Not Just Luna: I Am Alpha!

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"I, Alpha Xander Finch of the Red Moon Pack,” he said. Wait, is he going to accept my rejection now? “Reject your rejection, Alpha Chastity Reid of the Silver Moon Pack,” he added, and my eyes widened when I felt something extraordinary. Maybe he felt it too because he was surprised as well. Then he carried me before he pinned me at the back of the now already closed door and kissed me and, oh goddess, I felt like I missed him for a thousand years already, so I kissed him back. ***** Chassy, an omega who carries the weight of her heritage, is mistreated by her mother and the Red Moon Pack for her entire existence. Her real potential, which was acquired from a father who came from a mysterious lycan clan, is hidden from her and her tormentors. She found out that Xander, her Alpha, was her mate. For some reason, he hurt her. As a result, Chassy leaves and rejects him. But destiny has more in store for her. With the advent of her lycan beast, she unexpectedly rises to the position of alpha in her adopted pack. Then she met her father whom she never knew and found out more about herself. The persistent vampires, push packs to band together under an alliance. Chassy's previous and present lives intersect when Xander stops by her new pack for a joint training session against this backdrop of peril and unity. Will Xander and Chassy be able to cross the gap between them? Can they stand together in the face of the impending vampire threat? What will Chassy do when she knows that she's unable to give Xander an heir and a boy with his mother comes to the pack claiming Xander to be the father?


1- Hope


I am Chassy Reid. Chassy for short and an omega. My mother, Merlisa, is also of the Red Moon Pack and found her mate in human territory who happens to be my father, whom I haven’t remembered or seen since I was a child. I don’t remember my mom treating me nicely either. She was always yelling and shouting at me, which made me realize at such a young age that she didn’t care or love me.

We have our own house, but we both work in the pack house. There was no time that she never shouted at me every time she saw me. As I entered the lion's lair within the pack house, the atmosphere was tense. A boiling pot was in my mother's hands as she stood at the stove, a once-vibrant lady now overcome by resentment. As I stepped inside the door, my heart was thumping.

"About time you showed up, you useless creature," she shouted with her eyes shrinking into slits of contempt. “Did you really think I'd continue to make your terrible meals?”

I attempted to remain calm as my throat constricted and a lump formed. "I'm sorry, Mom," I said.

"Sorry?" she replied with a sarcastic melody in her laugh. “Omega, you're simply a burden and a continuous reminder of your pitiful excuse for a father, so sorry doesn't cut it.” she added. I made fists with my hands and dug my nails into my palms. Each of her remarks pierced my tender sense of self-worth like a blade. Determined not to give her satisfaction, I bit my lip to hold back a response.

A bunch of young omegas entered the room as if on cue, their eyes gleaming with vile delight. They functioned as a pack inside a pack, and their power came from their mutual contempt for me. Then, Arlene, who had a twisted smile, took the lead, moved forward, and made a sarcastic remark, "Well, well, see who chose to bless us with her appearance. Did you emerge from your burrow specifically to make us all ill?”

My heart was thumping like a caged bird as my eyes darted from one face to another. I want to get away from their never-ending assault, but I’m aware that doing so would only make things worse. So I said, "Leave me alone," barely audible.

Arlene’s hands were visibly placed against her chest as she pretended to be surprised. "Oh, did the omega just speak? I had no idea you could put words together."

The bunch burst out laughing, sending vicious laughter reverberating off the walls. My fingers clenched at my sides as my cheeks burned with embarrassment, and I still had to put up with this in order to demonstrate that their words couldn't harm me.

Then another omega scoffed, a sly grin spreading over her lips, "You know, I heard omegas like you are good for nothing.”

As I prepared for the shock of their words, my face turned pale as my heart sunk. Every taunt and jeer served as a reminder of my position within the pack's hierarchy, which I had not chosen but was compelled to follow. "Pathetic," Arlene spouted, her disgusted mouth twisting.

I struggled to stop the tears from flowing as they welled up in my eyes as my eyesight became foggy. I refused to give them the gratification of seeing me cry and wouldn't allow them to. But what they said weighed heavily on me, and I felt as though I was suffocating as a result.

“What are you still standing at? Start doing your chores!” Mom shouted. So I started to do as she said and passed through the others that were there to mock me. I don’t know why they were acting like that when, just like me, they were also omegas and didn’t have their wolf.

Every day, I would pray to the moon goddess to give me a mate who would accept me and take me away from this shithole that I am in. I should have felt safe and secure because I had a pack that I should call home. And that scene is a constant occurrence in my life that I wanted to change.

The Red Moon Pack is the strongest and most powerful pack in the region. Our Alpha, who didn’t have his mate yet, was passing his time by banging different women, and was the strongest alpha as well. No packs would dare to get in his way if they wanted to keep their packs safe. He was assisted and supported by his strong Beta named Limuel, and Gamma, Jack.

While everyone was happy being in the pack that was led by strong leaders, my existence was a tapestry of suffering and gloom. I have been aware of the weight of cruelty and rejection since my earliest memories. Yes, I was an omega by birth and bore the stigma associated with my mother's position, which appeared to define who I was.

A feeling of melancholy, that matched my feelings, was carried by the wind as it rustled through the thick woodland that encircled the pack's area. The pack members started to move in the early morning light, their movements serving as a reminder of the world to which I belonged to, yet I was still an outcast.

I sat on the sidelines as the pack's kids laughed and played because I knew that if I got involved, people would laugh at me. After my father left us, my mother was my nightmare even when I was awake, while my alpha did nothing. It was impossible that everything that was happening to me had not come to his attention. I hate him for making me feel unsafe with my mother and my own pack. I hate that he doesn’t use his power to protect someone like me who only wants to be accepted.

Three days. All I need is to wait for three days and I will be able to smell my mate. If he’s not in this pack, I am going to leave here and look for him. It’s better than finding him here only to reject me. I don’t think that I will be able to handle it if that happens. Anyone is OK with me, just don’t make him one of the pack members, please, moon goddess.