Why are you calling me so early, Chloe? I'm still sleeping."

"My princess, you've offended Drake Riley, the demon of Sealand. How are you still able to sleep?"

Sophia almost stopped breathing.

"What did you say? Who did I offend?"

"The demon of Sealand, Drake Riley." Chloe couldn't explain to her in detail. "Sweetheart, do you have enough money? If not, I can lend some to you. Buy a flight ticket and run away. Hurry!"

'Drake Riley?'

Did she saw and even offend Drake Riley last night?

"You don't have time now, sweetie." Chloe ended the call.

Shortly after, she transferred 20,000 dollars to Sophia.

Before Sophia sobered up, she heard the doorbell ring, thinking it must be her older brother.

Therefore, she didn't change her lace nightgown but put on the slippers before opening the door.

A tall, sturdy man was standing outside. She gaped at his familiar face, overwhelmed by his mint scent. It wasn't her older brother but Drake.

When she returned to her senses and was about to slam the door shut, Drake entered her house, trapping her against his chest and the wall.

His sinister eyes were fixed on her in jest and a faint smile was on his lips.

"Don't you recognize me?" he asked mellowly, his voice reminding her of the cello.

Her heart started racing.

Sophia knew he was handsome but he looked more charming than three years ago.

"We met last night. How can you forget me? Do you need me to help you recall it?"

His heated breath was on her neck, making her stiff.

With a fatally attractive smile, he added, "It's been a long while. I didn't expect your sensitive spot was still here."

Sophia returned to her senses, struggling to break free.

However, she wasn't as physically strong as him. And she failed.

"What on earth do you want?" Sophia glared at him. Her pretty eyes revealed displeasure.