Regretted Rejection : Wrath of the Moon

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As a werewolf, loving your mate and being loved by them is a given. So what happens when your mate hates you?Maya - a carefree, loving and beautiful daughter of the Alpha. Xander- a young, dashing and powerful wolf. This is their story..

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Chapter 1

"MAYA FORRESTER..." a scream echoed from downstairs. "Get your ass down here. We are late for the warrior meeting.", Maya's twin brother Ken screamed.

"Ken... language!", their father admonished.

"But Dad... she always does this and then the pack will think I am a lazy Alpha." Ken replied whinning a little.

"Just tell me who thinks so, O mighty Alpha!, and I will kick their a... rears." Maya hastily corrected noticing her father giving her a stern look. She started down the stairs taking two at a time.

When Maya and Ken both became 19 year old, their father Justin had started their Alpha training so that he can hand over the reins of the Forrester pack to them both, with Ken as the Alpha and Maya as pseudo Luna. Though both were now in their late twenties and completely in charge of their pack, they still acted a little like kids when they were home. Their mother, Judy, had always ensured that the twins have a place where they can let go of stress and weight of the responsibility that being a pack's leader can bring; and hence, they rarely behaved their age when at home.

"Careful Maya, or you will fall." Judy, their mother chided.

Grinning from ear to ear, Maya hugged her mom and dropped a kiss on her father's balding head. "Good Morning! my dear parents. Now we will be off to harass the pack warriors and give them a hard time.", saying so she almost dragged her brother out of the door and next to the car.

Her father shook his head, a little smile playing on his lips.


At the warrior meeting:

Ken was sitting at the head of a huge conference table with Maya to his right. All the playfulness was lost from their posture and they both looked every inch the Alphas they were.

Ken's forehead vein was twitching a little, signalling his irritation to his Betas. All of the warriors; Betas and the Omegas, were showing their nervousness. The atmosphere was so thick with tension that it could be cut with a knife.

A young female Omega made the bold move and said, "We are sorry, Alpha. I know this is the third time this month that a rogue was able to get inside the pack borders. We have been doing our patrols as instructed and with diligence."

At this Ken's head snapped in her direction. "Are you trying to say that I am at fault? Or that I have made a mistake while planning patrols?", Ken thundered.

"Well, it certainly is not her fault.", Maya interjected.

Ken turned towards her, a little growl escaping his lips. Placing a calming hand on her brother's arm, Maya shoved a file towards Ken. He flicked a glance towards the file.

"These are the number of warriors in the pack." Maya started, "Only a quarter of them are on patrol duty with the other three quarters being stationed in city and/or working as spies, etc. If we want the pack borders patrolled 24 hours we have to do it in three shifts, that is if we want the warriors to stay alert. With there being three shifts the number of warriors on patrol duty gets divided by three. And for a pack land as massive as ours, the number of warriors patrolling on 1 shift is not enough. There are bound to be loopholes. I think we must come up with an alternate plan for patrols, or we would have to call back the warriors stationed out in the city."

Maya's words lightened Ken's fury and he began thinking. The atmosphere also became considerably lighter.

"If we call back the warriors stationed outside then the pack land will be protected but then we would lose our connection with government and influence over humans. We are in an ideal position to keep tabs with latest happenings in the nearby cities and towns." pointed out a middle aged Beta, Mark.

"That is true..." murmured Maya. She bowed her head thoughtfully and let the rest of the warriors discuss various patrol plans. Maya glanced around the room and the projector caught her attention. They used it during the meeting as and when required, otherwise it was in a corner, ignored by all.

"That's it.", Maya banged her fist on the desk making everyone jump.

"We are idiots.", she declared. Ken threw her an inquiring glance with a raised eyebrow.

"Hidden cameras.", she said as if it would explain everything. The Betas and the Omegas threw her a puzzled look.

"Let's install hidden wireless cameras surrounding our pack border. That way we wouldn't need as many warriors and we would still be able to monitor the border in a better way." Maya clarified.

Ken nodded thoughtfully. "That sounds a better plan than the rest of us came up with. Mark, is there anyone in the pack who is technologically sound and will be able to get this set up done as early as possible?"

"Yes actually, there are two of the young warriors or I should say warriors to be. You will be inspecting them at next pack run. If you find them trustworthy enough to be given the warrior rank, then we can ask them to work on pack security right away. They are also the wolves who joined us a couple of months back. So far they have proved loyal and none of them are seen contacting anyone outside the pack. We can test them for Theta levels as well."

"All right then, meeting adjourned. Cassidy please send the minutes of meeting to everyone present here." Ken commanded to his secretary.