Chapter 1: Don’t want a mate

Alpha Eric's POV:

"Stop this, father, I've had enough. I told you my mate would come when the time is right, and right now I love my girlfriend, and I am happy with her." I angrily stood to my feet and was about to leave, but Dad's voice stopped me.

"Stop right there young man, you may be a powerful alpha, but I'm still your father." Dad's voice echoed in the house.

Dad was a jovial fellow, but whenever he gets angry, I see a different person in him, and I really wanted to avoid such a scene. Tiredly, I ran my fingers through my hair in frustration and sat back on the couch while he stared at me with an irritated look before speaking up.

"You have to find your mate; he or she is your second half, and you can't be a powerful Alpha without your mate."

"I don't want a mate, Dad. I'm fine with Sophie. She has all I need in a woman." I blurted out with annoyance.

"Sophie is a gorgeous lady, no doubt, but she is not your mate, and that's a fact." Dad spoke in an intense tone.

"And what if I don't have a mate?" The thought of that made me optimistic. At least I could be with Sophie.

"That's not possible. The Moon Goddess gives every wolf a mate, and I'm sure you have one. You just don't want to find him or her."

Again, another lecture from Dad about finding my mate. This has been a regular topic between Dad and me for the past seven years. He has been tormenting me about finding my mate, even when he knew I loved Sophie and was happy with her.

"Are you even listening?" Dad's voice brought me back from my thoughts.

Grunting softly, I stood on my feet and put on my jacket.

"I have a conference in the next one hour." I lied so I could escape Dad's blabbering and lecturing.

"When will you visit again?" Dad asked.

"Whenever you want me to." I said those words and hurriedly left the mansion.

My driver spotted me walking towards the car and quickly opened the door for me to get in. I might be a different person to my Dad, but to others, I was seen as a cold-blooded alpha. I don't have many friends, and I was really okay with it.

I picked up my phone and dialed Sophie's line. It rang a few times before she picked up.

"Hello babe" She spoke with a sweet, alluring voice that made my dick shift in anticipation.

"Where are you?" I asked.


"Wait right there. I'm on my way."

"I will be waiting." She replied, and I ended the call with a smile on my face.

"Take me to Sophie's apartment."

"Yes, sir."

We were close to Sophie's apartment when I noticed Dad was calling, which made me wonder why he was calling. Sighing heavily, I picked up the call and placed it on my ear.

"What now, Dad?"

The line was silent, but I could hear voices in the background.

"Hello, Dad." I called out again but got no response from him.

"Dad." I grumbled. Still no response from him.

Grunting heavily, I was about to end the call when a voice spoke up.

"Hello, anyone there?"

The moment I heard her voice, I froze instantly.

"Hello." She yelled repeatedly.

"Yes, I'm here." I quickly snapped out of my thought.

Listen, your father just had a heart attack right in a grocery shop, but not to worry, we're taking him to a nearby hospital. Can you come over?"

I felt my palms become sweaty all of a sudden, and my heartbeat increased.

"Hello, are you there?" she called out again.

"Yes, I'm on my way."

"Please hurry up." She said those words and quickly ended the call.

"Turn around."

Throughout the drive, I couldn't get my thoughts over who she was and why I reacted that way just to the mere sound of her voice.

Within a few minutes, I got to the hospital and was taken to Dad's room.

I got in and saw him busy pressing his phone like nothing really happened.

"Jesus Christ, Dad, you scared me."

He raised his eyebrows at me but did not say a word.

I sighed in relief and walked over to him.

"How are you?" I asked while glancing around, checking if I could see any machine plugged into him, and gladly there was none.

"Stop looking around and sit." Dad's voice came out strong.

"Your voice is strong for one who just had a heart attack," I whispered to myself, but he heard me.

"It wasn't serious. The young lady who saw me was just overreacting." Dad replied nonchalantly.

The moment I heard Dad say those words, my thoughts went to her, and strangely, I felt eager to meet her.

"Where is she?" I asked.

"Who?" Dad asked, confused.

"The young lady who brought you here."

"Oh, she left." Dad replied with his gaze fixed on his phone.

For some strange reason, I felt sad and disappointed.

"Is everything okay?" Dad asked, settling his gaze on me.

"You are lying in a hospital bed, how can everything be okay?" I grumbled, which made Dad give me a hard look before going back to his phone.

"Where is the doctor?" I asked.

"Probably in his office."

"I'll be right back." I said those words and was about to leave the room for the doctor's office when suddenly, the door of the room opened widely, and a human figure rushed into the room.

The person didn't know I was about to open the door, rushed in and accidentally hit my chest. The sound that came out from the person's mouth indicated it was a lady.

"Ouch." She exclaimed in pain.

I watched her massage her forehead with her eyes closed in pain for a moment before she slowly opened her eyes and locked eyes with me.

The moment we met eyes with each other, my wolf growled loudly and whispered to me, "Mate."

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